Leather Strap, Red Bottom

A bedtime strapping makes for a nice red bottom:

reddening her bottom with a floppy leather paddle strap

From Real Spankings.

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Bedtime Spanking For Abigail

This is one night Abigail is regretting wearing the silky nightie instead of the heavy flannel pajamas to bed. Not that makes much difference, she’ll be crying herself to sleep either way:

hand spanking before bedtime for naughty abigail

Photo is from Real Spankings.

Peaches And Her Fragile Bottom

From the look on her face, Peaches seems to think her precious bottom is a fragile egg that will shatter at the first tender pat:

peaches and her precious tender bottom about to be spanked

Of course, this being a photograph from Real Spankings, her facial expression is probably informed by the knowledge that she’s about to get a whole hell of a lot more spanking than that! Luckily for Peaches, the female bottom does not shatter.

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Strapped Over Short Shorts

I have to admit it: I’ve reached that certain dirty-old-man age where I can’t decide whether a nubile young lady wearing shorts that short ought to be considered a crime, or a public service:

belt spanking over very short jeans shorts

Apparently the disciplinarians at Real Spankings are made of sterner stuff, and suffer no such qualms of indecision.

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Dropseat Belt Spanking

This pajama party went south in a hurry when the young ladies got caught doing … well, something they shouldn’t. And the brunette, stage right, knows that she’s next!

belt spanked through her drop seat pajamas

From a recent update at Real Spankings.

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Cleo Paddled At School

Not even breaking the paddle (which isn’t going to happen anyway) would save Cleo’s butt from this school paddling, because her principal has a spare paddle right there ready to hand. Nope, she’s in for it this time!

school punishment paddling

From Real Spankings.

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Adriana Spanked Red

Real Spankings is one of the few spanking porn producers where even a hand spanking is guaranteed to produce a properly red bottom. Don’t believe me? Ask Adriana:

hand spanking leaves adriana with a flaming pink red bottom

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Alex At Real Spankings

Alex Reynolds recently wrote a long and detailed blog post about what it’s like when she goes to Denver to shoot for Real Spankings. I like these “behind the scenes” looks at what it’s like when the spanking porn we like gets made, so I recommend her post to you all:

As my trip to Denver was getting closer and closer, I started thinking more and more about what was looming in my future and I started building it up in my head. I started remembering particularly hard spankings that I got in the past. I started remembering them really vividly, and these memories made my heart pound. There were times when I got spanked really, really hard. I was crying and struggling and deep in the headspace of being punished. Remembering these things nervously and knowing that they’re in the future as well as the past is an intense headspace experience for me. It creates just the right kind of fear. I have to really trust someone to feel the right kind of fear before a scene, but when I do, it makes the whole experience feel so authentic and all encompassing for me. For a scene to be totally gratifying for me, it has to build up this way.

By the time that I flew into Denver, I had worked myself up over this quite a lot.

My girlfriend, Adriana Evans, was already in Denver. We were going to be shooting together the next day. I’ve gotten to see Adriana a lot recently and I’ve been totally spoiled by it. She’s one of my favorite people in the world and we always have so much fun together. Being with her makes me feel really young and lighthearted. We got to hang out with Michael before shoot day, and had lots of fun…

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