The Essential Naughtiness Of Camgirls

It is surprising to me that the spanking community doesn’t have more fun with the naughtiness potential of webcams. Whether she’s a paid professional performer who “stiffs” the wrong customer, or a young wife being a tease, or an old-enough-to-know-better daughter subject to family discipline, there are so many ways that a nubile girl can go wrong flirting via the internet. I’ll admit I don’t spend as much time on the spanking fiction sites as I used to, but I haven’t been seeing these scenarios. Which is odd, because spanking fiction writers love a good tale of girl-gone-naughty who needs fierce corrective discipline from a firm hand. It just seems like there’s lots of room for innovation in this spanking-tale space!

Therefore come, let us reason together. I have compiled some imagery of pretty mischievous ladies and their cams misbehaviors. Let’s step through these and see if we can’t think up some spanking story plots for them. Start with Miss Sticky McPantyfingers here. She’s giving a total stranger an orgasm show for free while her husband sleeps upstairs. When he finds out, he’s gonna be so mad! Don’t you just think he’s gonna tan her ass with the razor strop he keeps behind the bedroom door?

free orgasm show

And then there’s this young miss. She’s an “Idol” as they call young pop starlets in Japan. A chaste and ignorant purity is important to her public image, and to her take-home pay. Which is why she’s prattling some sexually-innocent nonsense to her cams people when her dude comes barging into her space like a fired-up bull. He totally ignores her warning that she’s still on cam — obviously he never even hears it! — and completely strips her for a vigorous pussy-reaming in front of 1400 of her most fanatical fans. Maybe he’s the one that ought to get a spanking! But he won’t see it that way. Nope, she should have warned him, and to cover his own embarrassment he’ll brighten her ass with a twee heart-shaped fake-leather paddle he bought from a vending machine:

idol, exposed

If you’re one of the people who finds furtive misbehavior especially despicable, no doubt you’ll prescribe a lengthy paddling with a wooden sorority paddle for this busy exhibitionist. It’s her first week in the sorority house, her probation is emphatically not over, and the “you ain’t got time for boyfriends, sister, you’ve got sisters to impress” rule is very much still in effect. But she figured nobody would find out about a grainy tit show in the dark for her long-distance boyfriend in California. She figured wrong. She never considered that the older girls would monitor the open WIFI she was using, recording the best sequences for their super-secret digital yearbook of useful blackmail:

surreptitious camshow

We can pass quickly, I think, over the cute catgirl who forgot her husband’s simple rule about lingerie purchases: he gets to see them first, before she shows them off to her cam friends. He makes her hold the tip of her tail in her teeth while he gives her twenty strokes with a cane over the new panties. Then he takes them off her and gives her another twenty on the bare. Still she sometimes “forgets” — because she likes a good caning more than he thinks she does!

catgirl vanity

We’ll close, I think with this cute tribute to hardworking cams performers everywhere. It’s this devoted work ethic that means you’ll always find somebody online at a site like, no matter the hour. Our bubblegum cutie promised her boyfriend she’d cam for a couple hours and then meet him for drinks. But the crowd in her chatroom was friendly and high-tipping, the private shows just kept coming, she never ran out of Red Bull, and before she knew it, the sun was coming up outside her window and she was a lot more clear about how she was going to make her next rent payment. “I’m sure he’ll understand…” she tells herself nervously. And he will — but he’s going to spank her amazing tits with a plastic shoehorn first, for making him wait two hours in that horrible bar and not taking any of his calls.

hardworking cams performer

I hope you’ve enjoyed this tour of naughty camgirls as much as I have!

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