Action And Spanking Reaction

She acts:

feisty 1950s wife kicks her husband in the butt

And he reacts. Are we surprised?

feisty wife gets OTK spanked for kicking her husband

These pictures are from a vintage spanking porn treasure trove that I blogged about back in 2006, which has subsequently disappeared from the web. So I thought I should post a few of the best examples.

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Humanitarian Spankings, With Gravy

This paragraph from a spanking movie review made me laugh out loud:

The fun thing about the movie is that all of the bottoms are so goddamn bratty that spanking them seems like the right thing to do on a humanitarian level. That each character in the exchange seems to take a deep carnal satisfaction in the proceedings is gravy.

I think we spankos all recognize those situations in which giving a spanking is just the humanitarian thing to do. No extra charge for the carnal satisfaction gravy!

The quote is from Gram Ponante’s review of Julie Simone’s Fem/Fem Spankings.

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Well-Spanked Anime Pair


Supposedly this cute pair of spanked anime girls is by artist Michairu, and the girls are from an anime called ビビッドレッド・オペレーション (Vividred Operation).

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Making Jessica Cry

The main reason (I believe) that Spanking Teen Jessica was among the first of the wildly-successful spanking porn sites (and still gets many subscribers today) is that we could never doubt that Jessica was getting hard, painful, punishing spankings. Her face is so expressive:





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Sexy Spankable Costumes

When it comes to dressing up for your spankings or your kinky Halloween parties, do you prefer to be the careless chambermaid? The wild prep school girl? The naughty nurse? Or must you always be the officer in charge of the interrogation?


Whatever your pleasure, all of these kinky costumes (and a whole bunch more) are currently being heavily discounted by The Stockroom as part of their October Halloween sale. So pick yours out today!

stockroom halloween sale

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At The Mercy Of A Liberated Woman

A while back ErosBlog posted several panels from a 1970s “Flash Gordon” parody sex comic drawn by Wallace Wood. In the comic, “Flesh Fucker” finds himself at the mercy of a feminist Amazon. He’d twice previously “rescued” this woman, and then casually fucked her (without asking) as if it were the obvious prerogative of the male hero. Well, now the tables have turned and she is ready for her revenge:

Flesh Fucker helpless and tied over a log as if for a severe paddling or caning punishment

Can’t we all be pardoned, fellow spanking enthusiasts, for hoping and assuming that Gail — with her talk of “a little ritual” with her off-screen Amazon sisters — is reaching for a really big paddle with which to punish Flesh Fucker properly?

Sadly, she’s not actually reaching for a paddle, and Fleshy does not get a spanking at this time. But that’s all right too, because Gail’s revenge turns out to be even more closely mapped to and patterned after the outrages she suffered.

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The Conqueror’s Birch


The French caption “hommage au vainqueur” translates roughly as “tribute to the conqueror”. The abased fellatio and ass-kissing of a birching conqueror is thus perhaps an editorial comment on the reparations imposed by peace treaty in one of the European wars of the first half of the 20th century. Sadly, my knowledge of history, symbolism, and national dress are not precise enough to zero in on precisely who is complaining of which reparations to whom.

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The Brutal Spanking Sorority


This artwork is by Elija Pink, who writes:

“This unlucky pledge is told by the girls of the Theta Theta Nu sorority that if she works off a couple of pounds she can join! About an hour later when they’ve left her frantically hopping on a treadmill set to the max, she pretty sure they were lying…”

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