Self-Spanking — But She’s Being Watched

Via Bondage Blog, this amusing scene by Bill Ward:

spanking herself while a voyeur looks on

Not only is she spanking herself while looking at bondage porn, but unbeknownst to her, there’s a peeping Tom outside her bedroom door!

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Cane Training

The fantasy of training, expressed in this caning panel by Zerns:

dungeon cane training

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Swat The Fly And Spank It Good!

Comic spanking postcards like this one used to be really common. I’ve seen many like it, but I never saw this one before:

haul of and spank that ass / fly

It’s a Miller Art Company “Series 615” postcard sent in 1933, described on the back as part of a “Comics 24 Designs” set.

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A Spankee’s Defense Against Spanking

Distraction has always been a spankee’s best defense against getting spanked. How can he spank that bottom when it wiggles so charmingly?

wiggling her ass to avoid a spanking

Spanking cartoon is by Paraschos, from the August 1959 issue of Gaze magazine.

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Cop Paddles Prisoner

If I correctly understand the plot of Lady In Rubber, these are not actually a cop and a prison inmate. The bondage paddling tableaux is actually an entry in a kinky costume contest:

eneg paddled prisoner art - uniformed cop paddles prison inmate

Artist is “Eneg”, which is to say, Gene Bilbrew.

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Aali Kali Caned

Here’s Aali Kali, getting her ass caned for photographer Dave Naz in a recent (March/April 2019) issue of Hustler’s Taboo. I think she felt that one!

a hard caning for Aali Kalie

Hustler’s Taboo magazines are not so easy to find these days, but if you join the Hustler Network online, you’ll gain Digital Magazine Access to their magazine collection, including most issues of Taboo since 2010 or so.

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A Spanking From A Drummer

Usually when we hear that “she dances to the beat of a different drummer” we don’t take the word “beat” quite this literally. But every spanko woman who’s ever dated a drummer knows, the power in those hands and wrists makes them spankers to be feared!

bondaged spanked by a drummer

Artwork is from the cover of a 1971 stroke book called Spanking Cop-Out (LR 216).

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