Spank A Spunky Angel

Some requests — like this one from a Spunky Angels model — are really easy to say yes to:

spunky angels model wants a spanking, shows a stick with spank me written on it

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Table Tennis Paddles In Hand

I will never understand how they manage to play ping-pong at nudist camps. I mean seriously. You put me in this situation and it won’t be five minutes before somebody is chasing somebody else around the table trying to get some swats in:

table tennis paddle spankings at the naturist camp

Via Eros Blog.

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Holding The Position

This girl does a really good job of holding her position while he pops her ass with a nasty little wooden paddle:

holding her position through a difficult spanking with a wooden paddle

Of course it’s from Real Spankings, although I found it on a Tumblr being used to promote a dating site. The pirates are getting lazier every year.

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His Caning Erection

He’s laying on with a will, and enjoying every second:

eric stanton art man with enormous erection canes a chained woman with a bamboo cane

Artist is probably Eric Stanton.

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Picking Up And Spanking His Wife

It’s my prediction that this well-spanked wife is presently going to find herself dumped without further ceremony onto the marriage bed. It’s even possible that she’ll be getting no supper, except perhaps for whatever she can forage there, if you know what I mean and I think you do:


Image is a detail from one of the vintage photos that I’m rescuing from archive obscurity.

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The Sting Of The Cane

Oooh, she’s seriously regretting her bratty back-talk now:

the sting of the cane

From Girls Boarding School.

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Pussy Spanking And Orgasm-Denial Teasing

In which a girl writes about having to ask for a pussy spanking:

And so he began. With those amazing, magic fingers of his, knowing exactly how to touch me, bringing me right to the edge. But I wasn’t ready to beg to be hurt yet, so he began to tease me, circling around my clit, denying me his touch on my pleasure points, not allowing me to tip over the edge.

This happened again, brought to the edge but then allowing the pleasure to dissipate as I struggled to bring myself to the point where I would beg for pain. The third time, I knew it was no use and I begged to be allowed to come. I could hear his smile as he said “Are you ready?” I could do no more than nod, I was so desperate to come, and then he hit me, a lot – and it was amazing.

He did not however, permit me to come that time, but again I was allowed to ebb away from the edge before being returned to the point where I was desperate to come, and again I begged to be allowed to come, to be hit – and he did. But still he would not let me come.

Yet again I was left hanging without my release. And again he touched me and teased my clit and worked on me until I was trembling and wanting, oh so much to finally be pushed over into bliss. So once more I begged to come, begged to be hit and he did. Some of his slaps to my pussy were really quite harsh but then suddenly his fingers were back where I so desperately needed them to be and I had the most incredible orgasm.

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Mocking The Headmistress

Billie and Mercedes are the two naughtiest schoolgirls at St. Mackenzies, and they have accordingly been sent to the office of the headmistress for some long-overdue correction:


However, they are not cowed. Indeed, as they wait for their “interview” with the Headmistress, they begin stripping each other down right there in the hallway of the school, and posing each other for the corporal punishment neither of them really expects.



Little do they know that this headmistress really doesn’t appreciate being mocked in public!

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