The Paddling Of A Lifetime

I think she’s about to get paddled but good!

tied up for an oar / paddle spanking

I found this in an old folder, perhaps it might be a UseNet download from back in the day.

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Cheating At Football By Spanking A Cheerleader

You wouldn’t think that spanking a cheerleader could ever be cheating. Isn’t that one of those plays that’s always appropriate? Sadly, in this cartoon by Gorman, we learn that even the pure and innocent pastime of cheerleader spanking can be perverted into the service of dirty sportsball playing:

cheerleader spanking and football cheating coach

The caption reads: “In a crisis, the quarterback watches the coach’s hand while he spanks out instructions in Morse Code!”

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Saying No To The Sultan

It was never true, as some of the harem girls would whisper to each other in the darkest part of the night, that you could not say “no” to the sultan. The sultan was a man, like any other man. You could indeed say “no” to him. But the price of saying “no” to the sultan? Ooh, girl, you don’t want to go there:

whipped harem girl

Artist not known.

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Spanking Dakota

This impressive spanking impact shot of model Dakota appears in the Jan/Feb 2015 print and digital access edition of Hustler’s Taboo magazine. The photographer is Dave Naz:

strap spanking Dakota's ass

Although back numbers of Hustler’s Taboo are rare, expensive, and hard to find in paper editions, issues since 2010 can be accessed digitally by the link above or with a Hustler Megapass.

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Off-Screen Comic Strip Spanking

A touch of “family discipline” from the old funny papers:

"Abbie an' Slats" comic strip father-daughter spanking scene by Raeburn VanBuren

Update: I didn’t remember, but it looks like I’ve previously blogged the last two panels from this strip.

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Paddled Over Blue Jeans

Denim pants or no denim pants, this paddling is going to be felt:

stinging paddle spanking

From a recent update at Real Spankings.

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Big Bang Theory: About That Spanking

Remember when Sheldon spanked Amy on The Big Bang Theory? The first three minutes of this video features Jim Parsons talking about the making of that scene while Mayim Bialik sits next to him, basically just holding her face and blushing furiously:

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One Good Smack

Sometimes one good smack is enough to do the job:


Art is fan artwork by “The Golden Smurf” featuring the character Tatsumaki from the One-Punch Man webcomic.

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