Her Cruel Mistress

She thought this was supposed to be a playful-kinky sort of lesbian relationship. She was not expecting to be disciplined:


Photo is from the December 2014 issue of Taboo magazine, also available online in a digital edition as part of your membership to the Hustler’s Taboo website.

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Playful Lesbian Spanking

This is the sort of “spanking lite” you sometimes find in soft-core mainstream porn that is intended to showcase pretty girls:


This one is from Penthouse.com, in a gallery featuring Heather Vandeven and Mackenzee Pierce.

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Breast Whipping A Blonde

whipping her breasts

This artwork is a panel from Dark Fury, a Dofantasy comic by Cagri.

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Spanking In The New York Times


You’ve got to love the way the New York Times steps daintily around the topic of domestic discipline spanking in this article that’s notionally about the challenges of costuming for a theatrical production in which the actors get spanked (over their clothes, naturally) several times per show for eight shows a week:

“Permission,” an MCC Theater production, is about two couples experimenting with Christian Domestic Discipline, a practice in which husbands chastise their wives with timeouts, confiscation of privileges and corporal punishment, chiefly spanking.

Lots and lots of spanking. “It’s religious,” a character explains to a disbelieving friend. “It’s for Jesus.” The play, which explores the power dynamics behind the walloping, expresses doubts.

As for the costuming challenge:

“There are all these push-up butts on the Internet now.”

But once she had ordered the pads and panties, she had to find the ones that effectively diffused the force of the blow yet made for the best smacking sound.

Ms. Young has a policy: With any clothing “that’s sort of weird or not normal, I try it out before I put it on an actor — hygienically.”

Wearing her skirt over the padded underwear, she tried to spank herself. It didn’t really work. So she said to her associate, the designer David Hyman, “We might be crossing some sort of professional line, but will you spank me right now?”

He did.

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Spanking Her Too Hard

So if I had Audrey Noir tied up like this, I’m sure I would not be able to resist (among other fun activities) spanking her:

Audrey Noir tied up for a brutally painful spanking and ass fucking

And indeed, I would probably enjoy it so much, there’s a risk I would get carried away. Until suddenly her face looked like this:

face after getting spanked too hard

Photos are from a recent update at Infernal Restraints. In the movie of the shoot, there is indeed some spanking while she’s restrained like this; but sadly there wasn’t a great spanking photo among the stills they took for the member’s area.

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Supervised Prison Spanking

It’s a tough prison, but the bureaucratic institutions are in place to make sure that corporal punishment doesn’t slide over the line into random sadism and abuse at the whim of the matron who wields the strap:


Art is, I think, by Kindinov.

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Savage Spanking Exam

It didn’t take her long to figure out that this so-called “doctor” was dodgy as hell:

tied up for medical spanking

riding crop spanking in doctor's office

wooden spoon spanking on the exam table

From deep in Rick Savage’s archives.

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Waiting For Her Caning

She knows what’s coming:


Image credit: Girls Boarding School.

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