Kiki And Alice: Paddled Cheerleaders

The last time we saw Kiki and Alice, they were fixin’ to get their bottoms beat for unspecified sleepover shenanigans. Now they have apparently brought the cheerleading squad into disrepute, which takes considerable effort because everybody already knows all those girls are a bunch of dirty little… ahem, where was I? Yes, I was discussing the self-empowering relationship and pleasure decisions of modern young women, and their inevitable resulting conflicts with unsympathetic conservative authoritarian figures in their lives:

paddling cheerleaders over their uniforms

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In Which Kiki And Alice Hump A Couch

This double spanking from may or may not be the punishment that Kiki and Alice were being lectured in advance of in this post; in any event they are wearing the same tops. But I am not at all certain that the spanking is having the desired effect:

kiki and alice pleasuring themselves on the arms of a corduroy couch

With both of these lusty young women firmly athwart the thickly-ridged arms of that corduroy-velvet couch, our man has got to have his back to one of them at all times. Whenever he’s spanking one, the other one is doubtless working herself vigorously against the arm of the couch. The harder he spanks, the more worked up they get; and as soon as he switches from one to the other, the former target of his attentions can begin to sooth herself in the best possible way. He’ll never realize what’s happening until it’s far too late. His upholstery will never be the same again!

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Alice And Kiki In Trouble

Now this right here is the kind of establishing shot that makes discerning consumers of spanking porn want to join a site to see what’s coming. It’s from the May 14 update at, one of the very few producers left in the United States still making spanking-themed porn on the regular.

alice and kiki know they are about to get an epic spanking

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Hard-Swatted Cheerleader

cheerleader takes a hard paddle swat

Wouldn’t you like to see the paddle swat that garnered this full-bodied wince from the slim young hard-bodied girl in this paddled-cheerleader photo shoot? If you are half the dirty old man that I am, you very much would. And you can, but probably only by joining Real Spankings, unless you are one of those wise and virtuous persons who is already a paid-up member.

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Lining Up For A Big Swat

Looking at this photo, I feel like there’s a mismatch between the size of the paddle, the size of Kiki Cali’s fairly thin and unpadded bottom, and the slight smile on her face:

big paddle for kiki

I feel as if that paddle has not yet swung in earnest. It’s just lining up. Kiki knows what’s coming, but she hasn’t felt it yet, not today! Her face shows foreknowledge, not current experience.

From Real Spankings.

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Lily’s OTK Spanking

From the smile on her face, the new model Lily at Real Spankings is enjoying her “test” over-the-knee spanking:

okt spanking for black girl with braids

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Kiki’s Curfew Spanking

After coming home very late indeed, Kiki is discovering to her chagrin that jeans don’t provide all that much bottom protection, especially not when a heavy strap is deployed by a strong man from a standing position with a long arm:

kiki gets her bottom strapped until she cries for staying out two hours past her curfew

From Real Spankings.

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The Unfortunate Administrative Assistant

If she hasn’t been paddled before, this is going to go badly. By the third stroke, she’s going to be all the way up on that work table, trying to chew an escape tunnel in the whiteboard:

hard paddling with huge pine paddle in the office

From Real Spankings.

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