A Final Goodbye To Lupus and Lupus Spanking

Sorry, Lupus Spanking is defunct. (Jump to current recommendations, Lupus movie video-on-demand info, or read on for more details.)

strapped to a punishment table in the enema parlor for a harsh ass beating

The original Rigid East / Lupus Pictures spanking and caning movies out of Czechoslovakia were some of the hardest, most raw, most dick-hardening movies a young spanking-oriented sadist could find on the web, back when I first started looking for such things. Sadly, after 16 years the studio ceased production late last year, and announced that they were removing their website from the internet. (The site has been up and down repeatedly since then, with some occasional and irregular “last chance” discounted movie-bundle sales.)

vicious geography teacher strips and canes three girls at once for failing a geography quiz

Since 2005, Spanking Blog has enthusiastically promoted the Lupus subscription web presence, a third-party licensee site called “Lupus Spanking”. If you landed on this page, you probably tried to follow one of Spanking Blog’s many affiliate links to Lupus Spanking. Sadly, those links no longer work, and Lupus Spanking no longer accepts new signups, for (presumably) the very good reason that they no longer have any new content to offer due to the closing of Lupus Pictures. (I’m not clear why Lupus Spanking chose to shutter their site rather than providing access to the archives for an appropriate fee. Perhaps their license didn’t allow it.)

one naked girl is strapped to the caning block while another stripped girl watches nude in dread and horror waiting for her turn to be caned

If you came here via one of those many enthusiastic Spanking Blog links, my apologies. Those links didn’t work any more, so I pointed them here to explain why not. What can I offer you instead? Unfortunately, I don’t have anything precisely equivalent. [2015 update: Yay, the Lupus movies are back in streaming pay-per-view!] There’s very little severe spanking material being shot these days, and none of it (that I know of) has that exact Lupus-flavored “reform school girls and downtrodden servants” abuse-of-authority dynamic happening. But here’s the best I can do:

Spanking Blog Recommends:

For equivalent or surpassing severity, my recommendation to you is that you check out Pain Toy. (There are quite a few Pain Toy posts here on Spanking Blog.) Paintoy.com shoots BDSM-style spankings and canings and whippings, with a little bit of bondage thrown in for added fun. It’s got a sort of Seattle/alternative/BDSM-lifestyle vibe going on, which you may like anyway, and the corporal punishments are deeply severe and fun to watch.

Graziella grimacing as she's spanked very hard with a wooden paddle

For the whole spanked-schoolgirls and rebellious daughters ambiance, I recommend Real Spankings and Real Spankings Institute. (There are lots of Real Spankings posts and Real Spanking Institute posts here on Spanking Blog to give you the flavor.) Scenarios vary, but these long-running US spanking porn producers have nailed the authority dynamic that defines a lot of the best spanking porn, and the spankings are quite severe, if rarely up to the old Lupus standard of cruelty.

study group shenanigans lead to naked spankings right there on the work table in the study carrel

heavy wooden paddle spanking over denim jeans for sarcastic daughter

I’m sorry that the Lupus material is no longer reliably available. I recommended it for many years because it was very good. I promise, however, that these alternatives I’m recommending are also very good.

2015 update: Good news! Someone has helpfully pointed out to me that all of the Lupus movies are now available under the Rigid East RGE-Films brand name on the pay-per-view site FetishMovies.com. There is pay-per-minute streaming, 7-day streaming “rental” pricing, or you can purchase “lifetime” streaming rights to any title. Here are a few helpful links:

Lupus: All the movies
Series: From The Headmaster’s Studio (7 movies)
Series: Wild Party (3 movies) Infamous!
Series: Detention House (3 movies)
Series: Reform School (2 movies)
Series: Stalin (2 movies) with Nikki Flynn
Series: Lupus Bonus Packs (5 collections of scenes from multiple movies)

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A Well-Dressed Caning

From Lupus, of course:

formal caning

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Their Administrative Caning

The thing I enjoy about the schoolmistress in this Lupus caning scene is that she’s not so much stern as administrative in her demeanor — she’s got real teaching paperwork to do, this is an interruption of her routine, it’s necessary but unpleasant, and she regrets that these smart and promising girls can’t seem to stay focused on learning. Her only desire is to get this done smoothly and professionally:

two school girls in the office waiting for their caning punishment

school mistress -- or is she a secretary? -- prepares to cane two naughty students

post-punishment view as schoolmistress contemplates recently-caned schoolgirls

You’ll note her professionalism extends to a thorough marking of students who require punishment. Don’t think it doesn’t!

Image credits: Lupus.

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Preparations For A Caning

A good caning needs a lot of preparation, yes? And a reluctant girl with a lot of clothes on can drag it out for quite awhile, especially if the man with the cane is willing to sit back and enjoy the show:

lecturing her before her caning

he watches in relaxed comfort as she slowly removes all her clothes before her caning punishment

now that she\'s finally undressed, the caning can start

From Lupus.

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Three Malcreants, One Caning Block

A certain amount of queuing and taking-of-turns is inevitable when you’ve got a handful of rebellious girls and only one caning block:

three sorry girls, one caning block

From Lupus Spanking.

Update: What in the heck is a “malcreant”? Some unholy cross between a malfeasant and a miscreant, I can only assume…

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Lower Back Caning?

It’s possible we just have a bad camera angle, but it looks for all the world like this poor young lady is getting a painful caning on her lower back:

caned on her lower back

From Lupus.

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Caning The Princess, Redux

I blogged about the free clips from this movie (it’s called The Fairy Tale from Lupus) back in 2008, but I just now found a nice big fat screen-cap as well. Click to enlarge:

woman tied up and caned in Fairy Tale caning movie

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Stripping For A Caning

I went dipping again into the treasure trove I mentioned a few weeks ago of production stills from Lupus movies, and was rewarded with this set, of a schoolgirl very reluctantly stripping for her caning punishment:

schoolgirl knows she\'s about to be punished

school girl slowly begins to take off her clothes for her caning

naked and sullen schoolgirl hides herself while she waits for her cane punishment to begin

Don’t forget to click that last picture to see a larger version.

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