Spanking And Caning Ashli Ames

Ashli Ames is in quite a lot of trouble today. I don’t know if spanking, caning, and rough bondage sex were on her agenda today, but they’re definitely important agenda items for the dude who has her in his power:

ashli ames spanked

ashli ames caned

From Punishment: Coworker Gets Revenge on Submissive Brunette, a Kink Unlimited production.

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A Gag To Keep Her Quiet

That little cloth gag won’t stop much noise, but it’s a good reminder to her that the more she screams, the longer her punishment will last:

spanked and gagged

Photo is from the cover of Spanking And Bondage (Consolidated Publishing, 1970).

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Hand Spanked Wife

They must have just got home from an evening out, because she’s dressed nicely and he’s still got a tie on. Perhaps she had too much wine and was snotty to him during the drive home:

spanked after a party

Artwork is from the cover of Spanking Society, Ltd. (BB-7, Eros 1972).

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The Leather Straps Date

flipping her for bondage fun

I have the irrepressible ability to dream up a spanking narrative that can go with any interesting set of vaguely kinky porn photos, even if there’s not a paddle or a cane to be seen. Call it a superpower, call it a neurosis, I don’t care. I didn’t ask for it, it’s just there.

bondage neck kiss

Take this instant sequence of erotic bondage shots. In my imagination, it’s all about an collision of fetish signifiers around the phrase “leather straps.” To bondage people, leather straps are restraints. To spanking people, they’re impact toys. Mind the semantic gap, or it can get you in trouble!

bondage groping

Our heroine of my imagination is a kinky thing, with a busy social schedule. Brandy (or so I shall call her) likes to see new and different people, as often as she can. In particular, she likes to get them to spank her bottom with vigor and panache! After that, well, Brandy’s a healthy young woman with the usual human needs. There’s usually room on her agenda for kinky sex and sweaty cuddling and late night ice cream sundaes, too.

feeling her up in bondage

Where things went slightly wrong this night (although Brandy was later heard to say that it was lots of fun despite the misunderstanding) was that she broadened her dating community without figuring on a slightly greater need to explain her “interests.” She’d pretty much “fished out” the dating pool associated with her local fetish scene, so she started to expand her online social horizons. It wasn’t too hard, she discovered, to pick up horny guys on hookup sites like They might not be “into spanking” per se, but with just the tiniest bit of encouragement, they can be taught. This was her theory, and she’d had pretty good luck with it.

bondage nipple bide

Inevitably, however, Brandy’s strategy required her to have that awkward “I like to get my ass spanked” conversation. Except when she got lucky, and hooked a well-trained kinky guy straight out of the vanilla dating pool. Sometimes with those guys, a few bratty words and the classic line “What are you gonna do about it, spank me?” was all she needed to get her bottom properly heated. Until the night when her date was obviously kinky, but unbeknownst to her, excessively (by her standards) focused on bondage sex to the exclusion of any kind of sensation play. She answered “leather straps” in a significant tone when he asked what she was into, and his enthusiastic reaction was enough to get her all the way back to his place with her clothes off. It wasn’t until he cinched down the ball gag that Brandy realized she’d never been specific about wanting to be smacked with the leather straps — if not to the exclusion of also being tied up with them, but at least as an accompaniment! Live and learn, Brandy. Live and learn…

bondage nipple kiss

Photos are from a 1983 issue of Barbara Behr: Bondage Photographer.

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Nice Handprint From Hard Anime Spanking

You don’t leave a handprint like this on a pretty girl’s bottom without also creating a memory she won’t soon forget:

anime spanking handprint

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Two Hard Belt Spankings

It’s a regular belt spanking party these rough fellows are having!

belt spanking party for two women

Art is by Bill Ward.

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Smoking And Whipping

It was that era, I guess, when manly men always had a smoke drooping from the corners of their mouths:

whipped by a smoking man

Art is from the cover of Tied Up And Whipped (Bondage House 1978, BH8049).