Rain DeGrey On Being A Bottom

In a great short essay about bottoming, Rain DeGrey writes:

Bottoming is empowering as fuck. As a woman, I have been told from birth to be careful, don’t go outside at night, things are not safe, people can HURT you. The constant relentless message is that you are weak and fragile wears you down like you wouldn’t believe. There is nothing more empowering than getting the stuffing knocked out of you and realizing that you are so much tougher than you thought. I feel like Wonder Woman when I bottom. It makes me feel incredibly strong.

Bottoms do not get the credit for what they bring to the table. Subs are not “less than” Doms. They are both sides of the same coin, and one doesn’t work without the other. And most Doms would crumble under what they can easily dish out. Bottoms, you are tough cookies. Don’t you ever forget that.

Recreational Whipping

anime bondage whipping and fucking

He finds it recreational, anyway. Did anybody stop to ask if she did?

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Her Belt Spanking

belt spanking his wife by Max Safonov

Art is by Max Safonov.

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Those Hose Will Run

If I was in the room I would be calling for my cane. And there would be so many ladders and runs in those pantyhose before I was done:

bent over displaying her bottom

a run in her stockings -- the first of many

The model is Kay Kardia for Infernal Restraints. And yes, she does get severely caned, but not in the promotional photos I have available to share.

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Clitoris Meets Riding Crop

I am a big believer in spanking with precision. But this Hogtied.com photo takes that philosophy and applies it to pussy spanking:

I wonder how many of those she can hold still for?

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OTK Spanking From A Bearded Man

This vintage over-the-knee spanking photograph is for you girls whose preference is for a stern man with a beard:


Blubbering From The Cane

Her caning hurt. But it hurt her feelings even more:

caned girl about to start blubbering

Via Girls Boarding School.

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The Role Of Spanking In A Proper Blowjob

Although Jake does not include a spanking warm-up in his requirements for a proper blowjob, he does note that “sometimes a bit of spanking is required.” Sounds right to me:

The requirements for a proper blow job are as follows:

  • Joy must be on her knees in front of me.
  • She may wear panties if desired. Other than that, she must be completely naked.
  • She may use only her mouth to service me. No other parts of her body are permitted to be used.
  • Hands must be kept behind her back the entire time. They may be cuffed or tied behind her if I choose, but I may also simply require her to hold them behind her back.
  • She must swallow. I sometimes choose to end in a facial instead, but if I decide to come in her mouth, she must swallow.

We have worked on this many, many times, and Joy has become quite expert. Despite the repetition, however, there is still something just a little magic about this act. When I come home from work and catch Joy in the kitchen, and tell her, “Joy, I’d like a proper blow job,” there is more than a whiff of humiliation in making her drop whatever she is doing, quickly strip down to her panties, and use her mouth to suck me off, especially if I tell her she needs to “Hurry up!” as she is getting undressed.

It’s quite wonderful to have a pretty woman, naked, with her face a bit pink, getting down on her knees in front of you. Sometimes I find that a bit of spanking is required after the pants are off but before the blow job begins in earnest — Joy wiggles most beautifully in my lap, and the sight of her perky nipples afterwards as she drops to her knees and settles me into her warm mouth adds greatly to the experience. When I am done, I hold Joy close and tell her how good she has made me feel, and how glad I am to have her as my wife.

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