Flogged And Plugged

I like the way the tip of the flogger tails and the gem of the buttplug conceal all of Raven Hart’s naughty bits and make this bondage whipping photo rather less explicit than it would otherwise be:

raven hart pussy flogging with jewel butt plug

Image is from The Made Wife, via Kink Unlimited.

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Beaten With A Bundle Of Wicker

Although this looks like a fairly typical birching illustration, the phrase “brins d’osier” (in machine translation at least) usually suggests wicker. So that’s more likely to be a bundle of willow sticks than birch branches:

lashed with a handful of wicker

The lovely colored plate is from a 1914 edition of Le Précepteur by Aimé Van Rod.

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Porn-Shaming Punishment

In this panel from 1991 French-language Elvifrance erotica magazine Enfiluse des Perles, he’s calling her a whore (putain) and as she begs him to stop caning her, he taunts her by saying that she seemed to enjoy what she saw playing on the porn screen:

porn caning

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Flogging Katy

whipping Katy Hardcore

This image of Katy Hardcore kneeling up for a gagged naked flogging is from a simple and sensuous BDSM sex scene shot by BallGaggers but available via the Kink Unlimited platform.

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“Get In The Wagon!”

Not arrestees or slaves (for why gag them?) but they are wearing expensive shackles and being loaded into an expensive carriage. Captive playthings of a rich man, being hauled discretely through city streets at night?

two shackled girls whipped into a wagon

From a vintage Kitan Club.

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Theater Of The Lash

Some very dramatic ouchies in this fetish magazine cover art from 1994:

whipping on stage

The art graced the front of Alta Pressione #1. There’s a bit of a visible artist signature center right, but I can’t quite make it out.

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Whipping Lydia Black’s Bottom

Her bottom is not the only part of Lydia Black that gets whipped during her recent Paintoy shoot (oh no!) but there’s solid photographic evidence that it was in no way whatsoever neglected:

bottom whipping for Lydia Black

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Sorority Girl Paddle Confessions

There’s nothing like a sorority paddling to make a bad girl confess everything:

confessions of a sorority girl under a big wooden paddle

Artwork is from a poster for the 1957 movie Sorority Girl.

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