Dungeon Spanking By Frollo

This Leone Frollo spanking artwork comes via Bondage Blog:

frollo dungeon spanking

I owe the attribution to Chross.

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The Perfect Crop For Sensuous Breast Whipping

I’ve never seen such a broad and supple riding crop, but doesn’t it look just about perfect for sensous breast spanking and whipping?

breast whipping crop

From a recent shoot at Sex And Submission.

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A Caning For Kim

caning for TG/transgender kim

Source of this is a no-longer-open website called Kim’s Anal Heaven.

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Strict Nun With A Fuzzy Paddle

This nun acts all vicious and mean, but she carries a fuzzy paddle. I think she’s just having fun with the power she has over the young ladies in her care:

nun lecturing three naughty schoolgirls

Nun slapping a schoolgirl with a smart mouth

making school girls pull down their panties and lift up their skirts for a nun spanking

kinky nun begins to spank three students in schoolgirl outfits and school uniforms

spanking a naughty schoolgirl with a fuzzy paddle

Scenes are from a video at Tyrranized.com.

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Photoshopped Political Spanking Porn

Generally photoshopped spankings to make a political point leave me pretty cold, but I thought this one was a little bit funny:

spanking donald trump

Via Femdom Resource.

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Thoroughly Punished Blonde Schoolgirl

Kept after class for a long series of spankings, canings, and paddlings, she’s crying real tears and wondering what comes next:

held after school for personal private severe punishment

bent over her desk to show her red sore spanked bottom

kneeling up her bottom for more punishment at her school desk

panties down red spanked schoolgirl bottom

schoolgirl caning

more schoolgirl caning

panties off for an OTK hand spanking

From House Of Taboo.

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Whipping As Foreplay

In this artwork from Nazi Doublecross by Brian Tarsis, the whipping table in that dungeon seems overdesigned for punishment alone:

whipping her pussy on the dungeon fucking table

But if the vigorous pussy-whipping is intended as foreplay, then the curved cutout in the table starts to seem rather ingenious:

fucking a well-whipped woman in the dungeon

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Twice-Injected Bottom

This will appeal, I think, to our readers who bottoms and medical kinkery. Trixie writes:

I was slapped on each side beforehand and sent home without a sucker.


injected bottom

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