Whipped From The Very Flames Of Hell

From Kinky Delight:

the devil cracks a whip from out of the flaming pit of hell

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Paddling Abigail Annalee

Those hardwood paddles hurt, but Paintoy Abigail Annalee is clearly into it:

hardwood paddle spanking

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Caning Her In Perfect Discomfort

If a bondage caning (or, if it’s what it looks like and we want to be precise, a switching with something like a whalebone switch) is to be performed with maximum discomfort for the punished person, her crotch rope must be tightened before the festivities, yes?

fumetti bondage caning art

The art is from the cover of Amanti Padrone #6.

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A Message Of Hope

If you’re young, and dominant, and lonely, Jerusalem Mortimer has a message of hope from his own history. His first love thought BDSM was evil and could not be ethical or consensual, which meant exactly what you think it meant for the outcome of their relationship:

She left me the next year, because in the feminist circles she was moving in it was wrong to have a boyfriend at all: sleeping with the enemy, and withholding wimminlovingenergy from other women, that’s what loving me was. Eventually it got too much and she moved in with women from the sisterhood. I was collateral damage.

But things got better:

The second significant girlfriend I had wanted me to spank her. We explored further, and I found that I loved spanking her, and I loved what happened when we went further, too.

I moved to another city when I finished my degree, and found that my very next girlfriend wanted to be spanked and commanded too. So I’d met and bedded two women in a row who were submissive, when I hadn’t even included that in my selection criteria. I realised that my life wasn’t going to be as miserable as I’d expected. Instead life set about being fun and bringing me joy. I learned that a male dom is not short of women who want male doms, so long as those doms behave themselves like gentle men.

There’s nothing wrong with being a dom, so long as you obey the same rules about consent and avoiding force or manipulation that people expect in other kinds of sex. A lot of people are submissive, and they are looking for you, or someone like you.


Flogged And Plugged

I like the way the tip of the flogger tails and the gem of the buttplug conceal all of Raven Hart’s naughty bits and make this bondage whipping photo rather less explicit than it would otherwise be:

raven hart pussy flogging with jewel butt plug

Image is from The Made Wife, via Kink Unlimited.

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Beaten With A Bundle Of Wicker

Although this looks like a fairly typical birching illustration, the phrase “brins d’osier” (in machine translation at least) usually suggests wicker. So that’s more likely to be a bundle of willow sticks than birch branches:

lashed with a handful of wicker

The lovely colored plate is from a 1914 edition of Le Précepteur by Aimé Van Rod.

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Porn-Shaming Punishment

In this panel from 1991 French-language Elvifrance erotica magazine Enfiluse des Perles, he’s calling her a whore (putain) and as she begs him to stop caning her, he taunts her by saying that she seemed to enjoy what she saw playing on the porn screen:

porn caning

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Flogging Katy

whipping Katy Hardcore

This image of Katy Hardcore kneeling up for a gagged naked flogging is from a simple and sensuous BDSM sex scene shot by BallGaggers but available via the Kink Unlimited platform.

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