Off-Screen Comic Strip Spanking

A touch of “family discipline” from the old funny papers:

"Abbie an' Slats" comic strip father-daughter spanking scene by Raeburn VanBuren

Update: I didn’t remember, but it looks like I’ve previously blogged the last two panels from this strip.

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Paddled Over Blue Jeans

Denim pants or no denim pants, this paddling is going to be felt:

stinging paddle spanking

From a recent update at Real Spankings.

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Big Bang Theory: About That Spanking

Remember when Sheldon spanked Amy on The Big Bang Theory? The first three minutes of this video features Jim Parsons talking about the making of that scene while Mayim Bialik sits next to him, basically just holding her face and blushing furiously:

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One Good Smack

Sometimes one good smack is enough to do the job:


Art is fan artwork by “The Golden Smurf” featuring the character Tatsumaki from the One-Punch Man webcomic.

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Teaching Him To Cane

Last month Pandora Blake wrote about the fun she had teaching a new gentleman to cane her:

After warming my bottom and thighs, during which I’m a good girl and hardly tell him what to do at all, he asks me what I want.

“Actually, I would fucking love a caning,” I confess, letting my breath whoosh out slowly, like the tingle that is spreading up my thighs.

He’s slapped me all over my bottom and legs, focusing even more on my legs when I whimpered about it (after establishing that the whimpering was bollocks, of course). At one point he was giving me these hard, thuddy hand strikes to the calves and thighs that felt like karate chops, and I asked “Are you doing a martial art on me?”

“Not knowingly,” he laughed, startled, “but if I am, it’s probably tai chi.”

Boy does sword form. He’ll be fine with a cane.

He’s hesitant initially, so I dive in to reassure him: “I can teach you! I’m a professional!” We get out the selection, and I’m thinking I’m going to get my thighs caned, so I pick out the two lightest. The problem is that my rattan canes fucking sting, especially when they’re used glancingly by someone who is being very careful to pull their blows. Once I establish that he’s concentrating on my bum for a bit (because I don’t want it that hard on my thighs, not today), I teach him about follow-through, and after that everything gets very warm and yummy for a bit.

His aim becomes more confident, and I warm up. I ask if he’d like to try the dragon.

“The what?”

I hand him my long purple-handled cane, watching him test it with a swordsman’s eye for balance…

Although perhaps not so much at the time of posting, they are now an item.

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OTK Spanking By Bill Ward

The trouble with the spanking art of Bill Ward is that the man often struggled to draw natural-looking human hands, especially on women. And an over-the-knee spanking with elongated claw-fingers is just not the same:

otk lesbian spanking

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Vigorous Employee “Counseling”

“I know you’re all wondering why I called you to this meeting with a Human Resources representative and the burly guy from Employee Development. Metrics indicate a serious performance gap in your sales departments, and we simply are not willing to tolerate any continuations of such low performance levels.”

employee spankings

Photo is from Real Spankings.

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Asking For The Belt

Just one sentence, from A Slave To Master:

He wrapped a belt around my neck (after I said it was currently my fondest wish) and beat me with the end of it while fucking me.

But one sentence is enough.