Daisy Versus The Reaper

It’s not a sickle that menaces Daizy Chains in the latest photoshoot from Pain Toy, it’s “just” a single-tail whip seen at the right moment from the wrong angle. But from the look on her face, that whip-that-isn’t-a-sickle cuts pretty well just the same:

the whip that looks like a blade

daisy chainz feels the single tail whip

daisy chainz grits her teeth during a paintoy whipping

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Abel Is Done

I don’t usually mark the passing of spanking blogs here, in large part because most of them die not with a bang but with a series of whimpers: they slow, they lag, they languish, they become stale, and then one day when a chance link takes you to a dead site, you find it’s gone “404 Not Found” and another old-faithful spanking link destination is just a memory.

But I’ll mark this one, because The Spanking Writers has long been a major landmark in the spanking blog landscape. I am sad but in no way surprised to learn that Abel has wearied of it:

The Spanking Writers blog: 2006-2014

And so, all good things come to an end.

Every other day, rain or shine, for nearly nine years: personally writing some 1,900 posts in the process. Queuing them up; editing and tinkering with them; moderating lovely comments; dealing with the occasional troll. I’d guess, more original, free ‘literary spanking erotica’ than just about any other non-professional writer out there.

But life moves on, real-world responsibilities (including the demands of running an ever-growing business) consume more and more of my time, and the blog has started to feel like a struggle. Although I’d always aimed to reach the ten-year milestone, I’ve been finding it ever-harder to summon up the energy and creativity needed to maintain the routine.

It was an impressive run. For my own part, Spanking Blog has more than 40 posts that link to The Spanking Writers. The blog will be missed.

Sjambok Dreams

Her sentence is about to be executed:

sjambok judicial punishment

From Spanking Server.

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Suspended And Caned

A fully inverted suspension is physically and mentally demanding for any BDSM submissive or model. Which is, I think, why one does not often see it combined with a good hard caning. It is therefore impressive to see Catherine de Sade pull the combination off with panache, while managing to suggest with her expressions that she’s enjoying herself and could handle more:

Catherine deSade suspended for a caning

Catherine de Sade being caned while suspended upside down

Catherine de Sade smiling as she's caned while suspended upside down in rope bondage

Pictures are from the members-area archives at Real Time Bondage — specifically, from their April 24, 2010 live streaming internet show.

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Spanking Among The Secretaries

Nothing makes me laugh so much as when the girl with the handprint on her bottom says “This can’t be happening again.” Again? If it’s happening again, I’m thinking she may have enjoyed it the first time:


These are panels from The Secretary, a comic by Bruno Coq.

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The Flogger As A Training Aid

Typically it takes a lot of flogging to get a new housemaid through her training period. They especially tend to balk at the floor-cleaning-with-rag-in-mouth lesson, for some reason:

new slave maid refuses to clean the filthy floor with an old rag held in her mouth, must be disciplined repeatedly with a leather flogger

Artwork has been cropped from this apparently-Japanese source, which has captions I cannot read.

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The Spanking Scene That Should Have Been

There are a lot of reasons why a person might dislike the movie 9 1/2 Weeks. Hollywood has a terrible track record when it comes to movies about kinky people. But I agree with every word that Erica Scott has to say about the criminal mismanagement of what might have been a good spanking scene:

They totally screwed up what could have been a really hot spanking scene.

Oh my God, the buildup was perfect. She’s left alone in his house, so she snoops in his closet and drawers. He then calls her, and almost as if he had a hidden camera on her, he asks if she was being a “nosy Parker” and snooping in his things. His voice is low and silken and cajoling, and she confesses that yes, she was. He says, “Shame on you” and hangs up on her.

Next minute he’s back at his house, and she’s waiting, looking very nervous. He walks in, looking grim, and says with little preamble, “You were a very bad girl, Elizabeth. I want you to face the wall and raise your skirt. I’m going to spank you.”

“You’re kidding, right?” she blurts. “No, I’m not kidding,” he answers.

Now here’s where she should have meekly and reluctantly complied, as she did with all his other orders up to this point. But for whatever reason, this struck a nerve, and she gets incredibly pissed off, starts to flounce out, then stomps back in, screams “Who the fuck do you think you are?” and slaps him in the face. A struggle ensues.

OK, the scene still could have been salvaged. He could have wrestled her to the nearby dining table, bent her over it and given her that spanking. That would have been steamy as hell. But instead, he pushes her onto her back on the table, rips off her panties (you hear fabric tearing), and rapes her.

Yeah… that’s totally acceptable, but spanking her wouldn’t have been?? How lame! Way to represent us, Hollywood.

Indeed. A terrible waste of a well-set scene.

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The First Cane Stroke

The first cane stroke to her breasts. It’s light, but that’s because it’s mostly just a sort of warning. Or, if you prefer, a kind of promise:

light bondage breast caning at Device Bondage

The blonde is Dylan Ryan in the most recent shoot at Device Bondage.

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