She Cried A Single Tear

It was Her First Punishment. The humiliating posture, the raising of her skirts and lowering of her panties, the spanking itself… the whole punishment ordeal was just too much for her to bear.

spanking her bottom

lifting her skirts for a humiliating spanking

a tear on the cheek of a spanked girl

They stopped spanking her, though, as soon as she cried that first tear.

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Well-Secured For Whipping

rope bondage plus chain leash plus riding crop equals punishment

Art by Trinca is from the cover of issue #142 of Zwarte Reeks (some sort of Dutch erotic magazine).

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Tied On Tiptoe To The Spanking Bench

Gosh! I hope I remembered to bring my toy bag full of canes!

tied on her toes to the end of the tall spanking bench

From Restrained Elegance.

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Ruler-Spanking Herself

Not only is this young lady spanking herself really hard with a ruler, but the drippy signs of her arousal are plain to see despite the mosaic censorship:

self-spanking anime girl dripping with arousal

She would be a fun person to know!

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Procedurally Correct Paddling

Paragraph 4(b) of the school’s disciplinary procedures manual specifically provides that whenever a male staff member uses corporal punishment to discipline a female student, there shall be a female staff member present to witness the administration of said physical discipline:

female administrator watches while male teacher paddles a young woman for classroom misbehavior

From Real Spankings.

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Steel Carpet Beater

Are you playing Santa Clause to someone seriously naughty this year? Is the traditional bundle of switches in her stocking just not severe enough to express your displeasure at another year of impishly bad behavior? Well, you are officially in luck! Because The Stockroom has just the item that will put her on the straight and narrow, starting first thing on Christmas morning:

a brutal carpet beater for spankings made from heavy steel aircraft cable

Yes, my sadistic friends, pictured is the Ballistic Heavy Duty Rug Beater. It’s only fifteen inches long in total, so plenty useful in over-your-knee panties-down situations, and yet I don’t think there’s any risk that she’ll laugh at you — or at this nasty little carpet beater — after the spanking starts. The steel cable loop is encased in transparent plastic not easily visible in the photo, to enhance the sting and prevent errant pokey strands:

Lay down the law with the intimidating Ballistic Heavy Duty Rug Beater – expertly crafted to deliver the ultimate in discipline.

A steel cable runs through a clear plastic loop, optimizing each stroke with maximum sting – and your deserving sub or slave will be able to see exactly why it feels the way it does!

The ergonomically machined metal grip has finger grooves for a solid grasp so you can confidently deliver a ballistic beating in comfort, and is finished with a brushed satin look. This rug beater combines industrial aesthetics with pure utilitarian pain efficiency.

Or, perhaps, your modest holiday discipline problem calls for something a little bit less intimidating? Then this would be the time to mention that there’s a Stockroom SeXmas sale running all the way through Christmas, although you’ll want to order by early next week (Dec. 16) for safe delivery in time. There are several nicely-discounted spanking implements among the BDSM sale items. Also you can finish shopping for sexy stocking stuffers by consulting their Holiday Gift Guide and especially their Gifts Under $25 page.

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Slapping Her Face

Via ErosBlog, a face-slapping sequence for those of you who like that sort of thing:

slapping her face as she kneels in front of him

Originally from Russian Discipline.

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A Severe Hentai Paddling

anime manga spanking with a leather paddle and a bright red bottom

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