Cheerleader Spanked In The Locker Room

Since the last time I tinkered with the 3D Kink software, they’ve added a ton of features and play locations. But as soon as I noticed they had added a large locker room, my thoughts went right to spanked and paddled cheerleaders (as they so often do). Before you know it, things were all rope bondage and white cotton undies:

cheerleader in cotton panties bent over in the locker room

Mmmm, of course you know this demands a spot of 3D rotation:

another angle on the 3D virtual cheerleader in locker room bondage

Right click, {undress} menu please! {Panties off}, yes, very nice. And now for the paddle tool, we need to put a spot of color on those cheeks:

bent over bondage cheerleader with a red bottom from her virtual 3d paddling

Simple foolish high tech pleasures.

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Schoolgirl, In The Library, With The Riding Crop

When I first looked at the 3D Kink software (a sort of “virtual paper dolls” program that lets you play in kinky sexual ways with infinitely poseable, broadly-customizable sexy avatars), I was a little disappointed because there wasn’t as much for spankos as I was hoping to find. There was a nice classroom setting, but not (back then) any schoolgirl outfits, and the classroom looked more “Arizona elementary school” style than “old world kinky professor”.

Fortunately, time marches on. In recent updates, 3D Kink has added student costumes (male and female) and a wonderfully baroque old-school “nobleman’s library” setting complete with multi-story stacks, wrought iron stairs, leather and rich woodwork, erotic art on the walls, and even a private “dungeon studio” behind a discrete hidden doorway. Of course you know that a studious girl has to celebrate her recently-earned library privileges by dancing on the study tables:

Kink 3d naughty schoolgirl dancing in the library

In fact, nobody’s in here, why not practice her striptease routine?

“Headmaster, ulp, I didn’t see you, there in the stacks….”

Kink 3d schoolgirl striptease in the library

Did I mention that the dungeon studio was very well appointed? Punishment to fit the crime, bared breasts means they want touching up with the riding crop, eh what?

riding crop on bare breasts for naughty 3d school girl

Of course there’s a paddling to follow, and time to study the wall and contemplate her misbehavior:

spanked schoolgirl in bondage

To be honest, though, it’s the library that’s the star of this show for me. “Send the girl home, I want to enjoy my magnificent library!”

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Bruised Spanked Bottom

Here’s another 3D Kink creation from Kink Land. In my mind’s ear, I can hear the man with the paddle saying, as he sets it down, “Don’t you dare move or stop doing what you’re doing. I’m going to take a picture.”

spanked blonde girl with sore bottom fingers herself

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Pussy Spanking In Kink Land

Since my post ten days or so ago about spanking opportunities in the new 3D Kink software, I haven’t made very much progress figuring out all the customization options. But, I have confirmed that the riding crop tool leaves reasonably convincing bruisy marks when you use it repeatedly on tender areas, and the virtual models can manage some fairly convincing painful grimaces:

virtual model gets her pussy spanked with a riding crop

riding crop bruises on inner thighs around pussy

But vice, like virtue, must have its rewards, else nobody would be doing it — and in this case, if the virtual models don’t get their orgasm rewards, you don’t earn “sex coins” to use buying more and fancier dildos, poses, and outfits. So it’s time for a vibrator (and a ball gag to keep the screaming level down):

vibrator buzzing in riding cropped and spanked pussy

I’ve made one abortive stab at figuring out the 3D Kink pose editor to see if I can create better spanking poses; it even looks possible to make custom animations linking custom poses in a way that would allow, say, an OTK spanking. But that’s an involved process, and I haven’t learned enough finesse yet to get results worth showing.

Update: Speaking of Kink Land, it turns out that’s the name of a new 3D Kink user community. Kink Land is just getting started, but it looks promising!

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Spanking in 3D Kink Land?

I am intrigued by the new product offering that has started cropping up all over the place. It’s called 3D Kink, and it appears to be a very modern version of the computer sex games that have been around forever. (Did you ever see “Virtual Playmate” for the original Macintosh?) 3D Kink has got sexy animated models who can be posed, dressed and undressed like virtual paper dolls, and “interacted with” using a variety of sex toys. Here we’ve got a sexy teacher tied up with anal beads, in her own classroom:

virtual teacher getting anal beaded in her own classroom

I’m not sure when I’m going to get a chance to investigate this software properly, but the screenshots I’ve seen make it clear that 3D Kink is, as you’d expect, of interest to spanking fetishists. The “tools” include at least a riding crop (rather square and clunky looking) and a wooden paddle, and it looks as if skin turns red when paddled. Which explains how, in the next screenshot, our sexy teacher has lost her glasses, gained a ball gag, and seems to be getting a paddling:

a spanking for teacher

What I’m hearing is that everything can be customized — the models, the poses, the clothes, the toys — and if that’s true, this could be turn out to be a fun tool for making your own computer-graphic spanking porn without having to learn Poser or any of the other fancy 3D drawing software. If so, I’m sure we’ll be seeing and hearing quite a lot more about 3D Kink!

Update: I forgot to mention, if you are already using 3D Kink to generate spanking art, I’d love to hear from you in the comments. Link your art on your site, share your impressions of using the software, whatever!

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