Shackled And Bullwhipped

woman suffers a bullwhipping in cartoonishly large shackles

This artwork is from the cover of a pulp called I Sanguinari.

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Hard Tied And Spoon Spanked

hard spanked with heavy wooden spoon

She got tied up good and spanked hard with a heavy wooden spoon: that was what happened to Cadence Cross (aka Bunny) at

gif of hard spoon spanking in bondage

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Whipped And Snowy Exercise

At the “Maison De Correction” they don’t coddle the inmates during exercise period. Fresh air is available! In fact, it’s both mandatory and very painful:

a painful chained stroll in the snow for Princess Melanie

From Maison De Correction Princesse Melanie by Georges Pichard.

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Bound Woman, Hairbrush Spanked

Bondage Blog says this photo looks like an Irving Klaw production, and I can’t disagree. No wiggling out of this vintage hairbrush spanking!

bondage spanking, vintage photo

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Birched: For Her Writing

In my many years of spanking blogging, I have heard of an enormous number of seductive dodges used to get someone to bare their bottom for a spanking. But to play on a writer’s professionalism so that she can write about a birching properly? It’s low, but it would totally work!

On their next meeting he showed her his painting of a seventeenth-century maid, forced to raise her skirts for a birching.

“You were great on the painter’s motivation, but you didn’t describe the actual birch very well, Susie,” he said.

Susie sucked in her breath. “The fantasy artist I interviewed was still painting the birch into his picture when I called. I’ve… I’ve never actually seen one up close.”

“Really? Then your education is sorely lacking. We can soon remedy that,” Jon said in a light clear tone. She looked at his slightly pursed lips. They were ironic, faintly mocking. But his pupils were dilated with desire.

Leaving her by the easel, he walked over to the desk and pulled something from a lower drawer. Susie felt the blood rush to her sex lips, felt her clitoris shudder with pleasure and sudden need. A birch! He was bringing over a birch! A birch that could be used on a recalcitrant arse the way that it had been used on the girl in the picture. A birch to make her beg and make her wet and make her want to come.

“The artist said that a real girl would cry out from the first stroke,” Susie said. “Do you think that’s realistic?”

“We could put it to the test,” Jon replied.

Susie half shook her head.

“I can’t see how…”

“I think you owe it to your writing. I mean, if you were shy I could just birch you over your pants.”

“I suppose . . . I suppose it would be a form of investigative journalism,” she murmured hesitantly, hearing the lie but ignoring it.

“Very investigative,” echoed Jon, leading her over to the desk and lifting her skirts to expose her brief-clad arse.

Excerpted from the story Work Fulfillment by Sarah Veitch.

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Blunderbroad Spanks Superchick

blunderbroad spanks superchick while Cheetah watches

This Amazonian spanking scene is from Blunderbroad #21, credited to Eric Stanton and Turk. As I understand the players and the scene, Cheetah is the woman watching the action. She has a remote control that operates some electrical, er, devices in the stool that Blunderbroad is sitting on as she reluctantly spanks Superchick, her ally.

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A Quick Belt To Get Her In The Mood

It’s pretty obvious that the spanking here is all foreplay, not so much for her as for the eager gentlemen who have her on their sex agenda for the evening:

spanked with a belt by some eager bondage sexing dudes

From Erotisk Tvang #22.

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Public Judicial Caning

At least one of the ladies in the audience is in sympathy with our caned heroine:

harsh judicial caning

From a judicial punishment sequence by Vrrattko.

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