Mouthsoaping Adriana Evans

Dirty mouth? Clean it up with a good mouth soaping!

mouth soaping preparation

getting her mouth soaped

From AAA Spanking.

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Mouthsoaping For Men

I took a wrong turn while I was lost in the deep Googles, and wound up stumbling over a couple of photos of a naughty young man getting a punishment mouthsoaping. It’s a bit of a role reversal here at Spanking Blog, but perhaps some of you will nonetheless enjoy:



Pictures date from 2007 and are from a “male-to-male discipline” site called Spanking Central.

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Mouthsoaping At The Real Spankings Institute

Here are some nice little animated .gifs of mouth soaping punishments at the Real Spankings Institute.

mouthsoaping two girls

mouth soaping two nude girls

mouthsoaping punishment for cute girl

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Mouthsoaping And Punishment Anal

You’d expect a scene that starts with “good girl” to go a number of ways, but punishment anal sex with a bar of soap in her mouth? Not quite what I was expecting. Still, he’s right: “Can’t” is a dirty word!

mouthsoaping comic with bondage anal sex in the bathroom as a punishment

The sequence is from a Dofantasy comic.

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The Mouthsoaping Headmaster

summoned for her mouth soaping

I finally got pointed in the right direction to find the mouth soaping scene in one of the Headmaster’s Study movies available from Lupus. I blogged about it here and a commenter identified it as being in From The Headmaster’s Study: The Anarchy (that’s a streaming VOD link if the Lupus site doesn’t work for you for whatever reason).

about to be mouthsoaped

Unlike a traditional mouthsoaping, this one does not involve an actual bar of soap in her mouth. Instead, in a scene lasting just 2-3 minutes, the headmaster carefully wets the soap bar in a basin, uses it to thoroughly lather a wet washcloth, and then holds her nose while he carefully and completely scrubs the inside of her mouth with the soapy cloth.

washing her mouth out with a soapy wash cloth

scrubbing her mouth with a soaped washrag

She’s submissive and uncomplaining throughout, although she does appear close to tears at moments!

the bad taste of soap in her mouth

Her subdued response to the punishment only serves to highlight her plight. She’s not a bad girl, she’s a good girl trapped in a bad situation. A very bad situation, as her screaming and thrashing under his cane (and birch) illustrates later in the movie

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Mouthsoaping Annie Cruz

Folks, this post is for the mouth soaping enthusiasts. It’s got no spanking in it, at all. I know these punishments often go together, and the fetishes too — but not this time. Sorry about that.

In mitigation, though, I offer up this fact: this post is all about the single richest trove of mouthsoaping porn I’ve ever found. If you like mouthsoaping, you’ll love this post. Let’s get started. Girl, open up for the soap!

annie cruz with a bar of soap in her mouth

I found this stuff via ErosBlog. Specifically, via this post about an old Wired Pussy gallery featuring lesbian toilet sex. Nothing really there for Spanking Blog readers, except that I noticed a shot in the free gallery of Annie Cruz with a big white bar of soap jammed solidly in her mouth.

That got me curious, so I went looking. It turns out that the promo text for the photo shoot involved some discussion of Annie Cruz being a potty mouth and getting her mouth washed out with soap because of it. Interesting.

As you may know, you don’t need to subscribe to sites to gain access to individual photoshoots from them; they have a site called KinkOnDemand where you can buy access to photoshoots individually. It’s kind of a good deal for older photoshoots like this one, which tend to be cheap; once you set up an account and buy some “Kinks” (the currency they use, roughly a buck, or a lot less if you buy ’em in bulk), your account is debited when you buy a shoot. And here’s the nifty part: the shoot is added to your “library” and you gain access to it forever (or as long as survives, I guess). You’re free to download all the pictures, but if you don’t (or if you lose them) you can go back any time later, and you still have access; the system remembers that you “own” that shoot and have permanent access to it.

So anyway, I had to go looking for this photoshoot. Found it, too. And it was only 7.27 Kinks, so I added it to my library.

And did it have more mouthsoaping pictures? Oh, yeah, baby! But you knew that; you’ve already seen the first one at the top of this post. In actual fact, it has lots of mouthsoaping pictures — about sixteen of them, plus one or two more of poor Annie spitting out bits of soap.

Here are two more of my favorites from the shoot:

Annie Cruz bondage mouth soaping

Annie Cruz suffering with a big bar of soap jammed in her mouth

You’ll have to buy the shoot to see the rest, but fortunately it’s not expensive.

In case you can’t swing that (and I don’t know about you, but the economy still sucks where I am) I’ve linked all three photos above to larger versions. So at least there’s that much.

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Mouthsoaping in “The Headmaster’s Study”

Somebody reminded me that there was a mouthsoaping scene in The Headmaster’s Study, one of the first and most venerable of the scary Lupus caning movies. I went rummaging my drives, but all I’ve got is one poor-resolution screen cap:

mouthsoaping scene in lupus / rigid-east caning movie

Can anybody who has seen that movie all the way through (all I have are various lengthy clips) tell me how the mouth soaping goes?

Update: All is revealed! Now we have big screenshots and a scene summary, at The Mouthsoaping Headmaster.

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