Strung Up For An Outdoor Birching

It’s getting to the point after all these years that it’s rare for me to see a bit of vintage spanking art that’s genuinely new to me; in most cases, I’ve “seen it before” somewhere. But this ruthless outdoor sex birching artwork (by Jean Morisot) is genuinely new to me:

tied to a tree in crucifixion posture and brutally birched by a naked man with a rampant erection

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A Swat For Liv Aguilera

I cannot claim it’s the principle focus of the shoot for’s new Dungeon Sex site, but the spanking that Liv Aguilera is getting in this photo seems very authentic and comprehensive:

liv aguilera gets a good hard spanking

It’s rarely the case that a Kink site zeroes in on a spanking the way we spanking fetishists would prefer, but they do deliver quite a few nice ones as part of what they would probably consider “the warmup” to their main-event BDSM activities. You can see a bit more of this shoot for free here.

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Blindfolded And Pussy Whipped

suspended and pussy whipped while wearing gag and blindfold

I recognize the artist as Gary Roberts, but I’m not sure which of the Dofantasy comics it might be from.

Stand There And Take It


When she’s locked in the punishment box, she just has to stand there and take it:


Whatever “it” might happen to be.


From a very old shoot at

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Aluminum Cane

I quite like metal impact toys, but Bethie’s rather less keen. Which is fine with me, as far as it goes. Still, I do not think it would go very far with this beautiful steel-handled aluminum cane from the Sex And Metal collection at the Stockroom:


Beatings don’t have to be ugly. Sex & Metal’s beautiful, sophisticated aluminum cane packs a wallop for the receiver, but since it is so lightweight, it has an ideal balance that makes it comfortable for the person wielding it.

Another special quality of this cane is that each powder-coated steel handle is handmade by a Sex & Metal artisan, guaranteeing that each one is unique and no two are alike.

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Sternly Lectured


“I told you to look at me when I’m talking to you!”

From Russian Discipline.

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How To Keep Warm In The Arctic

Who needs a campfire when you can just drag a naughty girl out of your igloo, leather up her bare ass, and then bask in the warmth of her hot glowing red bottom?

spanking among the arctic peoples

From the back cover of a 1978 Roue magazine.

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A Stern Network Administrator

Remember the whip made from Ethernet cables? Here’s a related tweet I just saw:

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