Carpet Beater Or Wife Spanker?

This man knows the higher and better use for that carpet beater in his hand, but he just doesn’t quite have the courage to demonstrate what he knows:

carpet beater and wife spanker

Vintage comic spanking postcard is by Trow.

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Carpet Beater Spanking For Lazy Maid

What better punishment for a maid who doesn’t work than a carpet beater spanking?

maid caught smoking gets a carpet beater spanking punishment

Screen shot is from A Maid’s Education, a Bizarre Video production now available for no extra charge as part of a Kink Unlimited membership.

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Steel Carpet Beater

Are you playing Santa Clause to someone seriously naughty this year? Is the traditional bundle of switches in her stocking just not severe enough to express your displeasure at another year of impishly bad behavior? Well, you are officially in luck! Because The Stockroom has just the item that will put her on the straight and narrow, starting first thing on Christmas morning:

a brutal carpet beater for spankings made from heavy steel aircraft cable

Yes, my sadistic friends, pictured is the Ballistic Heavy Duty Rug Beater. It’s only fifteen inches long in total, so plenty useful in over-your-knee panties-down situations, and yet I don’t think there’s any risk that she’ll laugh at you — or at this nasty little carpet beater — after the spanking starts. The steel cable loop is encased in transparent plastic not easily visible in the photo, to enhance the sting and prevent errant pokey strands:

Lay down the law with the intimidating Ballistic Heavy Duty Rug Beater – expertly crafted to deliver the ultimate in discipline.

A steel cable runs through a clear plastic loop, optimizing each stroke with maximum sting – and your deserving sub or slave will be able to see exactly why it feels the way it does!

The ergonomically machined metal grip has finger grooves for a solid grasp so you can confidently deliver a ballistic beating in comfort, and is finished with a brushed satin look. This rug beater combines industrial aesthetics with pure utilitarian pain efficiency.

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Carpet Beater, Beaten

“Do a good job on those carpets. A very good job. If I find any dirt left in them, you’ll get another spanking with the carpet beater. And then I’ll make you pick a big bunch of stinging nettles…”

spanked girl using the implement of her punishment to clean some actual carpets

From Girls Boarding School.

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Carpet Beater Punishment

Hey, people. This nice carpet beater spanking photo is eluding my best efforts to source it. It’s been widely used on the web as the source material for celebrity spanking fakes, but I can’t find a watermarked version of the original or any indication of what spanking porn company made it. Any ideas? (Update: Firm Hand.)

carpet beaten schoolgirl

Update: Thanks to Adele Haze (@AdeleHaze) I got a near-instant attribution. That’s Ariel Anderssen appearing as Amelia Rutherford at Firm Hand Spanking. Thanks Adele!

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Asian Girl’s Carpet Beater Spanking

She’s cute, she’s guilty, she’s getting her bottom spanked with a rattan carpet beater:

asian schoolgirl holding the carpet beater she\'s about to be spanked with

bent over and receiving a spanking with a carpetbeater

spanked bottom and carpet beater

From Girls Boarding School.

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Roll The Dice #1: Carpet Beaters

So I’ve been getting a lot of positive feedback about the nifty little dice in the header that let you go on a random walk through Spanking Blog history all the way back to 2003. I’m talking about these:

lucky spanking dice

Lots of people enjoy clicking these dice, and I use them myself in bored or idle moments. Unfortunately, this brings me painfully face-to-face with a lot of ancient blog posts long forgotten. And some of them just cry out for improvement. The picture is too small or badly cropped, the links are broken, the metadata is a mess because in the early days I didn’t know what it was and neither did my blogging tools, the post display is broken because it’s been through the export process from two earlier blogging platforms before WordPress, there aren’t any “related post” links attached because early on, there weren’t any related posts… the list goes on and on. Does it matter? Not much — who reads nine year old blog posts anyway?

But sometimes, I can’t resist the temptation to clean things up, correct the record, or make the little postage-stamp picture large and pretty. This is one of the posts I had to touch:

A Carpet Beater For Buns

In particular, I wanted to add the image credit and improve its quality. And, since the actual topic of the post is to ask readers where to buy new carpet beaters for spanking purposes, it’s still pertinent. Got a good commercial source? Click through and tell us about it!

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