Leather Couch Of Punishment

Don’t you wish you had a leather couch with a built-in restraint system?

Curvy BBW harley ace chained to the caning couch

Great for all kinds of spankings and canings. Why would you ever stop?

caning harley ace with a wooden dowel

belt spanking for a helpless Harley Ace
Photos are from Infernal Restraints and the model is Harley Ace.

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Never Upstage The Star Of The Show

It makes her very angry, and you won’t like her when she’s angry:

vintage lesbian spanking cartoon by Bill Ward

A classic spanking cartoon by Bill Ward.

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In Charge Of Her Spanking

romantic bondage paddling scene

This photo is from the promotional photo gallery for the romantic-BDSM movie He’s In Charge 2, from Digital Sin.

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Hairbrush-Spanking Husband

This little bit of domestic discipline hairbrush-spanking artwork has been floating around in digital form since the pre-internet age; I think it was most-commonly seen with a BBS system’s name and telephone number on it, and then subsequently was often to be found on UseNet. I assume it has its origins in a magazine:


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Excellent Caning Bench

What a delightful and convenient bondage bench. Tell me, readers, does it give you any nefarious ideas? Because I certainly know what’s the first (and possibly the second) thing I would intend to do to a woman who had agreed to be thusly secured thereupon:

bondage spanking bench

Via Sexually Broken.

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Correcting Maureen Jeggo

maureen jeggo bent over a caning  bench for academic spanking correction

This photo is from a foolish little photoset in a 1950s pinup magazine (Span #45, May 1958). Maureen Jeggo plays a ditzy maths student who wants to be corrected, “but not this kind — ow! — of correction!” Sadly there is no actual spanking or caning anywhere in the photoset; it’s all hint and tease, as was normal for the pinup mag genre of that era.

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Spanked In The Kitchen…With A Growl

The other day Fiona stomped up to her Sir in a mood to give some attitude. That went about as well as you would expect:

I walked in, put my hands on my hip, saw Sir at the kitchen sink, stomped up to Him with all sorts of attitude and…

He wiped his wet hands off, grabbed my neck and growled at me.

He spun me around, put my hands on the counter, held them in one hand and proceeded to spank the living hell out of my ass!

He started strong and kept it strong.

It hurt from the get-go, but because he was holding my hands tight to the counter, I felt grounded and because I had to take it, I knew I could take it…

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A Cruel Whip-Mugging

They’re taking the contents of her purse, sure, but these are not stranger-muggers. This looks like a personal dispute, being cruelly settled:

whipped, belt-spanked, and mugged by two cruel women

Artist is Laurent.

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