Catfighting And Spanking For The Customers

ErosBlog has a vintage movie clip up right now about a 1930s brothel getting raided. That clip has a menacing moment when a pimpish dude is threating punishment for one of the girls. It made me wonder if the rest of the movie might be worth a quick look for spanking scenes. I haven’t finished that research or watched the whole movie yet, but I immediately turned up this scene of cute and playful catfighting and spanking in one of the brothel’s themed rooms:

Clip is from 1937’s Slaves In Bondage.

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Nettles Discipline Among The Vikings

The artist calls this “Viking girls nettles fun” and I would not disagree!

viking maiden spanking another with nettles while a shadowy male viking watches

Artist is Rumata and he has a Patreon.

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Soft Spanking

I’m pretty sure there’s some spanking going on amidst the languorous effusion of pleasure of which the following is just a short excerpt:

He lays me down in his lap, and the world melts away.

I want to make out with him. Taste his lips and lose myself in something I seemed to have forgotten about. I want to remember the simple goodness of a long, languid kiss. And I want to touch, not to mention be touched. Feel the sting of a good spanking and the thrill of his fingers working my cunt.

What I didn’t know I wanted to feel is the comfort of lying in his lap. With my entire body a tableau for him to do with as he and I wished.

By Jillian Boyd at Lady Laid Bare.

Leather Couch Of Punishment

Don’t you wish you had a leather couch with a built-in restraint system?

Curvy BBW harley ace chained to the caning couch

Great for all kinds of spankings and canings. Why would you ever stop?

caning harley ace with a wooden dowel

belt spanking for a helpless Harley Ace
Photos are from Infernal Restraints and the model is Harley Ace.

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Never Upstage The Star Of The Show

It makes her very angry, and you won’t like her when she’s angry:

vintage lesbian spanking cartoon by Bill Ward

A classic spanking cartoon by Bill Ward.

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In Charge Of Her Spanking

romantic bondage paddling scene

This photo is from the promotional photo gallery for the romantic-BDSM movie He’s In Charge 2, from Digital Sin.

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Hairbrush-Spanking Husband

This little bit of domestic discipline hairbrush-spanking artwork has been floating around in digital form since the pre-internet age; I think it was most-commonly seen with a BBS system’s name and telephone number on it, and then subsequently was often to be found on UseNet. I assume it has its origins in a magazine:


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Excellent Caning Bench

What a delightful and convenient bondage bench. Tell me, readers, does it give you any nefarious ideas? Because I certainly know what’s the first (and possibly the second) thing I would intend to do to a woman who had agreed to be thusly secured thereupon:

bondage spanking bench

Via Sexually Broken.

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