Some Shade For A Thrashing Judge

Here’s The Spectator in 1959 casting some shade on an old-school expression of judicial frustration at juvenile delinquency:

MR. LEONARD HACKETT, chairman of Wokingham magistrates, told a fifteen-year-old boy last week that he needed “such thrishing that he would be senseless for about forty-eight hours”; and later, when interviewed by a Reynolds News reporter, he said, “I meant it, too. Violence must be met with violence.” Mr. Hackett went on to explain that he was thrashed, when he was young, if he did anything wrong — as good an argument against the theory that corporal punishment is efficacious as any we have heard for some time.

Poking The Bear

When you live with a spanking man who is grouchy because he’s on a diet, teasing him about snacks is fraught with at least a little bit of peril:

Some nights I might bring a small snack to munch on as I read. The other evening I remembered there were pretzels in the pantry, and I took 3 rods. Sam met me in the hall and furrowed his brow when he saw the sticks in my hand.

“Where are you going with those,” he asked.

“To read, of course,” I answered with a smile and here is where the bear-baiting began.

“Are you supposed to have those?” he frowned looking at the pretzels longingly.

What popped into my head was…

“Thou shalt not covet thy wife’s pretzels.”

Instead, I smiled and said, “Yes, I can have these because I am not trying to lose weight; I am simply trying to maintain.”

I did not think I sounded like a Weight Watchers Wise Ass, but apparently Sam thought I did. He grabbed me in a bear hug with one arm and started spanking my wise ass with the other. When I started laughing, he yanked down my pajama bottoms quicker than you could say, “Don’t Poke the Bear.”

The Bear had been officially poked, and my giggling just fueled the fire. He most certainly was lighting a fire on my ass. Way back when ttwd was new to us, I believed that a hand spanking was really lightweight. Well, times have changed, and Sam tells me it is “…all in the wrist.”

I was off to bed with a lovely glow on both sets of cheeks. After kisses and hugs I settled in to read with a big smile on my face.

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To Fake A Caning

It’s rare these days to see obviously-faked spanking marks, but it used to be too common, especially in porn that was only tangentially about spanking. This remarkable photo of cane marks being drawn on an actress’s bottom is from a 1968 Danish documentary about porn:

faking up some cane welts

Vanilla Spanking explains:

You can’t talk seriously about anything without showing examples, and the film stages several illustrative sequences representing the erotica and sexual fantasies of different eras. Sometimes this includes elements of sado-masochism, which was then particularly taboo in Denmark despite the appearance of some outstanding spanking scenes in mainstream Danish cinema. One sequence covers the making of a modern porno film, including some ‘rough stuff’. The actress is asked to bend over the couch, and the actor with the cane asks plaintively if he really has to hit her. Luckily for her, the director gets out a crayon…

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Spank Her With A Broom

These rural broom-spanking shenanigans are included in one of Richard Windsor’s birthday spanking folders, and the playful attitude is certainly there to support the notion that this is a birthday spanking:

thrown over his shoulder and spanked with a broom

However, the barking dog is not amused.

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Ronnie’s Real Spanking

When Ronnie got in what she calls a “slanging match” with her husband, it ended with her getting a real spanking:

Anyway it stopped abruptly. P stood and took a few deep breaths.

“This has gone far enough, more than far enough and I’m not having any more of it.” There were no swear words and his voice had lowered and he was very calm. He took me upstairs, I didn’t know why he needed to do that if he was going to spank me why didn’t he do it there and then. Well I found out soon enough why he wanted me upstairs, he wanted an implement and nearest to hand was a paddle, it’s the stingiest paddle we’ve got, one that Bogey sent me ages ago and it really really hurts when it’s used hard. P knows I dread it.

My jeans and knickers came down and I was pulled half across his lap half on the bed with his right leg locking me down. It was all very fast and efficient. I started protesting but the spanks were underway before I could get a sentence out and then I just shouted and squealed. Profanities resumed but only from me not P. I meant everything I called him at that time too, I’m not going to print it all just believe me my mouth needs washing out for a month. I tried to dig my nails into his flesh where his t-shirt pulled up but he just pinned my arm behind my back and carried on spanking. There’s a pattern to spankings, I mean real ones not play ones, for me anyway. There’s verbal objection, physical resistance, foul mouthedness, threat, overpowerment, shock, realisation, inward capitulation, outward capitulation, pleading, apologies, meaningful apologies, do-with-me-as-you-will absolute contrition usually accompanied by limpness. That was how it was, I was so exhausted I didn’t know how much he’d hurt my bottom until he let me up and there was rush of pain as blood rushed to my nether region to try and cool it. Oh god I wanted to jump about and grasp my poor backside but wouldn’t while he was still in the room.

“We’ll have no more of that nonsense, and I don’t just mean for a few hours or the rest of the day, I mean forever. Full stop.”

All’s well that ends well!

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Switching The Wicked Queen

You know she needed at least one good switching!

a switching for Snow White's evil queen nemesis

Art is Queen Grimhilde’s Mistake by Gesperax.

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Caning A Perfectionist

Kaelah took it into her head that she wanted some nice marks on her bottom, so she invited Ludwig to give her a dozen strokes.

“But not too hard, I am not used to being caned anymore at all!” I told Ludwig. Yes, I still try to top from the bottom. But it’s the same with Ludwig, so he doesn’t mind. When the first medium severe stroke hit my bottom, I wasn’t so sure anymore whether the cane had been the right choice.

While the pain might not have been as stingy as the pain from a whippy peeled cane, it still burned and it went deep into the muscles because of the heaviness of the cane. I shared my observation with Ludwig. Obviously he found it interesting, because he immediately continued testing the effect of the cane. Ouch! I gritted my teeth and hissed and moaned myself through the next strokes. I went on tiptoes, bent my knees and wriggled my bottom in a vain attempt to cope with the nowadays so unfamiliar pain. The strokes weren’t too severe, but the pain definitely was enough for me!

When the last stroke came, Ludwig of course had to make that one harder than the previous ones. At that stage I was already sweating. I tried to prepare myself as good as possible for the final stroke and then I heard a swish and a crack and the cane hit target for the last time. It ignited one more line of fire on my rear end and I buckled and wriggled in order to relieve the pain.

But now we get to the part where we learn that caning a perfectionist has its extra pleasures. Because when Kaelah looked in the mirror, it wasn’t enough:

Then I took a look in the mirror – and realised that there was still a gap between the strokes on the upper half of my bottom and the ones on the lower half. Plus, except for the last one, the red lines weren’t as much visible as I had hoped them to be. With my light skin I tend to get pale red lines only directly after a caning, unless it has been really quite hard. The marks easily turn blue later, though.

A looked at the mirror for a moment and handed the cane back to Ludwig. “The gap needs to be closed and I need some more clearly visible marks,” I explained. “Well, it was just twelve strokes, I can’t cover your whole bottom with that,” Ludwig replied. He then complied with my request and focused his attention on the still white part of my bottom. After a few more strokes, he had managed to close the gap.

The pain was still strong, but it had become bearable since I was warmed up by now. So I was ready to take a few more severe strokes as well to round up the picture so to speak. I figured that since I had already taken so much pain in order to get a nice picture, I could take a bit more. Ludwig remarked something about me being a real masochist, but was of course happy to satisfy my wish. And so he gave me a final bunch (was it six?) of more severe strokes that imprinted clearly visible marks on my now already very red rear end.

I made it through those as well, driven by my declared intention to get the marks that I wanted. I was glad when it was finally over, though. It had been my most intense spanking for quite some time and it had been obvious that I wasn’t used to the pain anymore at all. A look in the mirror made up for it, though, because there I saw the marks I had wanted to see. Clearly visible dark red tramlines covering my whole bottom.

Isn’t it fun when everybody gets exactly what they want?

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Josie’s Bad Report Card

josie got spanked by her dad for a bad report card

According to Dave Wolfe, this one-panel spanking gag is by Dan Decarlo for MLJ comics.

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