Patsy Stone Spanking Cosplay

spanking cosplay

If I’m reading the hashtags correctly and properly interpreting what I see on Instagram, this is an attendee at San Francisco’s Folsom Street Fair, cosplaying the character Patsy Stone (who, yes, generally needs at least one spanking) from the TV show Absolutely Fabulous.

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Catfighting And Spanking For The Customers

ErosBlog has a vintage movie clip up right now about a 1930s brothel getting raided. That clip has a menacing moment when a pimpish dude is threating punishment for one of the girls. It made me wonder if the rest of the movie might be worth a quick look for spanking scenes. I haven’t finished that research or watched the whole movie yet, but I immediately turned up this scene of cute and playful catfighting and spanking in one of the brothel’s themed rooms:

Clip is from 1937’s Slaves In Bondage.

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Nettles Discipline Among The Vikings

The artist calls this “Viking girls nettles fun” and I would not disagree!

viking maiden spanking another with nettles while a shadowy male viking watches

Artist is Rumata and he has a Patreon.

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Soft Spanking

I’m pretty sure there’s some spanking going on amidst the languorous effusion of pleasure of which the following is just a short excerpt:

He lays me down in his lap, and the world melts away.

I want to make out with him. Taste his lips and lose myself in something I seemed to have forgotten about. I want to remember the simple goodness of a long, languid kiss. And I want to touch, not to mention be touched. Feel the sting of a good spanking and the thrill of his fingers working my cunt.

What I didn’t know I wanted to feel is the comfort of lying in his lap. With my entire body a tableau for him to do with as he and I wished.

By Jillian Boyd at Lady Laid Bare.

Leather Couch Of Punishment

Don’t you wish you had a leather couch with a built-in restraint system?

Curvy BBW harley ace chained to the caning couch

Great for all kinds of spankings and canings. Why would you ever stop?

caning harley ace with a wooden dowel

belt spanking for a helpless Harley Ace
Photos are from Infernal Restraints and the model is Harley Ace.

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Never Upstage The Star Of The Show

It makes her very angry, and you won’t like her when she’s angry:

vintage lesbian spanking cartoon by Bill Ward

A classic spanking cartoon by Bill Ward.

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In Charge Of Her Spanking

romantic bondage paddling scene

This photo is from the promotional photo gallery for the romantic-BDSM movie He’s In Charge 2, from Digital Sin.

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Hairbrush-Spanking Husband

This little bit of domestic discipline hairbrush-spanking artwork has been floating around in digital form since the pre-internet age; I think it was most-commonly seen with a BBS system’s name and telephone number on it, and then subsequently was often to be found on UseNet. I assume it has its origins in a magazine:


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