Rain DeGrey Plays Hard

Rain DeGrey is fully committed when she plays. She’s not tied there, but when it’s whipping time, she wants to be whipped, not tickled. She’s tough, she can take it:

whipping rain degrey as she stands and takes it

From Paintoy.

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Les Belles Flagellantes

You’ve seen some of these old photos individually, I suspect; I know I have. But I hadn’t seen this photo of the whole set tacked up beside each other like this before:

vintage french whipping photos

Various internet sources date it to the 1890s.

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Truth, Coming For Us With A Whip

This is part of the 1896 painting La Vérité sortant du puits armée de son martinet pour châtier l’humanité by Jean-Léon Gérôme. The title means something like “Truth coming from her well armed with a whip to chastise mankind” and I believe we are all in for it!

truth rising from her well

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The New Girl Paddles Back!

The new pledge at Spanking Sorority Girls is going to fit right in. When one of the girls tried to spank her during her introductory tour, she took it, then grabbed her tour guide and spanked her right back!

pledge turns the tables on her spanking sorority tour guide

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Kinky Phegor Art

According to Jaime, these artworks are by a 1930s German artist who signed as Phegor; a commenter says sometimes it was “Z. Phegor.” Not much is known:

art by phegor

Sometimes, Blood Happens

Sometimes, blood happens. And it doesn’t have to be a disaster, even if it is a hard limit for many in the spanking community. Your periodic reminder that “many” is not the same as “all”:

Last night Master spanked my ass until it was bleeding. The paddle actually cracked and pinched me. I didn’t even feel a difference before and after the bleeding started. He kept going after that, and showed me the paddle all speckled with my blood. I grinned up at it with a face full of tangled hair and endorphin hazed eyes.

It has earned a new name, from holey paddle to “Lucille” (The Walking Dead fans get it). But Lucille will have to be retired now. I’m not sure how I feel about that. Decidedly mixed.

From ancilla_ksst.

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Chanel Preston Spanks Zoey Monroe

From the greeting festivities at a recent shoot for Whipped Ass, here’s Chanel Preston Spanking Zoey Monroe:

zoey monroe hand spanked

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Wife Spanking Thought Of The Day

Er, you know it:

I have spanked my wife more than her parents ever did

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