Sad Slavic Slavegirl, Punished

Via Kinky Delight:

squalid whipping punishment of a slavic slave girl

It’s not credited, but I’m pretty sure it’s from the defunct site Russian Discipline.

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She Just Saw The Cane

That half-appalled, half-horrified look on her face? That’s the look of a woman who didn’t have any idea that this bondage session was going to involve a vigorous breast caning. That’s the look of a woman who just saw one or more canes coming out of a toybag. That’s the look of a woman who just realized why her breasts are tied the way they are tied:

tied for breast caning

Photo credit: Hard Tied.

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A Revolutionary Whipping

birched by the jacobins

The caption reads (machine translation):

Théroigne de Méricourt is whipped by the women
Colored copper engraving from 1800

Per Wikipedia, this scene would appear to depict a sort of rough political argument from the French revolutionary period. It is said that Théroigne de Méricourt was delivering a speech in May of 1793 when she was attacked by a group of women allied with the Jacobins. The women, objecting to her pro-Girondin sentiments, stripped her naked and beat her severely.

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The Algebra Lesson

This young lady got summoned to account to her tutor for her profound lack of comprehension in the field of algebra. Truth to tell, her lack of comprehension follows directly upon her lack of effort and study. Today, she thought she might profitably distract her tutor from these lacks. But I do not think it is going to work out that way for her. Do y’all see the cane hanging from his coat rack at the right edge of the frame?

the algebra lesson

Photo is from Cum Perfection.

Stockroom Valentines Sale 2016

valentine sale spanking toys

There are a few nicely-discounted spanking toys in this year’s Valentines Sale from The Stockroom that I just couldn’t resist bringing to your attention.

If you’re tired of “red red red” as a Valentines signifier, you might prefer the more-subtle BSM symbolism of the Purple Heart slapper crop:

purple heart spanking crop

For those who aren’t tired of Valentines red, the “Love Hurts” aluminum cutout-heart paddle (previously seen here) offers the opportunity of sternly delivering your holiday tough love:

red paddle with heart-shaped cutout

Finally and even more sternly, the aluminum Extreme Red Heart Crop (previously seen here) is your perfect tool for leaving behind red and purple (and puffy!) hearts everywhere you go:

heart-shaped aluminum spanking crop

You might also find some use from these red drip candles. And if you ever use a cock ring, why not this “Heart Throb heart-shaped cock ring?

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Two Kinds Of Spankings

What follows is an excerpt from a conversation Girl On The Net had with her fellow (and with her blog readers) as she was attempting to more carefully specify the parameters of her spanking kink. She identifies two different kinds of spankings, each of which I know to be popular with sometimes-but-not-always-different factions of my Spanking Blog readership:

At that moment what I’m hoping for isn’t one sharp stroke. I’m not anticipating a measured, precise stripe across my backside. But usually that’s what I get. One stripe – carefully applied – then the inevitable order:

“Count them.”

And I count. One, two, three, four… I count the strokes and I thank him for each one. This controlled, dominant guy, who will dish out exactly as much pain as I deserve and no more.

That’s nice – it is. But it’s not the best.

The best – what I’m hoping for – is a loss of control. I’m looking for him not to deal out punishment like it’s medicine, and he’s the careful pharmacist weighing the exact number of pills. I want punishment that comes only because it pleases him to do it. A beating powered not by his judgment but by his rage.

“Get the fuck over and pull down those knickers.” Voice cracking slightly because he’s so angry, then later trembling more because the sight of my exposed cunt makes him want to do more than beat me. He slips the belt out through the loops of his trousers and folds it quickly in half, then half again – a short, thick, leather strap with which to smack me.

One, two, three, four, five, six… they fall in a blur. There’s no time to count, and I can’t get a word in because with each stroke he’s telling me more about how I’m a dirty girl, and why I deserve this. Why he loves this.

In the latter scenario, he’s not ‘done’ when I’m suitably punished, he’s only ‘done’ when he’s satisfied. When he’s beaten me hard enough to make his prick throb, and fucked me good and hard while I grip on tight to my calves and focus on the dual pleasures of staying upright and coming round his dick.

I explain this to him – this difference. The difference between pain as punishment – the way it might be meted out if I were a naughty schoolgirl and he a headmaster giving me six of the best – and pain as sexual brutality. In the latter I’m not being punished because I deserve it but because he needs it – he can’t get hard unless he sees my arse glowing red from the stripes, hears the thwack of leather on taut skin. Hears me squeal. Watches my cunt get wet from it.

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Military Caning Art

I wish I knew the source of this public military punishment scene:

caned in public by uniformed  military officers

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Sore Bottom Selfies

real spankings girls celebrating their bruised bottoms

One of the ways you can tell you are buying and viewing ethical porn is when the producers provide access to behind-the-scenes content that helps establish the enthusiastic consent of the participants. This happy behind-the-scenes moment was posted by Michael Masterson, who has produced the Real Spankings network of sites for so many years. He writes:

So after the shoot yesterday, one in which I paddled both girls black and blue, I went and changed. When I came back in the room, KJ was taking selfies with her and Syrena’s bruised bottom, so I took a picture to share with you. Tell me these girls do not love their jobs.

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