Zipless Spanking Skirt From Syren Latex

If you’ve ever admired or even lusted after the Stockroom’s traditional leather spanking skirt and classic zippered spanking skirt that I’ve posted about on Spanking Blog before, you’ll be pleased to know that they’ve newly added a more inexpensive zipperless spanking skirt from Syren Latex:

zipperless rubber spanking dress

Now through October 3, there’s also a 20% sale on Stockroom fetishwear (including all three of their spanking skirts) that doesn’t show until you actually put the item in your shopping cart. (They used to show sale discount percentages superimposed on the merchandise thumbnails, but now this only seems to happen for daily specials and such.)

discounted spanking skirt

Here’s more about the spanking skirt:

The pinnacle of fashion and kink combined, this sleek body-hugging pencil skirt by Syren Latex is our new and improved model of the original skirt with the same name, minus the zippers. Other than that, we stayed true to the flattering silhouette and functional back hole that ensures your bum stays pushed up and out for easily accessible spanking and flogging play.

All Syren items are made to order, just for you, and will take 3-4 weeks turnaround time by our Los Angeles production team. Syren is a recognized brand among both fetish-fashion enthusiasts and filmmakers, who have counted on the company to produce costumes for films such as Batman, Catwoman and Mr. and Mrs. Smith. Joining forces with the latex designers, we are proud to announce that Syren products have exciting updated styles and improved manufacturing techniques that greatly increase the life of the garments. All Syren products are produced in Los Angeles.

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Two Belt Spankings

There are certain efficiencies that may be achieved if you use a longer belt and deliver two panties-down belt spankings simultaneously:

two girls get a panties-down belt spanking

From the vintage spanking magazine Spanking Review #1.

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No schoolgirls here, our penitent women are ladies of maturity who should certainly have known better than to misbehave. And from the looks on their faces, they now do!

vintage caning postcard

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whipped blonde with long hair

The whipped blonde in this illustration comes from the cover of a promising-looking French publication called Odine #3.

Paddled For Bad Navigation

I suppose it wasn’t Bacall’s bad navigation here that made her admit right up front she needed a paddling; probably more how unjustifiably certain she was about it:

Bacall has almost no sense of direction. Ask her to point to North and she will wave her arm about and say out there. She can not read a map. I have to do that myself.

So with that background, we found ourselves at an intersection in a rural area that was strange to us. I was driving and was pondering which way to turn. She asserted we should turn left. I had calculated that was the low probability direction. She was adamant. I turned left. Within a mile, we both knew she was wrong.

She was a big girl about it and said she deserved 10 licks with the black paddle. That’s one she really does not like. But, she got her mind into it and took all ten like a trooper.

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otk spanked blonde on striped couch cover of spanking magazine

Photo is from the cover of Spanker’s World #3.

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vintage spanking postcard with well-placed mirror

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Kel Bowie caned

Kel Bowie red bottom from a flogging

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