Spanking Vix Vixxxen

If you like your spanked girls to have a bit of “alternative” about them, you might really enjoy this photoset of Pandora Blake spanking Vix Vixxen at Dreams Of Spanking:


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Home Made Spanking Bench

Check out this very nice spanking bench made by Our Bottoms Burn, a married couple whose motto is “Getting our bottoms toasted turns us on.”


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Schoolgirl Jewel Thieves

The school field trip was going fine until one of the shops along their route complained that a group of the girls was disruptive in the store and that during their distraction, someone had stolen a small but very valuable gem. The police were summoned and it was agreed between them and school administrators that the girls would all be stripped and have their effects thoroughly searched:

strip searched school girls

Unfortunately, the gem was not among their clothes. So now the plan is that the girls will be caned in turn until someone confesses and produces the loot. If that doesn’t work, the cavity searches will begin…

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Paddling The Slaves

Sometimes the girls being trained as slaves at The Training Of O just can’t buckle down to the training. They need a little discipline session to concentrate their minds:



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Spank Them All!

This is perhaps the most epic mass-spanking picture I have ever seen. There are at least 18 naughty “schoolgirls” bent over in this photo:

18 naughty girls lined up and bare-bottom spanked all at once

According to this blog post from Christy Cutie, the mass spanking scene happened during the “Naughty Schoolgirls Party” that took place during the 2012 TASSP (Texas All-State Spanking Party):

The Naughty Schoolgirls Party was my absolute favorite part of The Texas All-State Spanking Party!!! All naughty schoolgirls were instructed to report to the Ballroom for “class” — dressed in our school uniforms of course. This role play party consisted of about 5 teachers, 3 head girls/prefects, and around 30 students!! This must have been one of the largest role play scenes ever!

Eventually, after the class had really gotten out of hand, the teachers decided that we all needed a good long spanking. “Young ladies, line up in the front of the room and bend over with your bottoms bared!” Having already been spanked for throwing paper, shooting darts and eating candy in class, all of the students squirmed for this final series of swats! Lined up cheek to cheek, each naughty schoolgirl was spanked hard and given a stern reminder of how to behave in class.”

Sounds like epic good fun, really!

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Spanking Impact

A good spanking impact photo is hard to find and (I’m told) also quite hard to make, because capturing the moment of impact is not necessarily easy. Pandora Blake recently published a series of never-before-seen spanking photos from photographer Jon Garrett. They are all quite nice, but the first of them is easily the best spanking impact pic I’ve seen in a very long time.

I won’t ruin Pandora’s exclusive by putting the pic here. Go look, ya bums!

Punishing A Fairy

Fairies, as everyone knows, are notoriously naughty. (It goes along with being flighty.) And sometimes they have to be punished. Carefully, oh so carefully:

fairy spanking

Artist unknown. (I found it on one of those user-upload sites with the horrible popups and no attribution.)

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Ten Ass Cheeks Of Nantes

The revolution is going well, apparently, and now it’s time for the daughters of the nobility to sexually service the peasants. Or I guess that’s what’s going on here:

five butts

Art is by Hanz Kovacq in Diane de Grand Lieu 2.

Update: I finally remembered where I had seen this before (in the original French).

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