A “TULS” Paddle

So I’m surfing some random Tumblrs and suddenly I see:

I want to one day make a paddle that is designed with the word “SLUT” imprinted backwards so that when she sees the spanking that was done to her the next day she knows why.

And instantly I think, dude, you need to get out more, you can buy that:

slut paddle from the Stockroom

Although I’ll confess, I never was actually tempted to buy one of these, “slut” not being a word that rattles around in much in either my working or in my fantasy vocabulary. Perhaps if they made one that just had star shapes on it, then we’d be in business. Can you picture me whaling away while misquoting Dr. Seuss? “The red-bottomed sneeches have stars upon thars!”

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Have A Heart!

I’ve blogged before about paddles designed for leaving “behind” designer welts. But never before have I seen one that looked as potentially painful or as effective at leaving behind the desired mark than this lovely red anodized-aluminum paddle with the huge heart-shaped cut-out. Applied hard to a cold bottom, I think it could be as effective as a stencil. Behold the “Love Hurts” Heart Paddle:

paddle for leaving a heart-shaped welt

The Stockroom says of it:

“Love hurts, love scars, love wounds and marks…” We believe those immortal words from Nazareth’s 70’s classic have never rung truer than now, with the new Love Hurts Heart Paddle.

Leave a lasting impression of your love with this sexy red paddle with an open heart cut-out in the middle. This paddle is made of solid aerospace-grade red-anodized billet aluminum! As you display your emotion in one swift strike, air will pass through the open heart as it connects to your lover’s bottom, allowing just enough skin to come through to leave a nice red imprinted heart like a kiss on their cheek.

A smooth black PVC cover over the handle ensures a firm grip so you can prove your love again and again. Made in the U.S.A for superior quality.

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Imprint Of The “Slut” Paddle

Remember the post about the “slut” paddle?

Well, I’d never seen a really good “after” photo showing the mark you can leave with one. Until I found this on a tumblr:

Slut Paddle Strikes Again

Ouchy but fun, I tell ya!