Lap-Spanking Fun

It’s an ignominious position for receiving a spanking, but what I like to call the “lap spanking” position is a lot of fun for giving ’em:

lap spanking

Art is by BlissTonic.

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The Spanking Mutineers

This pretty pirate captain has lost the respect of her crew, and now the scurvy dogs are taking their frustrations out on her ass with a pair of big wooden paddles. Yarrouch!

pirates spanking their female captain after mutiny

Art is Mutiny! by Slomo.

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Punishment Room Spanking Table

Deep in the archives of Bondage Blog I found this punishment-room panel from an unknown source:

punishment room spanking table

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An Incipient Public Caning

In this panel from the Paula Meadows illustrated story Summer Vacation, a woman who has been exposed in the stocks is about to receive some additional punishment:

caned in the stocks

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It’s The Strap For Jessica

And she feels it so keenly:

leather strap spanking for teen jessica

Picture above is actually an enlarged detail from this original Spanking Teen Jessica photo.

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Apply Riding Crop To Wizard, Self

When ErosBlog posted this Leone Frollo cover artwork, I could not help thinking “I hope she misses that wizard’s old boney ass and accidentally crops herself!”

bare ass with riding crop femdom pony riding

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Punished Pussy

She’s not restrained. It’s taking all her willpower to keep her hands away from her sore pussy. But she knows that if she touches without permission, he’ll pick up the belt and she’ll get ten more strokes:

after her pussy spanking with a a leather belt

Art is called She’s Been So Naughty by MrTheRacoon.

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Flogged Pink

Does Claire Danes color nicely when she’s flogged? I’d say she does!

lesbian bondage flogging

Image credit: Whipped Ass (from the Captive Slut shoot).

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