Pain Toy is a tiny little hard-core whipping and pain site run by Alebeard, who is a nutty sadist from the Pacific Northwest who delights in putting the most outrageous welts and bruises on the alternative/hippy-chick pain-loving submissives who fall into his clutches. This is serious pain play, that’s over the top for a great many of the people in Spanking Blog’s core audience. But if you like the combination of intense pain play and Seattle-granola style, you’ll really love Paintoy.

Sample Paintoy Photo:

pain toy Thorin paddled hard and in tears

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Bondage Blog writes in a post called Bound And Whipped Breasts:

I like the way the tight breast bondage makes this poor girl’s breasts spring up perkily in sharp focus, catching the eye before the mind fully registers the out-of-focus flying single-tail whip. The slightly sullen, slightly resigned expression on the Paintoy model’s face is also, in my opinion, a classic.

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Pussy Whipped Pain Toy

The believable look of anguish on Pain Toy Moxxie’s face as the whip descends toward her pussy has got to be the combination of anticipation plus memory:

moxxie gets a pussy whipping

I say this because if you look at the closeup, you can see that the snapper on that whip is still in the air.

Which is not to say that she isn’t still feeling the previous stroke…

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Well Whipped Pain Toy

As I’ve noted before, whipped-girl pictures like this one from Pain Toy are fun to post because they always make Bethie whimper and peep through her fingers. This photo makes me think I need to get one of those spiffy single-tail whips:

well whipped girl

I’m sure Bethie and I would both enjoy it….

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Pain Toy Whipping

I get complaints from time to time that the stuff I post and link to here at Spanking Blog is too harsh, and scary to the people at the mild end of the spanko spectrum. I’m genuinely sorry about that, but a little surprised also — from where I sit, Spanking Blog is pretty mild. The folks like the ones over at Pain Toy are the ones who aren’t messing around:

harshly whipped pain toy girl

They do things with single tail whips, and canes, and sore bottoms, and exposed breasts, that make my eyebrows go all the way up (not to mention making Bethie shriek and hide her eyes until I make the nasty mean pictures go away). For all that, their photography is some of the best I have seen, and their models are lovely, willing, and often even cheerful.

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Introducing Pain Toy

The realistic pained expression below is typical of the beautiful photography by Alebeard at Pain Toy. is an interesting little pay site that’s clearly a labor of love, and authentic as hell. It features lots of caning, whipping and erotic punishment, most of which is pretty severe by Spanking Blog standards. Worth a visit (they have several free sample galleries) if welts don’t scare you.

pain toy painful grimace of whipped woman

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VR Spanking Porn

I know better than to count my chickens before they begin squawking and clucking under my Christmas tree, but my Bethie has inadvertently let slip some hints and digital breadcrumbs from her Christmas shopping process that make me think, or at least suspect, that she’s been looking at the Oculus Rift or the Oculus Go as potential Christmas presents for me. I’m not sure I want one — certainly I haven’t been quite ready to pull the trigger on buying any virtual reality headset gear for myself — but I certainly wouldn’t mind having some to play with!

With that in mind, you can imagine the degree of interest with which I discovered genuine VR spanking porn among the extensive catalog of fetish videos at Czech VR Fetish. In particular, there’s a lighthearted tickling and spanking video with great costuming and really pretty actresses (Emma Button and Ornella Morgen). It’s in the catalog as “Czech VR Fetish 049 – Lazy Maid’s Ticklish Punishment.” The dialog is not in English but trust me, you will not care at all! The story is manifestly clear. The maid is lounging on the bed instead of making up the bed, and so she must be tied and punished, with feather-duster feet-and-armpit tickles, and a hand spanking.

lazy maid punished

If I may say so, judging from the trailer where I took the above screenshot, the relationship between employer and employee here seems very close; these ladies are having a lot of fun and there seems to be no resentment on either side!

But of course the more staid and well-established use of VR in porn is to shoot point-of-view stuff, especially point-of-view blowjob porn. Another item in the Czech VR Fetish catalog does an excellent job of blending this conventional approach with BDSM. In “Czech VR Fetish 143 – Be Master to Your Latex Slave”, Jenifer Jane approaches you (the camera viewpoint) on her knees with an extremely submissive attitude. Once she gets your towel is out of her way and she can get down to the serious business of cock worship, the little latex string flogger is a subtle pain toy for Master’s amusement and a continuous reminder to her to keep doing a good job of pleasing him (you). It’s all very well done, and an excellent use of VR conventions in a fresh fetish way:

bj with whip

I have been a computer and tech hobbyist for so long that I remember when a good computer game could easily involve printing out each turn’s results on the line printer attached to the big mainframe computer in a refrigerated computer center somewhere. I remember when “does it have color graphics?” was an important question to ask about a home computer. So I’m naturally excited about the potential for VR. I want to see virtual reality entertainment in every home. For that we are going to need porn, and not just any porn: we are going to need good porn, a wide selection, every kind of porn, every fetish represented. That’s why I was really pleased to find selections of the kind of porn I like — which is usually not so easy to find — in the catalog at Czech VR Fetish.

czech vr fetish banner

Caning Jessica Kay

From a recent update at Pain Toy, this caning scene for Jessica Kay features busy fingers checking, and perhaps modifying, her arousal level:

jessica kay caned while her pussy is palmed and fingered

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Punishing Her Thighs

Kel Bowie came to the Paintoy studios today for two purposes only: to make small talk and to get her thighs punished. And she’s already completely out of chit-chat:

pain toy thigh caning

spanking her inner thighs with a leather strap

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