Whipped With Some Tack

This vintage whipping photo is pretty degraded (does anybody have a cleaner version?) but it looks to me like he’s whipping her with a handful of horse tack, maybe reins or a long doubled-up tether:

whipped with some reins or other horse tack

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Spanksgiving Sale On Spanking Toys

stockroom spanksgiving thanksgiving sale on spanking toys and whips and canes

When I noticed that The Stockroom was running a spanking-centric “Spanksgiving Sale” this year (through December 1) I ran to check for you — as I always do — what the best discounts and bargains would be. Discount amounts on the more-than-thirty discounted paddles and crops and canes and whips range all over the map, but I found three toys that are genuinely on sale for half price (or within a few pennies of half price in one case). Most notable among these is the perennial Spanking Blog favorite, the Stockroom’s wide-end black riding crop:

wide end leather riding crop

This riding crop is a long-time Spanking Blog favorite, so much so that I have bought more than one of them over the years (after a funny thing happened to the first one). A long time ago I wrote this:

I was delighted to see the Stockroom’s wide-ended basic black riding crop on sale — it’s the best crop I’ve ever had in my hands, because it goes from gentle tapping to serious thwacking based on a minor and easily controlled variations in how much swing I put into it. Plus, it lands right where I want it to go.

(This is the crop we had to get another one of, after this.)

I get even more use out of the short version, because it fits in a travel bag and is controllable enough to use on Bethie’s breasts and nipples when we’re gettin’ busy and she needs a quick reminder about who’s in charge. But the long version is essential if you want a crop that can give punishment or pleasure, variably, at your whim.

Another half-priced implement bargain in this sale is the 36″ bamboo cane, which I have previously blogged about here:


Last but not least, we have the Kinklab Leather Heart Paddle. I don’t have personal experience of this one, but the Kinklab products I’ve seen have been well-made and comfortable, so I would expect no different here:

heart shaped leather paddle from Kink lab

Other old-favorite sale items at lesser discounts include the Lolly Crop (see here for our experience with it) and the suede-handled straight rattan canes (previously blogged here and here).

It’s not too soon to be ordering painful fun things for the stockings of naughty persons in your life!

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Nine Vintage Butts For Spanking

chained woman being whipped at a black mass orgy

Sometimes when I see a thing like this, I’m tempted to just post it and not ask too many questions. But nine vintage butts ready for paddling? I had to know more; I had to research it. And a good thing I did! It turns out the image is from an anonymous six minute French porn film from 1928 about a supposed Satanic ritual and orgy. In Messe Noire (Black Mass) it does not look like these butts were for spanking; we’re looking at a rear view of the celebrants kneeling before the altar. But in partial compensation for that minor disappointment, there is a bondage flogging scene in the movie as well:

nine black and white vintagge naked asses presented for spanking punishments

Paddling Nikki Darling

Here are some photos a pleasant afternoon Nikki Darling recently spent with the wonderful mean people at Pain Toy and with a broad but fairly light wooden paddle, wielded vigorously.

the paddle spanking begins for Nikki Darling at paintoy.com

Nikki gets spanked a lot and she says “Oh God that paddle hurts so fucking much!”

bouncing Nikki Darling's bottom with a wooden paddle

bare-bottomed paddling for Nikki Darling

a hard paddling for Nikki Darling

Pictures are from the July 13 update at Pain Toy. And don’t miss Nikki’s sly smile in the final photo…

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The Toughest Boyfriend She Ever Had

I am not quite as picky about internet spanking stories as Erica Scott says she is, but like her, I’m inclined to like only parts of even the best stories, and so reading them becomes a constant project of sorting out and trying to ignore the distasteful or annoying or boring parts. However, Erica has carefully saved her favorite story from the old Soc.Sexuality.Spanking newsgroup, and I have to agree with her that it’s a very fine spanking story indeed. The story is called The Toughest Boyfriend by DLynn, and it really rewards reading the whole thing. But here is a short excerpt from one of the spankier parts:

When my panties were around my knees, he stroked his left hand across the skin of my behind. Gentle. Tender. But all I could think of was the belt waiting in his right hand.

He moved his left hand around my waist, holding me down, but I never would have tried to break free at this point, no matter how afraid I was. I wanted to hurt. I pressed my forehead harder against my arm curled on the cushion.

The belt came down like fire, driving every bit of breath away. I had sworn that I would not cry out, but the pain was audible in the sounds that flew from my throat, half-grunt, half-cry.

I couldn’t keep myself from shrinking away from the belt he was already raising again, but his hand on my waist was firm. The belt came down again, across both cheeks, overlapping the first stroke that still ached and burned.

No. I hadn’t wanted this. I was already moaning, “I’m sorry,” but the belt was already coming down again. He caught me across the tender skin of my thighs, and all pretense of dignity deserted me as I yelled and convulsed on his lap.

“Oh, God, don’t. Don’t.”

But the belt was already lifting again…

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Spanked Before Bondage Sex

Isn’t it kind of cute how her bottom has been spanked that delicate shade of pink to get her in the mood for the bondage sexing?

bondage sex for red-bottomed Anna the sex slave

This is a cropped portion of an artwork called Anna The Sex Slave by Mr. Penning. (Via Erectus.)

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Paddled Anime Princess

Because even (especially?) princesses need punishment:


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Spanking Epics: Making Movies Again!

public spanking historical from Spanking Epics

Longtime readers of this blog will probably have fond memories for the Spanking Epics movies that were produced (so far as the internet public was aware) by Bethany, who was spanko-internet-famous for her very early spanking stories site Bethany’s Woodshed and who now publishes a fine assortment of spanking and erotic romance ebooks at Blushing Books. (Full disclosure: Bethany was an early supporter and sponsor of Spanking Blog, and maintained an advertising relationship here for many years.)

Spanking Blog published reviews of several Spanking Epics titles, and like many others in the spanking community, my Bethie and I were generally quite impressed with their movies, which had better acting than most, great costumes, and a wider variety of sets and scenes than was typical. But sadly, after a few years they stopped releasing new titles. At some point — when I stumbled over some Spanking Epics clips at the famous Wasteland BDSM site — I became aware that Colin and Angie Rowntree’s Phoenix Group, which produces Wasteland, had all along been a quiet partner in the Spanking Epics movie venture.

Fast forward to a couple of weeks ago, when I was playing around with some test spanking queries on Colin’s new porn search engine Boodigo. When the Spanking Epics link popped up prominently on Boodigo, I clicked through to find a “coming soon” announcement page with a relaunch countdown timer. It was short on details, so I just made an interested mental note and moved on.

And then this morning, I learned via twitter of this post by Joe at The Spanking Resource:

I’m now part of the team running Spankingepics.com — some of the (in my opinion) best damn domestic discipline spanking movies around!

It all happened by accident. I was in Chicago for an adult expo roughly two weeks before the summer Crimson Moon spanking party. While at Exxxotica I ran into two amazing women. One of these women is Angie, the creator of one of the best porn for women sites I have seen. The second was Bethany of Blushing Books. After some talking, we ended up having an amazing dinner with two of my co-workers and Angie’s husband Colin, the creator of Wasteland.com, a very yummy BDSM website. I found out that the three of them were the driving force behind Spanking Epics. This blew my mind, one of my favorite and first spanking movies came from that site.

After much talking and a couple glasses of wine we decided to work together on re-launching the site. So now Epics is live and starting to sell direct download content. We will produce new movies in the very near future!

Of course the most exciting part of this news is that there will be new movies from Spanking Epics. Given the passage of years and what look like at least some changes on the creative team, we’ll have to wait and see if the new movies are as good as the old ones. Keep your fingers crossed, people!

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