A Carefully-Timed Paddling

paddled for a set time

From Girls Boarding School.

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Equestrienne Says “Tag! You’re It!”

Two lovely girls just messing around, but since one of them is all dolled up in her equestrienne gear, the other one has inevitably got to get tagged with one good swat:

one good swat with an equestrienne's riding crop or riding whip

From Richard Windsor.

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Spanked During The Fuck Trial

If you’re at all familiar with the Oglaf comics, it’s won’t surprise you to learn that one of his characters came up with the notion of a “trial by fuck” while caught in a tight spot. As she explains it to her captor in this four-page comic:

For fuck’s sake, you joyless shitpail — we fuck. At some point I try to escape. What the hell do you have against fun?

Relevant to our purposes here, it turns out you can’t have a proper fuck trial without at least a little bit of spanking:

fuck trial with spanking

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Paddled In The Window

public paddling

This is a screen capture from the movie Taboo Teens 2: Spanking Around The World.

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Interrupted Whipping

Her face says “Can’t you see I’m busy?

pulp cover art of woman with whip, shadow of whipped woman in chains on dungeon wall behind her

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Parlor Punishment

Wicked stepmothers with fancy parlors lead to punishment scenes like this:

punished in a fancy parlor

From a graphic novel adaptation of the Cinderella story, by Trif.

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Spanked In Her Dropseat Pajamas

Dropseat pajamas usually look a little bit silly on a grown-assed woman, but when she’s getting a spanking that’s no bad thing:

Adriana spanked in drop seat PJs

Our pouty princess here is Adriana, from a recent update at Real Spankings.

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Breast Whipped By A Curvaceous Pirate

The generously-curved corsara on the right looks to me as if she dressed down for a bit of plundering of the more personal sort, if you know what I mean and I think you do:

pirate breast whipping

From this pulp cover.

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