Bondage Spanked By The Deliveryman

One of the special featured summer presentations at Sex And Submission this month is a feature shoot called A Special Delivery, featuring the voluptuous blonde Summer Brielle. As she’s taking a steamy naked nap, her sadistic postman happens to peep in through her breezy curtains.

kinky postman breaking in on brielle as she sleeps

brielle sleeping naked as postman breaks in to tie her up and give her a good spanking and some bondage sex

Before you know it, he’s got her ziptied and gagged, and is giving her a good spanking:

brielle grabbed and ziptied

brielle is tied up and getting a brisk bondage spanking

Spanking is just foreplay for this guy, though. He quickly moves on to some intense bondage pussy whipping, forces Brielle to give him a bondage blowjob, and finally gets down to some good old-fashioned ass-up bondage sex. Hot summer indeed!

(A free one minute trailer video is here.)

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Veronica’s cute with a bright red ass, isn’t she?


Artist not known; via Punished.

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From Girls Boarding School:


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The Best Way To Tame Bridezilla

In the Bridezilla sequence from Dreams Of Spanking, Molly Malone plays an out-of-control bride who is brutal to her best friend and bridesmaid, Nimue Allen. So Nimue calms Molly down in the only way that works — with a fierce caning!


There’s a nice short “free sample” movie available, too:

bridezilla free caning movie

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Evidence Of Foreplay

Even a sadist can be a gentleman; it’s just that his notions of foreplay are different. Take this fellow, for instance: he’s clearly put some effort into warming up his lady, as the criss-crossed whip welts on her thighs show:


Artist is unknown, although the lettering style makes me wonder if it is not one of the Dofantasy artists.

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Four cane welts in a perfect ladder. On her breasts, while she holds them still and steady. Good girl…

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From the most recent shoot at Whipped Ass.

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Keep On Spanking

She does not want the spanking to stop:


From Bruce Morgan’s The School Teacher.

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