Nettles Discipline Among The Vikings

The artist calls this “Viking girls nettles fun” and I would not disagree!

viking maiden spanking another with nettles while a shadowy male viking watches

Artist is Rumata and he has a Patreon.

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A Bedroom Nettles Spanking

This artwork is a bit obscure at the edge where the implement appears, so I suppose this could be a common birching scene. But the bundle in our fellow’s hand seems awfully floppy for a birch, leading me to suppose he’s giving her a good urtication with a bunch of stinging nettles:

stinging nettles bedroom spanking

From a 1933 French erotic publication called Irène et son esclave.

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Lesbian Nettles Orgy

She’s the guest of honor at a lesbian stinging nettles party, and she wants you to know that her suffering is infernal:


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A Delivery Service For Stinging Nettles

There’s a scene in The Discipline Of Odette in which one matron is advising another about a way in which she can punish her daughters more frequently and severely:

“But why don’t you use nettles?” Madame Lacaille asked.


“Why, yes, the governess of my daughters came up with that idea. Nettles prick and produce a cooking heat that lasts a long time, without causing any wound or cut.”

“But where can you buy nettles? I wouldn’t know where to look.”

“Why, in all the shops that carry whipping articles, of course; where do you buy your birch rods and your martinets?”

“I rarely use the birch, but when I do, I go to a novelty shop, and I don’t think I’ve ever seen nettles there.”

“Haven’t you ever gone to the Rod and Martine, on the Rue Saint−Honore?”

“I confess my ignorance.”

“Well, go there, then. Besides, it’s quite a curious shop. They sell all kinds of material you’d find in a house of correction: whipping horses, special benches, paddles, birches, martinets… and nettles too. They’re sold in carefully tissue−wrapped packages so the stems won’t prick the fingers of the buyer. Only, I’ll admit there’s just one inconvenience: nettles must be fresh; after 24 hours, even if you keep them in water, the leaves fade and have no effect. But the shop has a very good delivery service. So I’ve subscribed to it, which means that every other day they deliver four bouquets, enough for four punishments. With the two girls I have, I often need that much.”

“Why, I was absolutely unaware of such a thing,” Madame Delage delightedly exclaimed.

The Discipline of Odette is an erotic classic of variable attribution, like many such. But I found this excerpt at Rollin Hand’s Disciplinary Tales, via Chross.

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That Nettlesome Clitoris

ErosBlog, you had me at “stinging nettles tucked into her clit ring.” The phrase “serious love affair with pain”? Pure gravy. I still wasn’t expecting, though, to see an actual photograph of the nettled clit-ring on Tumblr.

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Nettles In Her Pants

From a Domestic Discipline forum:

As some of you may, or may not, know, Girl is punished for a behaviour we call ‘fuss & nonsense’. Fuss usually involves very silly, sulky & manipulative behaviour …. which I will not stand for. Last night there was a good deal of fuss … but I remained stoically silent and I think Girl thought she had got away with it.

I have been eye-ing up the nettle growth in the local area for some time now .. and today whilst on a long walk I told Girl that she would indeed be punished for the fuss and that it would involve nettles being placed in her pants.

This was all subject to some trial and error. I had tested some nettles and knew that they were ready … I knew I was looking for ones with a good ‘budding’ set of leaves and thick stalk. What I did not know was if the sting I was hoping for would survive the last 10 minutes of the walk.

Girl was made to carry the nettles in a bag and I refused to tell her what I had planned.

When we got home a chair was placed in the middle of the room; she was instructed to bend over it and take her pants down …. I very gently brushed some nettles against her bare bottom cheeks and asked her if she could feel it … she could. Several of the collected nettle heads were placed in each side of Girl’s pants which were then pulled up. She was told to sit properly on the chair and write on her slate ‘I must not make a fuss’ .. she did this for 5 minutes. There were cries and whimpers and I was told that her bottom was on fire … but the nettles were not coming out any earlier … in fact I thought 5 minutes very generous. When the time was up she stood and I pulled her pants down to release the nettles; we both examined their effect.

British nettles are definitely ready.

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Her Pants Full Of Nettles

In 2008 Tina inflicted a nettles punishment upon herself for the enjoyment of her blog readers:

stinging nettles in her pants

It went down like this:

I was out this morning picking fresh stinging nettles and I decided to go for it after breakfast.

I used a pair of old shorts (actually a pair of old jeans with the legs cut off) which are very tight and filled them with nettles so that all of my buttocks would be covered, according to the orders I had been given. I fastened the nettles by adhesive tape so they would stay in place. All these preparations for what was to come surely made me very excited and I was watching the dark green nettles in awe and with anticipation.

I started by standing on the floor, totally naked, with my hands behind my head, visualizing what was going to happen. Finally I put the shorts on. I actually succeeded drawing them up my legs without the nettles burning them.

As I had buttoned up the shorts, I could feel the stinging nettles burning into my buttocks in every spot at once. Still, the pain was not so intense as I had expected. But it would become worse. With the tight, nettle-filled shorts on, I sat down on a wooden chair, pressing my buttocks against the hard surface.

Awww, what a pain shock! It felt like thousands of needles were pressed into my poor bottom simultaneously. I gasped from the pain and it took all the self-control I could muster to remain seated. At the same time, I felt the all too well-known tingling in my pussy and I started rubbing my buttocks against the chair to increase the burning sensation. I also pressed my hands hard against my bottom higher up on my buttocks so the nettles would burn into my flesh more effectively.

I sat for more than five minutes, enjoying the fiery pain, the very erotic fire that was biting into my flesh like napalm and it kept on increasing in strength all the time. This is what was so wonderful about the sensation: instead of me becoming numb from pain after a while, the burning pain kept on alternating and increasing all the time. Yes, I was surely high on pain and becoming very aroused.

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The Dance Of The Stinging Nettles

This BDSM stinging nettle sex play sounds amazingly painful for her and quite fun for him, especially if he enjoys helpless squirming:

When the time comes for him to punish me with the nettles I have to strip completely naked. He then ties the string of nettles just above my waist so that they hang down like a skirt over my stomach and bottom and down the front of my thighs. He hangs the other two bunches around my neck, one hanging down my back and the other at the front brushing across and between my breasts.

The burning sting of the nettles as they brush against my skin already makes me twitch but then to increase the torment he will put some music on and have me dance for him so that the nettles sway back and forth, stinging me more, or sometimes he makes me perform exercises while wearing the nettles. Running or jumping on the spot make the nettles jerk about and bounce against my skin, pushing stings in deeply. If I don’t perform well enough he uses the other bunch of long stemmed nettles like a goad, to sting me in places the other nettles don’t reach. He brushes them lightly up and down the backs of my legs to sting the backs of my thighs and my calves if my dancing is not sexy enough or thrusts the nettles in between my legs if I’m not jumping up high enough in exercises. If I don’t use my arms enough when dancing, or lift them right up when doing exercises he will use the bunch to sting me in the armpits and on the soft flesh under my arms.

When he eventually he has amused himself enough and I am stung and burning all over, I have to put on my ‘nettle dress’, a simple shift-style dress made of thick vinyl, which is proof against nettle stings. Once I’m in that I can be made to wear the nettles for as long as he wants without interfering with normal activities. It is quite painful when I sit down and the nettles are crushed against my skin but I’m careful not to lean back in the seat so as to stop the same thing happening to my back.

Eventually, though, he will decide he wants to make love, which is the most painful part of all. I can lift my plastic skirts enough to cut away the few nettles hanging down directly over my vagina and then I lie back and open my legs. The dress has a small ready-made cut out so that I can remain fully dressed in my plastic and nettles. It is painful enough when I lie back, but when his weight comes on top of me as he penetrates me all the nettles are crushed into my skin front and back and it is really agonising. He likes the feeling of the warm plastic against his skin and presses hard against me. It really turns him on, knowing that he’s feeling the smooth slipperiness of the vinyl against his skin while on the other side of it I am suffering a thousand burning agonies of the stinging nettles being crushed against my skin. He tells me how funny he finds our contrasting sensations, as he thrusts into me taking his pleasure and sees me wincing and my eyes watering from the pain.

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