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Here are some headlines and (sometimes) summaries from some of my favorite RSS feeds of spanking, BDSM, and other sexy goodness from around the web. There are some blogs here, but also Flickr photos, Technorati searches, and anything else I can find that’s entertaining. Please note: these links are generated automatically, which means I haven’t visited some of them. You might encounter popups, spam, or worse.

Spanking Bethie

Spanking Fantasy vs Spanking Reality

I was asked recently if my spanking fantasies were anything like my real life spankings. Once I thought about it, I realized my fantasies were pretty basic. I may be one of the more boring spankos around when it comes to my fantasy life. I’m not…

It’s been awhile, hasn’t it?

All about my spankings and my love

When sitting is bittersweet

The much anticipated Friday night spanking was fun, intense, and much needed for both of us after such a long dry spell. I was feeling really frisky so for inspiration I put on my little French maid’s outfit with the ruffly panties, which was fun…

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Bondage Blog

“I Am A Slutty Whore” Slave Collar

A grim reminder of slavery as it was practiced in Roman times: there exists an iron slave collar dug up from a site in Roman Africa that bears the inscription “ADVLTERA MERETRIX TENE QVIA FVGIVI DE BVLLA RG” or, as it is transcribed and…

Her Brutish Captor

Oh, gosh, I hope he doesn’t turn out to be a nipple biter. Uh… he sort of looks like he might be a nipple biter, doesn’t he? Probably from an Italian pulp cover. Elsewhere on Bondage Blog: Biting Sarah's Nipples

Naked Prisoner Of The Inquisition

It does not look as if the Inquisition is feeding its prisoners this week: Artwork is by Russian artist Nicolay Bessonov. Elsewhere on Bondage Blog: Hungry In Prison Eat The Swill Bondage Pig Girls Bowl Feeding Hungry For A Bondage Blowjob

Strip The Women And Tie Them Up

When it takes four strong men to strip and tie two women, you know they’ve got something rough in mind: Elsewhere on Bondage Blog: Stripped And Gagged By Pirates Two Tied Women A Political Branding "Strip The Prisoner!"

Love Sucks, But This Sale Rocks

This year is running an anti-Valentine’s campaign of sorts. They are calling it their Love Sucks sale; the whole pitch is “Love sucks, but your Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to! Save 50% off for the life of your Kink…

ErosBlog: The Sex Blog

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Figging: Anal Discipline

Hot Pepper Stuffing

Thai dragon peppers make a very special stuffing for a certain sort of cooking show, if you know what I mean and I think you do:

hot peppers in pussy

Hot Sauce Swearing Cure

She simply could not stop cursing her Master during punishments. Repeated mouthsoapings did not do the trick. So he decided to have his slave trainer try to burn out the bad language:

Figged For Nude Sunbathing

These tourists took off their bathing suits in the wrong third-world country. This figging is just the prelude to the bamboo caning they are going to be getting:

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Kinky Delight

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