The Naked Nurse Spanks

In case you missed it back in August, ErosBlog painstakingly reassembled 16 photos from scattered web sources that make up a vintage lesbian medical-fetish photoset in which two women take turns getting naked in a medical office and examining each other with a stethoscope. One of the photos is also a spanking picture we’ve passed around in this community many times before, without (at least on my part) realizing its broader context:

vintage medical spanking

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Donald Trump Spanked By His Own Face

Oh, my, this isn’t narcissistic at all: Mother Jones reports that Stormy Daniels, during her dalliance with Donald Trump, was asked by him to spank him with a copy of the Forbes magazine that had his face on the cover. (We’ll pass quickly over the creepy fact that two of his children were also in the photo.)

In early 2009, Daniels announced that she was considering challenging Sen. David Vitter, the Louisiana Republican who two years earlier had been snared in a sex scandal. According to a May 8, 2009, email written by an operative advising Daniels, who asked not to be identified, Daniels at one point scrolled through her cellphone contacts to provide her consultants with a list of names. On the list: Donald Trump.

This email was sent to Andrea Dubé, a Democratic political consultant based in New Orleans. In response, Dubé expressed surprise that Daniels was friendly with Trump. “Donald Trump?” she wrote. “In her cell phone?”

“Yep,” the other consultant replied. “She says one time he made her sit with him for three hours watching ‘shark week.’ Another time he had her spank him with a Forbes magazine.”

Dubé and the other consultant confirmed to Mother Jones they exchanged these emails.

The campaign consultant who wrote the email to Dubé tells Mother Jones that Daniels said the spanking came during a series of sexual and romantic encounters with Trump and that it involved a copy of Forbes with Trump on the cover.

Standing offer: if any Spanking Blog reader with artistic talent wishes to create artwork of Stormy spanking The Donald with his own face, I would be happy to publish it here. I can’t afford to compensate you for it, but I’d be happy to link your Patreons and commission pages.

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Caning Luna LaVey

Recently, Luna LaVey’s bottom got a lot of loving attention with the cane during her live show at Real Time Bondage:

caning luna on her ass

luna lavey shackled and caned

bondage caning for luna lavey

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Spank Her Shoe Off

shoe spanked off

Artwork is from the December 1953 edition of the Japanese fetish magazine Kitan Club, although it is surely reproduced from an European source.

Ornate Whipping Bench Punishment

whipping bench by von gotha

Art is titled “The Bench” by Erich Von Gotha.

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Revenge In The Harem

Inquiring minds would very much like to know: why is this man with the impressive mustachios being beaten with peacock feathers by three sturdy women of the harem?

man held by two harem girls while a third beats him with peacock feathers

The unsigned artwork, possibly by “Tack”, is from the 1906 French novel Le Tour du Monde d’un Flagellant by Don Brennus Alera.

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Allison In Tears

If you are a bit of a sadist or even just a right bastard, you might sometimes enjoy seeing a spanking photograph where the recipient of punishment is clearly overwhelmed and in great distress. “Feeling properly punished,” we might call this; and some spankees crave it, so there’s no harm done, as long as you’ve got the consent issues in your relationship properly sorted out. This photograph is a rather epic exemplar of the genre; she looks as if it’s the first time she’s ever been caned and like she might easily come right over that desk, or claw right through a brick wall to escape the next dozen strokes:

crying during a caning

It took a little bit of doing to identify the source of the photograph, but in the end I determined it was a promotional still from a Raven Hill video in their Resolved By Corporal Punishment series.

Cropping Cheri’s Pussy

She’s tied down well enough that her master doesn’t strictly need the hand on her chest. But it reminds her that if she moves, the riding crop won’t land precisely where he intends, and she might wind up with welts and and bruises that are off-center and don’t match:

pussy spanking with riding crop

Photo is from the Wasteland.

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