A Whipped Blonde Brundage Cover

We don’t always get to see the unaltered paintings that got commissioned for pulp magazine cover art back in the day, but when we do, they can be stunning. This Margaret Brundage bondage whipping scene with a martinet ended up on the cover of a Weird Tales (see below):

Margaret Brundage bondage punishment cover

pulp cover Brundage whipping

According to Pulp Covers, the Brundage painting sold at auction for $42,000.

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Humiliating Punishments List #1: Wall Spanked

well-used sex slave with glowing handprints on her bottom

Everybody in the erotic spanking community knows that the humiliation of a good spanking (or a bad one, for that matter) is a significant element of the punishment. Perhaps that’s only minimally true of a private spanking between a long-established couple who are deeply comfortable with each other’s bodies, but even then, spanking positions tend to be exposed and vulnerable. The humiliation factor only goes up from there!

anal sex with a woman awaiting punishment in a BDSM wall hole

There could never be a comprehensive list of humiliating punishments. There are so many variables, including the extent of helplessness, the degree of exposure, the likelihood of witnesses or extra participants, extra sexual components added to the punishment, and so on. But a good list (of anything) is satisfying to those of us who are taxonomically inclined. That’s why link lists were so popular on the early web, and why many of them (such as Myfavsexcams.xxx) are still enjoyed by web surfers today. And it’s why I’ve decided to start a list (in the form of periodic blog posts) of creative and humiliating punishments.

wall trophy in rope bondage spanked so hard the seat of her pants have burst

One of the reasons I post so much kinky art in the hentai / doujinshi / “fan art” styles is that it’s less constrained. These are the fertile fields in which Rule 34 blooms and flourishes. In these fields, I’m always learning things, especially about obscure fantasies and micro-fetishes that aren’t necessarily part of the internet’s broader consensus sexual zeitgeist. Thus, the “spanked in a wall” punishments in today’s post. This kind of art heaps together humiliating elements of helplessness, objectification, exposure, and sometimes free public use.

anthro ruminant deer furry wall spanking victim

The result is a horny stew of super-specific BDSM humiliation that’s only rarely seen in live-action filmed porn starring real people. Hentai art in general does a great job of heaping and compiling unusual fetish elements into implausible tableaus that are like sexual catnip to the seventeen specific individuals who enjoy a critical mass of the presented fetish elements. However, such micro-targeting, if you will, does have a downside.

wall spanking free use gang bang

Perhaps the artist, the patron who commissions a hyper-specific image, and a small group of fetish fellow travelers will take enormous pleasure in one of these images. But it’s almost guaranteed that richly-stacked micro-fetish elements only rarely combine into mass-market commercial products, even by the unambitious definitions of “mass market” that prevail in porn. But truly, isn’t the boutique nature of this stuff a huge part of its charm?

gagged woman whipped in wall-hole bondage

Image credits, top to bottom: The exposed sex slave with a tiny loincloth and glowing handprints on her bottom is an artwork by やまたちばな. The woman under video surveillance in the anal sex vending machine is from the game Heroes Rise: Prison Break by Skeep. The gagged and humiliated woman being paddled so hard her pants have burst away from her bottom is by Skelebomb. The anthro/furry deer-woman with a sore bottom is by FurPlay90. The “glory wall” spanking and gangbang in progress is by an artist known as Amateur Chris. The ball-gagged wall-spanking punishee is by BicheFoot.

myfavsexcams banner 800x30

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Wooden Spoon Spanking For Kiki

I don’t know what Kiki did, but if she’s not sorry now, she will be very soon:

kink spanked with wooden spoon

From Real Spankings.

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Switched In The Elf Queen’s Court

The queen of the elves is angry, and nothing short of a mass switching in the throne room is going to placate her:

nine elf women bent in stocks for a switching before the royal court

Artwork is by CMZero.

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Thrashing And Flying Hair

One of the many useful markers of a good OTK spanking is when she starts thrashing so hard, her hair flies everywhere:

otk spanking, her hair is whipping around

Photos are from the long-defunct Spankotronic website. We’ve seen one of these two views before.

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His Lordship Is Unhappy

A disgruntled nobleman with a whip? On every estate there’s some poor woman whose entire job is to placate His Nibs when he gets like this, and you, dearie, are that woman tonight:

woman in barely there lingerie contemplates an approaching lord who seems to have a whip and a bad attitude

Artwork is from an undated (perhaps early 1960s?) issue of Plush magazine.

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Breast Bruises

I’m not entirely sure what the story is behind this photo from back when Tumblr was interesting, but somehow I feel like it probably involved some seriously bratty behavior and a wooden spoon:

bruised breasts from wooden spoon punishment

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