Becky’s Punishments

From clues in this story fragment, it appears that poor Becky is in the clutches of an unspecified villain who (a) plans to sell her onward into sexual slavery and (b) is offended by some sort of prior sexual rejection on her part. Now she’s being punished:

I pick up the birch rod and step back a few paces, moving the chair to the side and watching Becky start to compress her bottom cheeks, her arms pulling against the restraints tied tightly around each wrist. I smile as I hear Becky in the background start to plead, no doubt asking for another chance, but my mind was fully occupied with the plump full ass now contorting in a lewd dance over the table top.

I fish her panties out of my coat pocket, with one hand, swishing the whippy birch rod through the air with my other and relishing the sound the fine instrument made.. “You’ll do anything, anyway, my dear Becky. You know what’ll happen if you don’t…”

I smile at her in the mirror and wad up the panties and push them into her mouth. “If those panties leave your mouth at any point, your punishment will be increased ten-fold. Do you understand me Becky ?” Becky silently nods her head, her eyes wide with fear.

I take a few steps back, standing to her right, and bring the whippy-ended birchrod up sharply and step forward, bring the rod through the air sideways with a backhanded motion, and deliver a fine cut low down across Becky’s straining asscheeks. WHIP!!!!!

The rod blazed a bright red strip across the girl’s bottom cheeks, low, where her upper legs swell into her bottom. Becky pulls hard against her restraints, her curly blond hair flying in to the air with the smarting impact of the blow, her legs tensed and her bottom cheeks compressing hard, and then bounding up. I step forward again, my eyes glued to the bare trim rounded pallor of Becky’s bottom cheeks, tensing and shifting, her hips contorting over the top of the fat pillow cushion.

“Keep your chubby backside quite still for it, Becky. Push those hips back up over that pillow you young tramp!”


I delivered three quick hard cuts right through the middle of Becky’s tender bottom flesh, the rod singing through the air, the impacts sounding like pistol shots as they meet Becky’s churning white bottom flesh.


Another cut delivered with vicious accuracy across Becky’s ass, aimed low, and at an angle, stripping Becky low down across the top of her bound legs, and letting the tip of the whippy-ended birch rod ride up, just catching her across the puppy fat fuller cheeks well low down on her bottom. Becky was frantic, she let out a long low gasp of agony, then a series of fast paced loud objections, her pretty blond head turning from side to side rapidly, her mane sweeping across the polished oak table top, her knees trying to draw up and rubbing against each other under the leather binding strap.

I tapped the rod on the top of her now-quivering pert bottom, enjoying the sight of the angry red lines now starting to grow against the white background of her plump bottom cheeks. Becky was tensing and releasing her plump bottom halves, squirming across the top of the pillow booster in lewd and seductive fat-assed quiverings. Her strong bottom would drive out, hips raised, and then buck back as far as the straps would allow, giving her a wanton and whorish look, like a bride inviting her lover to take her bottom in a fit of honeymoon passion. “I’m going to break you this afternoon Becky, just like a young filly is broken to the bridle…”

WHIP! WHIP! I gave her two hard brisk strokes across the plump center of her shaking ass cheeks. “I’ll have obedience from you!”

WHIP! ” Bend tighter, I want a full-bottomed cheek swell.”

WHIP! WHIP! Two more stinging reminders, delivered down low, across the fatter cheek swell of Becky’s bottom lobes. “We have all afternoon Becky, no interruptions. WHIP! “When I am finished with you, we’ll have an obedience test.”

Again and again I whipped her plump backside, my mind lost in a haze of erotic discipline. My cock was straining against the rough fabric of my wool trousers, and my breathing was coming in large gulps, sucking giant mouthfuls of air in to my lungs as I let the rod fall across the middle of Becky’s girlish white cheek-swell. “Better get use to this, Becky. When you leave here, you’ll have masters who enjoy whipping tramps like you. They’ll enjoy whipping your bottom and you’ll learn to enjoy slavegirl sex up that tight little bottom passage of yours!”

I look at Becky’s face, turned sideways, her damp, tear filled eyes clear to me in the the mirror. She has a questioning look, wondering if I am done punishing her.

I smile.

“You didn’t think a little schoolgirl-style discipline would completely satisfy me did you?”

I laugh, drunk on desire.

“Oh, no Becky. I haven’t forgotten what you refused me this morning!”

Becky lets out a loud muffled protest, pleading with her eyes. She is making small mewing sounds from behind the panty gag, trying to beg.

I undo the top button on my trousers and let them drop to the floor, my cock now standing straight and hard and angry.

I pull a small tube of lubricant from my coat pocket, and smear a light sheen of the lubricant up and down my penis head, watching Becky’s eyes follow the movement of my hands across my fully erect cock in the mirror reflection.

I coat the end of my finger and push them between Becky’s parted asscheeks, running my goo-coated finger up and down between her clenching warm chubby bottom halves.

Becky’s rear mounds clench hard as I find her anus and lightly trace small soft circles all around the little ridges that lined her anal bud. She gasps as I slowly insert my finger into her bottom, first just the tip, crossing her tight opening, then slowly making her take more and more of my warm finger up her backside.

I start to slowly frig her backside with my finger, pushing my finger in slowly, feeling the tight anal ring expand over the thicker part of my finger, then letting it slide back out, till just the tip was inside her bottom. I’d gently push an inch of my finger in to her, then let it slide back out, then two inches, and let it slide back out, watching Becky tense her legs, her white bottom cheeks swishing a little from side to side, and her knees rubbing together. I would slowly push my finger in her and gently turn and twist it, small half-circles while fully up her backside, my finger worrying her little tight ring, and then slowly start working my finger in and out of her tensing bottom, pushing now till it was all the way in, up so snug and full in her.

I started to more quickly frig Becky’s tight little bottom hole, pushing more of my index finger into her anus, pumping my finger in and out in a slow deliberate motion, working her tight bottom ring with small twists as I pushed in, then pulling out at a faster pace, feeling Becky jerk a little as I turned my hand over, this way and that, twisting my finger in a small rotation while I held it deeply embedded in her bottom. I could hear small urgent moans coming from this captured girl’s panty filled mouth, caught between the humiliation of having her bottom so openly and unabashly played with, an object of simple lust openly frigged with a man’s large rough finger, and the arousal now starting to overtake her outrage. I pull my finger all the way out, watching Becky’s opening go suddenly small.

I stand up and push myself forward, my erect cock laying in the warmth of Becky bottom divide, letting the head of my penis loll in between the globes of her ass, savoring the moment; knowing how tight it’s going to be and reveling in her resistance and her humiliation.

I start to slowly push the head of my penis past her small tight anal ring, holding my breath, the veins on my forehead showing with the staring of my effort. Becky’s muffled cries are becoming louder as the pressure builds…

This was uncredited where I found it, but from the style I think it may have been originally written by Richard Manton, with possible subsequent edits by parties unknown. Many years ago Manton authored a plethora of overwrought BDSM novels for the Blue Moon erotic publishing imprint.

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Flogger Punishment

I don’t believe she would be tied half so well unless this flogging was intended to go on for quite some time:

bondage spanking with a leather flogger

The artist is Fernando.

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Allegory Of A Birching

Sometimes I can’t help looking at a piece of fine art and thinking “That dude? Complete perv. Totally one of us.” For instance:

bottom fetish suggestive of spanking art from Allegory of Summer by Franz Doubek

You see what I mean? I could be entirely forgiven for thinking this was part of a piece of birching artwork.

However and in fact, it’s a detail from Allegory Of Summer by František Bohumil Doubek:

allegory of summer by Franz Bohumil Doubek

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Whipping Revenge On The Police

From Kinky Delight:


From the cover of a magazine called La Poliziata.

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Loser Getting Spanked

Ladies? If you’re going to wrestle with Ariel X, my advice to you is: do not lose. Or this could happen to you:

spanked by the winner of the fight

From Loser’s Smackdown at Whipped Ass.

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Spanking Porn And Virtual Reality

I’ve got a question for you: what should virtual reality spanking porn look like?

vr porn game with spanking

It’s a serious question. Virtual Reality (VR) porn (the kind you watch with a virtual reality headset for complete immersion) is an up-and-coming successful genre with booming sales in a porn business that is struggling overall. If you’re a porn producer, you ought to be thinking about shooting some VR titles. Only, how? What would it look like?

That was my first thought when the people at contacted me about getting some attention from Spanking Blog. The spanking porn they have on their site right now is, honestly speaking, incidental; either it’s a quick bit of spanking as part of broader BDSM scenes or it’s a small part of various “sex simulator” type VR games. But it didn’t seem fair to ask “where’s the spanking?” when I couldn’t articulate what I would even want to see if they had some.

In truth, when I took a look at their site I was impressed by the scope of their VR porn content. Every decent VR porn site these days can show you a preview and link you to a sales page for all the commercial fuck-and-suck VR porn that’s been made to date; is no exception, but they’ve also gone out and aggregated onto their site what looks to be just about every freely-available adult VR animation, video clip, and game preview that’s out there. They are particularly heavy into anime/hentai/GCI stuff, such as the “Nympho Trainer adult VR game” that’s the source of the graphic at the top of this post. It turns out there’s a whole ecosystem of indie VR game designers working in the adult space, often with crowdfunding support. I can’t predict what a good VR spanking game will look like, but I’ll be stunned if there isn’t one available by the end of 2017.

But what about regular porn, shot with live models in the usual way? This screencap from The Housemaid gives you an idea what’s available so far in the spanking space, as one pretty girl spanks another more submissive one with the end of the submissive’s leash to “make her” service the man whose eyes are the point-of-view for the VR cameras:

leash spanking VR porn

The trailer clip is attractive, but spanking porn enthusiasts will want more. And that’s a conundrum. VR porn lends itself especially (but not exclusively) to point-of-view camera perspectives, and spanking porn traditionally hasn’t been shot that way; it’s more common for the camera to show spanker and spankee alike. I suspect the first really good VR spanking title will be a “spanking during sex” movie, but I think that spanking porn (which tends to lag the overall porn industry in terms of innovation) is going to need a good rethink and a literal fresh perspective in order to take best advantage of this visually-breathtaking new technology.

If you want to watch this as it develops, and especially if you already have or will soon be getting a VR headset, you could do worse than monitoring the offerings at They currently strive to have all the BDSM porn that’s yet been made available on their site, and their practice is to “keep the site updated whenever anything new is released.” I’m looking forward to seeing how this new tech refreshes the slightly-stuffy world of spanking porn.

Spanking An Express Lane Cheater

Have you ever been frustrated behind some self-entitled person in the express lane at the supermarket who thinks the ten-items limit totally doesn’t apply to them? And of course the cashier never tries to enforce the rules. Here’s one man’s fantasy of how that situation should be dealt with:

I was startled by the appearance of four burly security guard types seemingly materializing from nowhere, two of them pulling the lady out of line in front of my incredulous eyes, the other two seizing the cashier by either elbow.

Accompanying the four guards were two additional security personnel, also in uniforms, perhaps in their mid-twenties, each carrying a wooden paddle. As the guards pulled the customer and the cashier into an open area in front of the check-out lanes, I could hear the frantic protestations of both ‘culprits’.

“How dare you. Let me go. I’ll sue. You can’t do this. What have I done?”

Then, suddenly, a voice over the store’s public address system. “Attention shoppers, you will notice that one of our cashiers and a customer have been taken into our new punishment area. They will be disciplined in a moment, pursuant to a new city ordinance regulating the conduct of supermarket express lanes.

“Parents with small children are advised that, while we encourage your children’s observation of this punishment, as a valuable lesson in proper public conduct, you should understand that these ladies’ discipline will entail severe corporal punishment, specifically the application of a wooden paddle to their bottoms. Further, you should understand that this punishment will be administered on their bare buttocks, City Ordinance 4-7614-B dictating that all such punishments shall be applied in public, in the nude.”

In the nude? Jesus, I sure didn’t want to miss this. My fantasies were finally going to come true. My eyes followed the progress of the security personnel as they hastily stripped each of the women, securing their naked bodies to old fashioned, wooden pillories. A small crowd was gathering around the punishment area as the ‘condemned’ continued their ceaseless crying and begging.

“Please, don’t do this. I’ll never try to sneak into an express line again,” could be heard from the hapless customer. “I’m sorry, I didn’t know that I couldn’t check out this lady at my lane. I’m new and don’t know all of the rules,” was the poor excuse for an excuse that the cashier lamely tried.

Ignoring the pleas of the two women, the guards had finished fixing their wrists and necks into the pillories and secured their ankles to floor moorings, effectively removing any possibility of escape. Their work accomplished, they stepped back as the two ‘spankers’ stepped forward.

The voice on the intercom continued. “While each of the woman that are now pilloried at the front of the store will receive a severe paddling, the customer’s behavior is seen as slightly less reprehensible than that of the cashier. Therefore, the sentence for the customer will be fifty swats of the paddle to her bare buttocks and immediate release; the sentence for our cashier will be fifty swats of the paddle to her bare buttocks, followed by a one-hour display period in the stocks. Customers or store personnel wishing to fondle or abuse the cashier after the completion of her correction are encouraged to do so.

I could feel the front of my trousers tenting in response to my excitement at the spectacle before me and reached into my pocket to surreptitiously stroke my hardening cock, not for a second taking my eyes off of the drama being played out no more than fifty feet away from me.

It became quickly evident that the women’s paddlings were to occur simultaneously when the two ‘executioners’ stepped to the outside of the two pillories, readying their paddle arms, and shifting their feet to find a comfortable, firm stance. The women were both crying, having given up any hope that their lamentations would be to any avail.

Their nude bodies were incredibly erotic, their breasts hanging vertically to the floor, their torsos bent at the waist, with their spines parallel to the floor. Their legs had been spread perhaps three feet apart at the ankle, with the overall effect to be the positioning of their hips probably six inches higher than the crossbar holding their heads and wrists.

Their legs and buttocks quivered as they each presumably contemplated their imminent fate. The ‘icing on the cake’, as it were, was the provocative glimpse of pudenda, framed within the trembling, soft, secret, inner thighs of each penitent. While the cashier’s embarrassment had to be acute, at the gross indignity visited upon her by this outrageous affront, I could only imagine the mortification of the young, nude customer, her body shaven as smoothly and completely in her pubic area and between her legs, as it was beneath her straining arms and down her athletically-slim legs.

She seemed even more nude than the cashier, her labia looking distended and puffy, deliciously obscene in the glaring lights of the store. I think, though, that whatever degree of discomfort her unexpected public nudity was causing her, it was nothing when compared to her apprehension about her paddling.

One of the two paddlers seemed to be senior, judging from his comportment and manner, and it was a nod from him to his partner that began the chilling sound of the paddles’ impacts upon the two naked, gyrating, female bottoms.

Once, twice, three times and four. The paddles fell in perfect syncopation, the resultant, strident cries of the two recipients of their fiery kisses, no less choreographed. The men wielding the paddles worked as a perfectly synchronized pair, their motions metronomic in constancy.

I’d lost count but knew that the women had probably suffered a dozen swats each and my imagination boggled at the thought that they had yet to endure another thirty-five-plus strokes of the paddles’ wrath. The testament to the paddles’ efficacy was evident in the tears falling from the two rueful ladies’ cheeks and the reddened buttocks of both…

From The Supermarket by Dave Wallace.

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Hurting Kiki With The Cane

These pictures are from the recent Paintoy series “Slaves Are Made For Hurting” starring Kiki Sweet:

caning Pain Toy Kiki

kiki gets the cane

caning Kiki's bottom

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