Pussy Spanking And Orgasm-Denial Teasing

In which a girl writes about having to ask for a pussy spanking:

And so he began. With those amazing, magic fingers of his, knowing exactly how to touch me, bringing me right to the edge. But I wasn’t ready to beg to be hurt yet, so he began to tease me, circling around my clit, denying me his touch on my pleasure points, not allowing me to tip over the edge.

This happened again, brought to the edge but then allowing the pleasure to dissipate as I struggled to bring myself to the point where I would beg for pain. The third time, I knew it was no use and I begged to be allowed to come. I could hear his smile as he said “Are you ready?” I could do no more than nod, I was so desperate to come, and then he hit me, a lot – and it was amazing.

He did not however, permit me to come that time, but again I was allowed to ebb away from the edge before being returned to the point where I was desperate to come, and again I begged to be allowed to come, to be hit – and he did. But still he would not let me come.

Yet again I was left hanging without my release. And again he touched me and teased my clit and worked on me until I was trembling and wanting, oh so much to finally be pushed over into bliss. So once more I begged to come, begged to be hit and he did. Some of his slaps to my pussy were really quite harsh but then suddenly his fingers were back where I so desperately needed them to be and I had the most incredible orgasm.

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Mocking The Headmistress

Billie and Mercedes are the two naughtiest schoolgirls at St. Mackenzies, and they have accordingly been sent to the office of the headmistress for some long-overdue correction:


However, they are not cowed. Indeed, as they wait for their “interview” with the Headmistress, they begin stripping each other down right there in the hallway of the school, and posing each other for the corporal punishment neither of them really expects.



Little do they know that this headmistress really doesn’t appreciate being mocked in public!

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Happily Tied And Whipped

It does my heart good to see a woman enjoying her bondage whipping as much as Katie St. Ives is enjoying this one:



From Sex And Submission.

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Action And Spanking Reaction

She acts:

feisty 1950s wife kicks her husband in the butt

And he reacts. Are we surprised?

feisty wife gets OTK spanked for kicking her husband

These pictures are from a vintage spanking porn treasure trove that I blogged about back in 2006, which has subsequently disappeared from the web. So I thought I should post a few of the best examples.

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Humanitarian Spankings, With Gravy

This paragraph from a spanking movie review made me laugh out loud:

The fun thing about the movie is that all of the bottoms are so goddamn bratty that spanking them seems like the right thing to do on a humanitarian level. That each character in the exchange seems to take a deep carnal satisfaction in the proceedings is gravy.

I think we spankos all recognize those situations in which giving a spanking is just the humanitarian thing to do. No extra charge for the carnal satisfaction gravy!

The quote is from Gram Ponante’s review of Julie Simone’s Fem/Fem Spankings.

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Well-Spanked Anime Pair


Supposedly this cute pair of spanked anime girls is by artist Michairu, and the girls are from an anime called ビビッドレッド・オペレーション (Vividred Operation).

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Making Jessica Cry

The main reason (I believe) that Spanking Teen Jessica was among the first of the wildly-successful spanking porn sites (and still gets many subscribers today) is that we could never doubt that Jessica was getting hard, painful, punishing spankings. Her face is so expressive:





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Sexy Spankable Costumes

When it comes to dressing up for your spankings or your kinky Halloween parties, do you prefer to be the careless chambermaid? The wild prep school girl? The naughty nurse? Or must you always be the officer in charge of the interrogation?


Whatever your pleasure, all of these kinky costumes (and a whole bunch more) are currently being heavily discounted by The Stockroom as part of their October Halloween sale. So pick yours out today!

stockroom halloween sale

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