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thin black paddle with lots of holes

I purely love spanking toys. And I’ve got a lot of ’em, let me tell you. But that still doesn’t stop me from clicking the “BDSM Paddles” category link the first time I visit a new-to-me online sex toy store like Mega Pleasure. I always want to see what’s new in stylish and innovative ways to make pretty ladies say “Ouch, that hurts!” with their voices full of outrage, surprise, and reproach.

leather slapper paddle for harmless bondage instruction in the schoolroom

The same thing is basically true every time I see a new piece of spanking art. Sure, I enjoy the bare bottom and the marks and whatever clues are in the picture to tell us what the spanking scenario might be. But I’m always looking at the implement, too. Usually I’m thinking “I’ve got one like that” and letting what I know of the toy influence my quick-built interior fantasy version of the spanking fun in front of my eyes.

classic pine paddle for punishments

Sometimes, though, especially in hentai art, I’ll see an unfamiliar toy. For example, I’ve got a clear plastic paddle around here somewhere. But mine is more of a yardstick type — thin and light and narrow. It’s not nearly as thick nor as heavy as this fantasy police model designed for administrating swift and humiliating public justice to inept shoplifters. Mine’s definitely not drilled full of holes for reduced wind resistance and extra-blistery welting:

clear lexan police paddle for public punishment and maximum humiliation

I should hasten to clarify, though, that innovation in spanking toy technology is not always desirable. Sometimes, the old ways are best. A simple rectangle of durable wood, shaped just enough to smooth the edges and painted basic black, is always in fashion. No one will sneer at it, not even at the snootiest spanking parties. It always gets results!

thick black wooden punishment paddle that gives squirting orgasms

Nonetheless I will admit to watching for, and admiring, incremental improvements in paddle design. Take your basic hardwood paddle — oak is classic here — with good sized blister holes. In its most-often-encountered largish fraternity-paddle shape, it’s one of the most effective punishment implements in the entire panoply of paddles. Nobody remains blasé about the state of their bottom after more than a few serious swats with that one. But what if we put a rounded handle on it for easier gripping and shortened it just enough to make it useful in OTK wife-spanking situations? Think of what a well-behaved wife you could have!

hardwood paddle with holes for severe domestic discipline

Image credits, from the top of the post to the bottom: The dominatrix with the thin oval speed-spanker is artwork by Phara-best-girl. The schoolmistress with the leather strap-paddle is drawn by Rebecca, famous for her Housewives at Play comics. The underdressed Red Riding Hood with a big wooden paddle and the lust for revenge in her eyes is by OptionalTypo. The humiliating public police spanking is by an unknown artist. The highly-aroused woman enjoying her heavy black paddle spanking is from the Nutaku game Booty Farm. And the very sorry tearful spanked wife is by Kamitora.

mega pleasure banner 800x30

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