Spanking Machine: Royal Patent Self-Acting Ferule

In Southey’s Common-Place Book: Original Memoranda, Etc. (London 1876) we find this all-too-brief mention of a spanking machine:

patented spanking machine

“Pocock, the schoolmaster, by S. Michael’s churchyard, has a machine to punish the boys, which they call the royal patent self-acting ferule.”

Sadly, no image of this machine seems to have survived. One wonders: would a careful and tedious search of ancient British patent records turn up an engineering drawing?

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Yardstick Spanking Machine

This is not the first time the folks at have come up with a robotic spanking machine — see, e.g., my blog post called Wall of Pain. But this yardstick auto-spanker looks like it does a very good job:

spanked with a yardstick by a mechanical spanking machine

spanked with a yardstick by a robotic spanking machine

a spanking machine punishment for the sexy teacher

You can buy the whole scene via Kink On Demand (no need for a recurring subscription of any kind) but if that’s not an option, there are several short sequences of the spanking machine in action near the beginning of this movie. I’ve excerpted one of those into an animated .gif loop after the jump:

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Eric Stanton’s Spanking Machine

Let’s test out the new template by posting a larger picture. Here’s a spanking machine / spanking workout bicycle, as imagined by Eric Stanton in his comic Fifi Chastises Her Maids:

a bondage spanking machine drawn by Eric Stanton

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Electric Spanking Machine

A spanking machine could be so much fun!

spanking machine

This one is drawn by Brian Tarsis.

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Dungeon Spanking Machine

Via the Spank Slaves Blog, we have this exquisite automated dungeon spanking device, which works continuously while our heroine’s leering torturer lazily supervises the punitive operation:

spanked by mechanical means

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Industrial Spanking Machine

What’s a hard-working teacher to do when he has a whole classroom full of students who need a good ass-whupping?

Why, get a spanking machine of course:

schoolgirls whipped by industrial spanking machine

From alt. binaries. pictures. erotica. vintage.

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Public Spanking Machine

Here’s a few of the Castro district’s finest demonstrating a spanking machine at the 2003 Folsom Street Fair:

spanking machine

There’s always something to see at the Folsom Street Fair.