A Double Whipping

Either whip, I think, would provide all the pain this Gary Roberts cartoon heroine could handle. But neither of her tormentors is willing to give up their fun!

double whipped Gary Roberts bondage heroine

From Dofantasy.com.

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Whipping The Breasts Of The Resistance

In the Dofantasy comic SS Prison Hell, it is not a chill scene when a mother and her two daughters get captured by the Nazis while in possession of American weapons and other gear for armed resistance. This is just the warm-up to mom’s interrogation, they aren’t even asking her any questions yet:

nazi breast whipping interrogation

Artwork is by Gary Roberts.

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Foreplay In The Harem: Caning

At first glance this looks like a prison punishment scene. But at second glance, the girl is entirely unrestrained and is gripping the metal grating by her own will. And she’s wearing jingle-bell harem anklets. As for the man with the cane? This is obviously his notion of foreplay:

caned in the harem

Art is by Gary Roberts, probably in one of the Dofantasy comics.

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Breast Whipped Blonde

Jessica Alba harsh nipple and breast whipping

Art is a panel from Starfuckers 2, which is a Dofantasy comic by Gary Roberts from a series in which popular celebs like Britney Spears and Jessica Alba were drawn as sexy kidnap victims.

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Blindfolded And Pussy Whipped

suspended and pussy whipped while wearing gag and blindfold

I recognize the artist as Gary Roberts, but I’m not sure which of the Dofantasy comics it might be from.

Pussy Whipped And Pleading

So on the Dofantasy tumblr I saw a couple of badly-cropped panels from a comic-book treatment of a pussy whipping. Of course I had to track down the rest of the page, which turns out to be from Star Fuckers 2 by Dofantasy artist Gary Roberts:

she begs and pleads as her pussy is whipped without mercy /></a></p>
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Tina’s Painful Initiation

When you get sent to carelessly-run reform schools for spoiled rich girls, the initiations by the other students can get painfully brutal.

a painful and humiliating sexual initiation, with paddle spankings

spanked during her bondage initiation

I’ve seen a lot of ruler paddles, but never one with the leather-wrapped handle, like a sword hilt. I wonder just how much use that paddle gets?

The art is from the Dofantasy comic Dark Cabin by Gary Roberts.

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Whipping Post Apocalypse

This bit of whipping post fantasy comes from Circus Armageddon, a post-apocalyptic Road-Warrior-esqe flight of fancy from the Dofantasy people:

whipping post slavegirls art by Gary Roberts

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