OTK Wooden Spoon Spanking

Something about the color tones and age of this vintage spoon spanking photo make me think it might be Nu-West in origin, but I’m just guessing. Love the authentic facial expression:

vintage wooden spoon spanking anguish over her knee

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Bedtime Spanking For Abigail

This is one night Abigail is regretting wearing the silky nightie instead of the heavy flannel pajamas to bed. Not that makes much difference, she’ll be crying herself to sleep either way:

hand spanking before bedtime for naughty abigail

Photo is from Real Spankings.

Bamboo For Dorothy And Friends

I haven’t been able to find a good plot summary for the 1912 French-language flagellation novel Dorothy by Aimé Van Rod, but here’s an illustration:

three girls and a bamboo cane

Caption reads “Son bambou siffla par deux fois…” which means something like “The bamboo cane hissed twice…”

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Priest Spanks Nun

A good old-fashioned OTK nun-spanking administered by a priest? You don’t see that every day, not even in porn! This screen-grab is from Sisters Of Repentance, a movie available from Classic Spanking:

priest gives a nun an otk spanking over her lacy black thong panties

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Spanking Splendor In The Grass

Don’t pay any mind to the curious peeping face at left, our spanking protagonists are enjoying themselves too much to notice, so why should we?

naked girl spanking in a field of grain or grass  with wildflowers and weeds as someone watches from concealment

Art is by Georges Töpfer, illustrating a vintage French erotic book called Visites fantastiques au pays du fouet by Aimé Van Rod.

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Comfort For The Pussy-Whipped

She appears to have been quite fiercely whipped about her pussy, but Jacques is there to comfort her:

pussywhipped woman being comforted

Artwork is by a French illustrator about whom I know little, one A. Cantreau; the scene is from Jacques et ses cousines, ou Discipline familiale (1931).

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Suggested Bondage Whipping

It’s amazing how much is suggested in this artwork without ever being explicit: the rope bondage, the chains, the nudity, the whip itself — all of these are separate elements, never quite shown in full or tied together, but considered separately, they tell a story none of us could mistake:

vintage japanese bdsm whipping

Artwork is from a vintage 1960 Japanese fetish magazine, possibly a special issue from the publishers of Kitan Club.

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Beat All The Bottoms (Good Luck With That)

bare bottoms of beautiful strong ruggers

You’d best ask most nicely first, of course, because these 22 bare bottoms are those of the tough-as-nails women of the Oxford University Rugby Club, posing here for a 2016 charity calendar. The best part, and the reason for the title of this post, is that according to the Club’s tweet, the calendar was for the benefit of an outfit called “Beat” — I could not make this up! Of course they wish to beat eating disorders, as who does not?

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