Whipping O

whipping panels

These are some whipping panels from a 1970s graphic novel adaptation of The Story Of O as drawn by Guido Crepax.

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An Ay Mohl Spanking

Spanked in front of the kitchen sink, for domestic crimes unspecified:

lesbian kitchen spanking

By artist Ay Mohl.

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Excited Birching Of A Blindfolded Woman

The priapic fellow birching this blindfolded woman is clearly enjoying his work!

friar or monk with a huge hard erection is birching a blindfolded woman, possibly a nun, while another couple is fucking in the background

The artwork is from (per this source) a rare 1928 edition of French erotica to which two different artists contributed illustrations, so I’m not sure whether this one should be attributed to Achille Devéria (1800 – 1857) or Henri Grévedon (1776-1860).

(I blogged a much smaller, cropped version of this artwork, without any sort of attribution, many years ago.)

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An Eric Stanton Paddling

When Eric Stanton could suppress his primary femdom fetish long enough to draw girls getting spanked, it was usually quite a lot of fun:

eric stanton bondage paddling

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Eight Bottoms For Whipping

It’s like hot yoga, only for bottoms:

eight bottoms

Illustration by “Sadie Mazo” from the French BDSM novel La Clinique Des Cauchemars (The Clinic Of Nightmares).

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The Unfortunate Administrative Assistant

If she hasn’t been paddled before, this is going to go badly. By the third stroke, she’s going to be all the way up on that work table, trying to chew an escape tunnel in the whiteboard:

hard paddling with huge pine paddle in the office

From Real Spankings.

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“O” Awaits Her Whipping

martinet whipping for o

According to a somewhat cryptic caption in the book “Diva Amour Fou, this photograph is from a never-produced 1961 film version of The Story Of O that was to have been produced by director K. Anger.

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A Cam Mistress Loses Her Self-Spanking Sports Bet

Given past Spanking Blog readership interest in my anecdotes about spanking adventures in the webcams world, I’ve been saving one lengthy (if slightly-too-detailed) story for a “slow news day” when I’d have time to break out the juiciest excerpts into a blog post. Which made it convenient when the folks at Mistress World asked if I had any more spanking cams stories to share. Happens I do! This one is about a self-employed guy, doing well, fleet-of-trucks kind of thing, who spends a lot of money on cam dommes when the night life gets slow in his little city. In his personal life he’s more of a switch (at least in theory) but as all here know, it’s a lot easier to find women who will get spanked for free than to find one who will dominate you on a non-professional basis.

Anyway this guy, let’s call him Roberto, he runs on worse than me, so you get excerpts of his story:

This one domme, oh! I spend a lot of money in private shows with her. We really click. A lot of it’s just chatting and bullshit and smacktalk. She doesn’t take my shit! I like that. Plus she knows sports, which the girls I date, meh! They usually hate sports. At the end of a show, after a lot of flirting and conversation and hanging out, we do some JOI [jack off instruction] stuff and she verbally edges me. She’ll tease me, tell me not to cum, eventually I can’t help it because she’s playing with her pussy… I’m a bad boy! Your basic dominatrix camshow stuff, you know? It’s the chemistry we got that makes it fun. I spend a lot of time with her, and she’s worth it!

Finally Roberto gets to the part we spankos care about. Apparently he’s a big Eagles fan and before the Super Bowl she liked to bust his balls about that. They made a sports bet, having to do with the number of points between the winning and losing team. She got paid a whole lot per point either way (domme, yeah?) but if his beloved Eagles won (she scoffed at this) she’d also have to give herself spanks for each point on cam for him, really hard:

She has this ball-buster paddle thing she likes to wave around on camera. A hard round disk on a long flexible handle. The bet was, welts on her butt! I had to be able to see each and every welt — one per point! perfect! round! — by the end of the show, or she had to do it over.

Here’s the thing: she talks a good game. But I’m not sure she’s ever actually been spanked. She only needed to give herself eight good whacks, she’s thinking, how hard can it be? She reached back, hauled off, she gave herself the first one like a rodeo champ. Her eyes got really wide and started to water. Her face fell. She let out a weird howl. Then she actually dropped the handle and grabbed her ass with both hands like a little girl. I nearly died laughing.

By the time she stopped cussing and prancing around and managed to show me her bottom on the camera, she had a bright red round welt on her bottom about two inches across. “Just like that!” I said. “Seven more!”

Then she got mad and tried to go all dominatrix-bitch on me. But it was too late, I was laughing too hard. I was in top mode and she… wasn’t. I made her kneel up and stick her ass out and try again. But I guess it’s a lot harder to hit yourself the second time? When you know what it feels like?

It took her about six more tries to get another good welt. She kept pulling her swat at the last minute. But finally she squinched up her face and did it. I told her “Good girl, now do it again!” And damn me if she didn’t do it again on the very next swat. Then she jumped up and clutched at herself again. I think maybe she started crying for real, then. Just a little. I want to believe!

After that, Roberto reports that his favorite bet-losing-domme pulled herself together, got serious, and powered through her remaining five swats like the professional she is. A few artful tears, some hollerin’, some pulled swats, but in the end, eight beautiful welts, a very nice sports bet payoff, and a fat camshow tip on top of it. Roberto’s favorite show ever!

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