Spanking Impact

A good spanking impact photo is hard to find and (I’m told) also quite hard to make, because capturing the moment of impact is not necessarily easy. Pandora Blake recently published a series of never-before-seen spanking photos from photographer Jon Garrett. They are all quite nice, but the first of them is easily the best spanking impact pic I’ve seen in a very long time.

I won’t ruin Pandora’s exclusive by putting the pic here. Go look, ya bums!

Punishing A Fairy

Fairies, as everyone knows, are notoriously naughty. (It goes along with being flighty.) And sometimes they have to be punished. Carefully, oh so carefully:

fairy spanking

Artist unknown. (I found it on one of those user-upload sites with the horrible popups and no attribution.)

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Ten Ass Cheeks Of Nantes

The revolution is going well, apparently, and now it’s time for the daughters of the nobility to sexually service the peasants. Or I guess that’s what’s going on here:

five butts

Art is by Hanz Kovacq in Diane de Grand Lieu 2.

Update: I finally remembered where I had seen this before (in the original French).

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Ruler-Spanked Nipples

As soon as the ruler comes out she starts begging. “Please sir, don’t! I beg, please!”

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Belt Spanked Blonde

She needs a belt spanking, she gets a belt spanking:

belt spanked blonde

belt spanking for a blonde girl

From Bondage Vacation.

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Strip Her For The Whip

She’s about to get a public whipping!


I’m not sure what movie this comes from, unfortunately. Anybody know?

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Spanking Tumble Of The Day #20

After you’ve spanked her well and she’s lying there on the bed, wiggling her butt at you until her “brown eye” winks, do you really need instructions about what to do next?

Apparently she thought this guy did.

Via Erectus.

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Art Buchwald On Wife Spanking

In 1968 the nation was titillated by the news that Cary Grant had spanked his wife, but only for “reasonable and adequate cause” according to his divorce lawyer. In response, on April 2, 1968 in the The Miami News (and presumably in every other paper in the country that ran Art Buchwald’s column) readers were treated to the putative views of Art Buchwald’s lawyer on the legality of wife spanking. These precedents were dodgy even then, but it makes for some fun reading:

buchwald spanking column

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