Tennis Players Punished


So, here’s the setup:

Rosie and Nimue have disgraced themselves at a school tennis tournament, bringing down the reputation of their school. The Headmaster sanctions an unofficial punishment from the coach to be meted out swiftly and without sympathy to the girls.


When I saw this picture, my instant reaction was “You gotta be kidding me. A hand spanking? On those bottoms? Over panties? She’s never gonna get through to the girls at that rate!”


Ah, that’s much better. With bare bottoms and a slipper, we might actually get somewhere:


And indeed, it looks like communication has been achieved!

Pictures are from Northern Spanking.

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Diary Of A Spanked Doll

From The Diary Of A Birthday Doll, by E.C. Dow (1908):


The color plate is by F. E. Nosworthy, illustrating this portion of the text:

All of a sudden I fell flat, over on my side, and bumped my head real hard against the floor. I just had time to catch one glimpse of Teddy, under the bed. He was looking at me very kindly (he has awfully nice brown eyes) and then I heard the slamming of a book, I was caught up roughly, and shaken and shaken.

“You naughty child ! Why don’t you behave ?” cried Mamma Lu, in a very angry voice. ” You’re the worst child I ever had,” and another shake and another and another.

“I’m going to give you a lesson, once for all,” she continued; “I will not have such behavior in my family.”

She reached out for a great big hair-brush that was on a dressing-table near her. “A hair-brush,” I thought, stupidly. Oh! I was all dazed. “What does she want with a hair-brush. My hair must be untidy, and I guess she’s going to comb me.” Yet I trembled.

“I will not have it,” she went on, more and more excited. ” Winnie Campbell knows how to make her children behave. She told me how, to-day, and I’m just going to take her advice.” With a quick movement she laid me over her knee, face downward, rolled up my chemise, raised the hair-brush, and no, no, I cannot repeat the rest, I cannot, cannot.

Maud and Gladys were sobbing softly when she carried me back to bed, and there was a heavy breathing through the room; it might have come from Teddy Bear. I could not say a word. I was bruised and stiff from my ribs to my knees, it was such a large hair-brush, and she had used the bristly side, part of the time, and then the disgrace, the awful shame of being pressed down tight till I couldn’t move, and then publicly spanked with a hair-brush, before Maud and Gladys and Ted and the two sparrows. My heart was broken, yes, my heart was broken. I felt that I could no longer look anyone in the face, so dreadfully had I been disgraced. If it had only been on my shoulder or on my face; anywhere but where it was, and before so many people.

I lay quite still in my misery.

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A Harsh Schoolroom Spanking

Meanwhile, in a joyless schoolroom somewhere in darkest modern Russia:




Somewhere in this room (not shown) there must surely be a thrice-life-size poster of Vladimir Putin…

Pictures via Discipline In Russia.

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Spanking A Thief

This Civil War era account of M/m disciplinary spankings comes (via the Punished tumblr) from an old book about life in a Confederate military prison camp where the prisoners were left to administer justice among themselves:

The instrument used was what is called in the south a “shake” — a split shingle, a yard or more long, and with one end whittled down to form a handle. The culprit was made to bend down until he could catch around his ankles with his hands. The part of the body thus brought into most prominence was denuded of clothing and “spanked” from one to twenty times, as Hill ordered, by the “shake” in some strong and willing hand. It was very amusing — to the bystanders. The “spankee” never seemed to enter very heartily into the mirth of the occasion. As a rule he slept on his face for a week or so after, and took his meals standing.


When Does A Spanking Get Good?

As a spanking top with a measure of sadism in my soul, I tend to agree with this tweet from The Stockroom:

Spanking Blog readers, what say you?

Rilynn Rae Kneels Up

Model Rilynn Rae looks a bit more distressed by this gentle flogging that makes entire sense. Either she’s not really into the “minor pain” part of her BDSM modeling gig for Sex And Submission, or she’s a better actress than most of her colleagues:



Pictures are from the most recent shoot.

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Spanking In War Propaganda


This propaganda image dates from 1904 and pertains to Russia’s war with Japan. According to my source, it was sold as a large-format cartoon in the streets of Moscow, along with many others on the theme of “vast and mighty Russia chastising puny little Japan.”

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Spank Her And Cane Her

A certain redundancy is sometimes required with the most recalcitrant students at the Girls Boarding School:



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