Curiousity Spanked The Cat

By calliope

The magician knew something was up the moment he heard the glass break in his laboratory. "Now what has she done?" he moaned to himself as he headed in to see what his apprentice had gotten into this time.

What he saw as he entered was a shattered glass bottle and a very miserable looking cat looking up at him guiltily. A cat with the same honey brown hair as his apprentice... and the same look she often had when caught in the act of "Just trying out an idea".

"You tried the polymorph spell I expressly told you NOT to attempt alone, didn't you, Nekochan?" He asked sternly.

"Mrrow-huh" the cat replied, nodding her head "Yes".

"And just how do you plan to transform back without a voice to say the correct words?" her master asked.

"Mrr-uh-oh..." she mewed, suddenly realizing that she couldn't work the transformation spell in her present condition. She looked desperately up at him and wailed, putting her head down on her paws.

"Bad Kitty!" he said, trying his best not to smile at her discomfort, and giving her a swat on the bottom to make her look up at him. "I have every right to leave you this way and find an apprentice who won't disobey my every order -- haven't you learned yet that I know what I am talking about when I tell you not to do certain things? Now I have to take time away from my own work to research how to turn you back." He shook his head as she hung her head. "I ought to make you eat mice for a week to teach you a lesson, but you would doubtless run off with some randy tom cat and come back pregnant -- and I do not need any kittens!"

With that he turned and headed into his library to look for the spells he would need to reverse the girl... and to teach her a lesson as well.

He was able to quickly draw up a list of local herbs required for the spell -- and then maliciously added a half dozen he had no use for but knew tasted nasty. Scooping her off the book he was looking in for the third time ("I said down kitty! Off the desk!") he placed the list on the floor where she could read it.

"I need each of these items, in the quantity indicated, to make the salve I will need to get rid of the fur. The cat shape will go with the spell I have here, and with certain...hand motions, which are necessary to ensure the spell remains effective. Now go and fetch these from outside, I will leave the door open a crack for you to come and go."

Nekochan read the list and curled her lip at some of the things on there -- she had learned enough about herbs to see this wasn't going to be any fun. With no hands to gather plants she would have to bite-and-carry everything back in to her master. Tail drooping, she ran outside and started hunting. The sooner she was done the sooner she could be human again!

Within an hour, Nekochan had found all of the items on the list and was hacking and spitting, trying to get the taste of them out of her mouth.

"What is wrong, got a hairball already?" The wizard asked in an amused voice. She shot him a dirty look and kept spitting out the foul taste. Then she watched in dismay as he took only 3 -- only three! --of the nasty things she had brought in to him!

"Mrrrow!" she mewed up at him accusingly, tail slashing back and forth unconsciously.

"These three I needed -- the rest are to teach you not to mess about with things that you shouldn't be touching. Just be happy I didn't put stinging nettles on that list, I was sorely tempted to do so. And speaking of being sore..."

With that he scooped her up and started slathering a thick, smelly, goo all over her formerly lovely fur. As he rubbed it in everywhere he continued.

"First this salve will become activated when I say the words to the spell. You will immediately start to change at the last word, growing and losing the fur and returning to normal. The spell will revert within two hours, however, unless a physical action is taken, a series of hand gestures I will have to make. Do you understand me? You must remain for the full series of gestures or the spell will not be permanent."

Wrinkling her nose at the smell, and wanting desperately to lick herself clean for some odd automatic cat reason, she nodded distractedly at him. One taste of the goop had her back to spitting and yowling again.

He set her down on the floor looking for all the world like a drowned rat. Her ears and whiskers and tail were all drooping piteously, as the magician began waving his hands above her while saying a series of incomprehensible words. In seconds she was twice as a few moments nearly full grown...within a minute she was her normal size and shape. And stark naked. Her tail twitched in embarrassment.

Her TAIL!!!

She whirled on him, grabbing the tail and thrusting it forward accusingly.

"I have a TAIL still! You didn't get rid of it! Master, you HAVE to do something -- I can't be seen with a TAIL!"

Grinning, the wizard said "You have ears, too", watching her reaction as her eyes opened very, very wide indeed. "Now maybe when I tell you to stay away from my spellbooks you will hear and obey me for a change, hmmm? And as to this" he said, grasping her tail tightly in his right hand and pulling her suddenly toward him, "I left it to remind you of what happens to bad kitties who keep me from my work."

With that he quickly upended her over his lap and began spanking her with one hand and holding her in place by her tail with the other.

Her yowls and howls as he proceeded to change her bottom from cream to crimson were remarkably cat-like, and she kicked and cried to no avail.

"Master! Please, don't spank me! OWWWW!" she screeched in a most unladylike manner.

"I told you, there are certain hand motions which I have to do to ensure that this spell becomes permanent. A spanking what I was talking about- I was able to modify the spell to only work if a spanking was given right after it. Now hold still! Any more kicking and I will remove my belt and really show you some hand motions."

With those words his stinging slaps increased in frequency and power, until she was a weeping, limp little kitty indeed, draped unresistingly over his lap.

"You will keep the tail and ears for a month. IF you can keep out of trouble I will work the rest of the spell to change you completely back to normal. Any further nonsense from you though will result in another trip over my lap- understand?"

He gently started rubbing her bright red bottom as she nodded vigorously and sniffled. Once she had calmed down he sent her to stand in a corner to think about what she had learned that day.

Within five minutes she had started sighing.

In ten she was starting to wiggle as well as sigh.

In fifteen he realized that the heat in her bottom had caused another kind of heat to start...perhaps he had left too much cat in her body?

Before she started yowling her need, he had her bent over his desk and purring as he attended to her problem.

"Oh well," he thought happily to himself, "I always did like a little hot pussy...."

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