Spanked And Mouthsoaped By The Ivory Soap Heroes

From an Ivory Soap advertisement (styled as “Ad” Ventures of the Ivory Soap Heroes) in the 1873 St. Nicholas serial:

You should have seen the angry flames spurt from old dragon’s nose!
You should have seen him lash his tail and spread his fearsome toes!

He pounced upon the robber men and captured almost twenty,
then promptly burned their coat-tails off and spanked them good and plenty.

Then, while the robbers cowered low, as scared as anything
young Bob and Bet and Gnif, the Gnome, just tied them up with string.

ivory soap heroes forcibly washing and mouthsoaping some robbers and bandits

They lashed each robber to a pole and stood them in a row;
the muddy tear-tracks down their cheeks made them a sorry show.

With brushes, mops, and IVORY SOAP, and sudsy, scratchy scrubs,
our heroes cleansed those robber men with energetic rubs…

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Uniformed Flight Attendants Spank

stewardess spanks flight air hostess

The Spank Statement explains these spanking stewardesses thusly:

Back in November 2005, the Sydney-based advertising agency Lowe Hunt launched a new campaign for the men’s deodorant Lynx. The concept: a fantasy airline with its own distinctive brand of service. Lynx Jet didn’t have air hostesses, but air mostesses, with the kind of uniform that launched a thousand fantasies…

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A Delivery Service For Stinging Nettles

There’s a scene in The Discipline Of Odette in which one matron is advising another about a way in which she can punish her daughters more frequently and severely:

“But why don’t you use nettles?” Madame Lacaille asked.


“Why, yes, the governess of my daughters came up with that idea. Nettles prick and produce a cooking heat that lasts a long time, without causing any wound or cut.”

“But where can you buy nettles? I wouldn’t know where to look.”

“Why, in all the shops that carry whipping articles, of course; where do you buy your birch rods and your martinets?”

“I rarely use the birch, but when I do, I go to a novelty shop, and I don’t think I’ve ever seen nettles there.”

“Haven’t you ever gone to the Rod and Martine, on the Rue Saint−Honore?”

“I confess my ignorance.”

“Well, go there, then. Besides, it’s quite a curious shop. They sell all kinds of material you’d find in a house of correction: whipping horses, special benches, paddles, birches, martinets… and nettles too. They’re sold in carefully tissue−wrapped packages so the stems won’t prick the fingers of the buyer. Only, I’ll admit there’s just one inconvenience: nettles must be fresh; after 24 hours, even if you keep them in water, the leaves fade and have no effect. But the shop has a very good delivery service. So I’ve subscribed to it, which means that every other day they deliver four bouquets, enough for four punishments. With the two girls I have, I often need that much.”

“Why, I was absolutely unaware of such a thing,” Madame Delage delightedly exclaimed.

The Discipline of Odette is an erotic classic of variable attribution, like many such. But I found this excerpt at Rollin Hand’s Disciplinary Tales, via Chross.

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The Flying Strap

There’s a lot to be said for a really big leather strap:

leather strap spanking

Image is from a gallery at Red Charls.

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Rug Beater Special

Today (Friday) only, The Stockroom has their black leather Rug Beater on sale for $57, down from the regular $72 price. This is a genuine “order now!” sort of deal; these specials typically only last through midnight of the day they put them on sale, although sometimes a Friday special price like this one is preserved until Monday morning:

black leather carpet beater

Want to add some kink to your Quaker lifestyle? Looking to spruce up those old-world domestic discipline scenes? Do it the new old-fashioned way with a black leather rug beater.

The solid 13″ handle is covered in soft, braided leather, topped with a beautiful turk’s head knob and a wrist strap. The business end is a 6″ tightly-braided loop that provides an intense, stinging welt with minimal effort.

This “old school” piece of equipment is a very serious pain-infliction tool and is not recommended for light play.

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Spanking Stocks

They’ve got a nice set of spanking stocks at Everything Butt:


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Butt Plug Discipline

This is just mean. Shelby Cross writes about D/s via text messaging:

Me: I can haz orgazm now?
Husband: Yes. Have fun.
Me: Thank you thank you thank you! I can use a buttplug, too?
Husband: Yes.
Me: The nice big glass one? :D
Husband: Yes. In fact, I insist.
Me: I can’t find the lube. Where’s the lube?…Where’d you put the lube?…Hello?…OH GOD DAMN IT.

Mean, I say. But I like it!

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The Anatomy Lesson

bare-assed ruler spanking in front of the anatomy class

According to Creative Discipline this is from the cover of Darling Poupee Du Vice by Esparbec.

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