The Electric Whipper

I have seen a tiny version of this electric whipping machine artwork in various places before, but not one this large and clear:

electric pussy whipping machine

Artwork is by Jack Rhodes, in a French book called Punitions et Dressage.

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The Perforated Paddle

Every experienced spankee learns to dread (even if they also love it) the special pain of a perforated wooden paddle. This vintage version got a good workout in a recent shoot by Device Bondage:




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Booty Surfing

You may have seen this photograph before of a bunch of bountiful-butted women kneeling in the surf while some dude in swimming trunks pays them a lot of attention. If you’re curious, ErosBlog has the story of how the photo went viral last year with a completely bogus explanation.


It seems to me that swimming-trunks dude is missing an opportunity. I think I’d be stripping the leaves from a handy palm frond and improvising a switch. Maybe make up some story about how I’m the beach sheriff and there are strict rules against nudity, rules the violation of which carry severe penalties…

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Spanking Caged Girls For Science

“Of course it hurts, that’s how you can tell we’re doing good science!”

woman in an observation room strapped to a whipping frame

agony for science in this recreation of the Milgram experiment

Screen captures are from the latest Mood Pictures movie, Milgram Experiment.

Football Hitting A Bare Butt

Nude football (in the European sense of the word “football”) is an innovation devoutly to be wished. But stopping a hard kick at the goal with your naked ass? That’s perhaps an innovation too far. However, it’s not without visual interest for fans of bare bottoms getting smacked with stuff:

lining up to kick a soccer ball at her bare bottom

post impact shot of the splash as her bottom bounces a hard-kicked football

Pictures are from Queensnake, which may require a bit more warning than a bare link. It’s a site dedicated to unusual and/or severe ways of inflicting pain; if you’re not familiar with their work, some of the sights you’ll see upon clicking the link may raise your eyebrows right up onto the top of your head.

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Caning Ilsa

Is it just me, or has Paintoy been doing some really nice caning videos lately? Meet Ilsa, who just keeps getting cuter the more you cane her:



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Manga Riding Crop Spanking


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Angel’s Forest Spanking

Recently at Real Life Spankings, Angel needs a spanking and a quiet patch of woods was the most convenient place to deliver it:



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