Jen's Reminder

By Bethie

Jennifer chewed her lip as she weaved through traffic, anxious to get home. There had been something ominous in her husband Lance's tone this morning. His voice was cold and distant when he told her at breakfast that they needed to have a talk after she got home from work. She sighed and wished she knew how to fix all the things that seemed to have gone wrong between them. How long had it been since they were happy and crazy in love? Those times seemed so far away she could barely remember them. Once upon a time, just having Lance near her was enough to send her pulse racing. Now, Jen couldn't even remember the last time they'd made love. It used to be so good, too!

Lance was the strong, take-charge kind of man -- the type of man Jen had dreamed of from the time she got old enough to start dreaming about men. The first time he flipped her over his knee and spanked her bottom into a glorious blaze of heat and lust, she knew he was the only man for her. Remembering, now, Jen squirmed against the leather of her car seat. In those days his grin and his strong hands and his cheerfully unrepentant spankings made her feel small and prized and special and safe and above all, loved.

Somehow, now, those feelings had slipped away as Jen spent more time on her business and less time with her husband. Lance warned her more than once, in the beginning, that although he was proud of her and supported her completely, her desire to succeed wouldn't be allowed to come between them. But between his job and her business, their relation got neglected. Now, Jen was very afraid it was in jeopardy.

Jen's stomach twisted and her bottom tingled as she wondered just what type of "talk" Lance had in mind. She was a grown woman and a competent businesswoman, she thought to herself. She was not a child who had misbehaved! Jen became irritated and resolved to stand up to Lance no matter what. "He should be proud of me," she fumed to herself. Still she couldn't stop feeling nervous as she pulled into their driveway.

Lance's car was in the driveway but the lights in the house weren't on. Jen took a deep breath and forced herself out of her car and into the house. She figured he was in his basement office, waiting for her. Jen flipped the hall light switch and was startled when nothing happened. "Oh, no", she groaned aloud. "Dammit! Lance, where are you?" Hearing nothing, she stomped over to the basement door and called down. "Lance? Are you down there?"

Nothing. The silence was eerie, and it was getting darker in the house by the minute. Jen tried the basement light without success. She turned and opened the utility drawer where they kept the flashlight. It barely worked, but with any luck it would be enough for her to see her way down the stairs and to the breaker box.

Slowly she eased her way down the stairs, holding the railing tightly and catching herself wishing that Lance would suddenly appear and take care of things. "That's fine. I can flip a breaker without his help," she said out loud. Hearing her own voice reassured her, and she boldly made her way to the breaker box on the far wall. As she opened the box, Jen could see that some breakers were turned to "off." She flipped them quickly.

The next thing Jen knew, she was being pushed against the wall from behind. Whoever it was pinned her there using his body, and she struggled and twisted her head violently, as a blindfold was pushed down over her eyes. Just as she pulled her head back and opened her mouth to scream, he jammed a gag into her mouth and pulled it tight behind her head. She began to fight, frantically kicking and trying to push her attacker away. The man pulled her away from the wall and wrapped his arms around her, seized her wrists. He roughly yanked them across in front of her and half-carried, half-dragged her across the room.

"Calm down, and quit fighting me!" a deep voice growled into her ear. She almost slumped in his arms in relief. It was Lance. "I surprised you like this for a reason, but I'll explain that once I have you ready." His voice was so stern it sent shivers down her spine.

Confused, Jen was still struggling with questions she couldn't voice when Lance slipped something over her wrists and pulled her arms up and over her head. "Aaaaahhh!" Jen's muffled yell caused a smile to play around her husband's mouth. She felt him hook her tied wrists somehow so she couldn't bring them down or move away.

Lance stood back to view his handiwork. His wife stood unsteadily, dressed in one of her business suits, blindfolded, gagged, and her wrists bound and pulled tightly above her head so that only the front half of her dress shoes rested on the ground. It had been so long since he'd had this pleasure that he wanted to stand there and gaze upon her loveliness, but he knew he had a job to do. He grinned, and decided to start by exposing a few more of her helpless charms.

"Do you know why you're here like this, Jen?" Lance asked as he walked over to his workbench and picked up a pair of scissors. Jen shook her head and tried to protest around the gag. "What was that, dear?" Lance asked as Jen's garbled noises filled the room. "Well, I'll go ahead and tell you then. You've been a naughty girl. I'm your husband, remember? You're supposed to be my wife!" Lance began undoing her skirt, then pulled it off along with her slip and tossed them aside. "But lately, you've been so busy with your career and your social antics that I've been forgotten. And you've let your friends convince you that being a modern woman means you no longer have to submit to your husband."

While he lectured Lance continued his work, pulling off Jen's stockings and panties and slipping off her shoes along with them. He took the scissors and began carefully cutting up the back of her suit. "Mngnmmaaann!" Jen tried to voice her objections but Lance kept on cutting and talking. Now his voice was a low growl. "Your neglect has hurt me deeply, Jen. But it's my fault, too, for letting you get out of control, and for not fulfilling my duties as your husband." He continued cutting and snipping, making quick work of Jen's suit, blouse, and bra. "But that ends tonight, young lady!"

Lance ended his speech, gave a sharp slap to her bottom, and stepped back to indulge himself again. She really was lovely like this. The flush on her face even gave her a nice glow. "Tonight, you'll be punished and reminded who's in charge in this house...and of you!"

With that announcement he walked up and placed his hand between her legs. To his complete surprise, his demanding fingers found her already wet, and he fingered her roughly. Jen moaned and twisted but he quickly pulled his hand back and stepped away. Now the fun could begin.

Throughout Lance's speech, Jen's emotions were betraying her. She went from fear to relief, and then to apprehension, as her clothes were methodically removed from her body. Lance's stern voice and lecture reached a place inside her she'd tried to forget. Embarrassed, Jen felt her face flushing. Not because of what he was doing to her, but because she felt herself responding to him. Despite her jumbled feelings, she felt herself becoming excited as she thrilled to his rough touch. She knew she needed what he promised her, and she dreaded and craved it at the same time.

Jen shivered with anticipation as she half hung from their basement ceiling, waiting for Lance to begin. Lance approached her from the side, reached up and pinched her left nipple, deftly rolling it between his fingers and making her groan. He smiled and began spanking her, hard, with his right hand.

"I knew I'd have to trick you to get you into this position, but this is for your own good!" Lance scolded her. "Your behavior has been unacceptable and I'm not putting up with it another second! Do you understand me, young lady?"

He punctuated this last sentence with even harder swats. Jen swayed forward slightly with every spank, but the pain of Lance's tight grip on her nipple kept her from twisting away. The spanks stung and surprised her. She'd forgotten how hard he could spank with his hand, and how good it could feel. Jen's bottom was becoming warm and she was beginning to gasp aloud with every swat. She felt herself getting more excited, and he noticed her twisting her body in an attempt to rub her thighs together. "Get your legs apart! Now!" he ordered her as he began spanking her thighs. "Mngnm! Ahgn!" Jen mumbled around the gag as she struggled to obey.

Once she was back in position, Lance continued spanking her. Not being able to see caused the spanking to seem more intense, each swat hitting as unexpectedly and painfully as the last. Jen bit down on the gag in her mouth and tried to keep from moaning out loud. Lance was covering her entire bottom and upper thighs with hard swats, one right after another. The sting was building, until finally Jen couldn't hold back any longer. She threw her head back and moaned loudly around her gag. Lance knew she was feeling it now and was tempted to reach between her legs again but he wanted to make her desperate for it first. He released her nipple and stepped away again.

Jen made a slight noise as he pulled away. "Keep your legs apart, young lady!" he commanded. Doing so meant teetering on her tiptoes but somehow she balanced herself. Lance watched as Jen's breasts thrust themselves out with every ragged breath. He enjoyed the sight of her struggling with her desire. As for Jen, her whole body was alive with sensations and she wanted to scream at him to continue. She was sure anything was better than the waiting.

That is until the first burning slap of the tawse struck her naked rump. "Aaahh!" she groaned and twisted her hips. Lance began applying the heavy leather tawse randomly across her behind, striking in with hard fast slaps. "You've become a little too big for your britches," he scolded her. "It's time to remind you who's the boss here, missy!"

Lance swung the tawse harder, enjoying watching Jen's jerky reaction to every swat. She moaned and twisted, trying to relieve the sting in her behind. He knew exactly how to apply that supple piece of leather and he had her dancing beneath her restraints in no time. Jen was becoming frantic. Each spank stung and then burned, making her gasp and twist her body up onto her tiptoes. Jen felt her desire becoming stronger as her husband continued her punishment and his lecture.

"You're going to keep more reasonable hours, you hear me?" he asked, without ever breaking his rhythm. "You'll behave yourself or find yourself back here again. Do you hear me, missy?" Jen moaned and tried to nod her head. She was being overcome by the burning fire in her rear and her desire for her husband's control. As if he could read her mind, he continued. "You'll follow my orders or you'll suffer the consequences, understand me?" Lance growled this last question into her ear. Jen felt his hot breath on her neck and nodded. "Good girl," he whispered, and reached down to grab a rough handful of her blazing bottom. She groaned and arched her back, which caused Lance to smile as he raised the tawse again.

Jen jumped and yelped as he began another vigorous assault on her rear. The intense burning sensensation now had Jen continuously moaning behind her gag. She couldn't believe how much it burned! Her gyrations amused him but he still scolded her sternly, "Be still, you naughty girl!" Lance then slipped an arm around her front to hold her steady and, swung the tawse hard several more times. Jen's feet kicked out behind her, and she tried to yelp beneath her gag. Lance stopped, and ran his hands over her flaming behind. Jen moaned and pushed herself back into his hands, suddenly desperate for his touch. Lance pulled away again and Jen, feeling suddenly abandoned, made a sad noise into her gag.

"Soon enough, love," he thought to himself. He put the tawse down and looked toward the spanking bench he had recently built, then reached up, released the tie holding Jen's wrist restraints, and began leading her toward the new bench. She followed blindly and he guided her into place. The padded bench was long with leather straps that went across it to hold her in place, and had inverted V's at each end with attached restraints for her ankles and wrists.

With a smack on her red-hot bottom, he pushed her hips into place at the higher padded end. "Spread your legs," he told her. When she was too slow, he grasped her ankles and fastened her into place. Lance pulled her forward until her belly pressed down on the padded bench. He pulled and secured the two straps across her back. One went tightly around her waist and he cinched the other just below her shoulders. Jen's restrained wrists dropped down in front of the bench and Lance fastened them securely there.

He rand his hand down her back and rested it on her red bottom. She closed her eyes beneath the blindfold and moaned, wishing he would continue moving his hand and reach further down. Jen tried to thrust herself up to him, but found she couldn't move her hips an inch. Goosebumps broke out on her skin as she realized she was completely restrained. Lance had never done this before, and she shivered with anticipation.

"I'm going to make sure this is something you never forget, my pet," he told her as he squeezed her bottom once more before pulling away. "You seem to need a reminder of who is in control of you and I think I know one way to keep me in your thoughts." Lance placed something cool on her rear opening and began working it into her hole. "Mngnm!" It was almost a squeak beneath the gag as Jen tried to voice her surprise at this unexpected intrusion. "Quiet!" he commanded and gave her several hard hand spanks.

"You'll accept this now, young lady!" and with that he slowly but inexorably inserted a butt plug into her virgin hole. Jen bit down and tried not to make too much noise as the plug, which felt huge, was pushed in and settled into place. She breathed hard, trying to accept this new sensation. It filled her and she was surprised that it only intensified the aching in her pussy. Jen's entire body was screaming for release but she knew Lance wasn't going to fulfill that need yet. Frustrated, she groaned, wanting to grind herself into the padding she felt just below her, but unable to move even a tiny bit.

"As part of your punishment, you'll wear this for the next week anytime you leave the house," Lance instructed, as he suddenly pressed firmly on the base of the butt plug. "If I catch you without it, you'll get another trip down here and another week tacked on. Understand me?" He moved down and watched as her head bobbed. "Glad you understand," he said softly. Then he picked up his old wooden school paddle and lined it up with her bottom. Lance raised his arm high and swung the paddle down hard.

"Aaaaahhh!" Jen tried to scream as her head jerked back. The burn from that swat had barely begun to sink in when the next fell just below it. She moaned and flexed her toes and fingers, wishing she could move more. Tied to the bench, blindfolded, and gagged, she had no way to escape the intense pain in her bottom. Lance applied a hard swat low on her bottom, pushing against her butt plug. "Agh!" Jen moaned and her pussy clenched and opened in response. Another swat fell, this one on the crease between her cheek and right thigh. She squealed under her gag. Lance treated her left side to the same treatment. Jen was breathing harder than ever, anxious and desperate. Every swat was tormenting her senses. Her clit was being rubbed against the padding ever so slightly and driving her mad with frustration. But at the same time, each swat brought her to new levels of stinging, burning, impossible pain!

A tear slipped out from under the blindfold and she knew she was close to her limits. Lance landed an especially hard swat to her sit spot and Jen's feelings overwhelmed her in a sudden surge. Now she began to cry in earnest. Lance looked down to see her head hanging down, and he heard the muffled sobbing. He gave her one last swat and set the paddle aside. Slowly he unbuckled the restraints and pulled his sobbing wife up into his arms. Then he led her over to a couch and pulled her down onto his lap. Jen jerked a little when her bottom met his leg but she settled in when she felt him removing her blindfold and then her gag. Lance then leaned back and let her cry herself out on his chest, as she apologized between sobs.

While he kissed away her tears, he praised her for taking her punishment so well. Lance began running his hands over her to soothe her. She stirred under his stroking and turned to kiss him full on the lips. "I want you!" Jen hissed, wrapping herself around him. Her reaction surprised him, but he returned her kisses and began exploring her body eagerly. She pulled up suddenly and gave him a look of pure fire and lust. "Over here, I want you over here!" she said huskily, as she pulled him toward the spanking bench.

Lance followed, shedding clothes and wondering what she was suggesting. As she gave him a saucy look over her shoulder, she lowered herself down along the bench and stretched herself out. Lance moaned at the voluptuous sight, and moved behind her quickly. "Tie my ankles back down," Jen demanded. As soon as they were tied, he reached for his discarded pants and removed his belt.

"Naughty little wench!" With that, he swung his belt down across her still-glowing behind with a crisp smack. "Ohh!" Jen moaned and pushed her bottom back toward him. He swung the belt two more times, but couldn't hold back any longer. Stepping up to her wriggling bottom, he grabbed her by the hips and pushed himself into her with one hard stroke. "Ahhh!" she cried out and Lance began pounding himself into her. He was slamming himself into her so hard he was moving the bench, but they didn't notice. Jen clawed at the bench's legs and was making unintelligible noises as her clit was pushed hard into the padding. Then she began to slap the legs and she threw her head back as she screamed out her climax. Lance grabbed her bottom with both hands and let himself come along with her. Breathing heavily, he pulled her up and held her tightly in his arms. Lance smiled as he held her close, happy to have his wife back.

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