David Blaine Spanked Fiona Apple

I don’t have receipts for this, but according to several different informants, the famous stage magician David Blaine claimed that his relationship with singer Fiona Apple included numerous hard spankings (for her). It’s said that this came up when Blaine was on the Howard Stern show:

Stern: “I heard that when she was on tour, you spanked Fiona Apple so hard that she couldn’t sit for several days…is that true?”

Blaine: “Yes.”

One another occasion, Blaine is said to have told Stern, they had a minor dispute when getting ready for a party. Blaine being slightly annoyed with her, he pulled her across his lap and spanked the seat of her jeans, then pulled them down and tanned her bare bottom.

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  1. Samantha_Cruz commented on December 10th, 2019:

    That’s how the magic begins

  2. bodack commented on December 12th, 2019:

    So how does she feel about his comments?

  3. SpankBoss commented on December 13th, 2019:

    About the same as any woman who gets talked about on the Howard Stern show, would be my guess.

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