Ship’s Girl, Punished

This is part of a short spanking story by Lupercal, nearly twenty years old now:

“Let the slut who plays at being a boy be punished as a boy!” A great cheer went up and a number of the crew hurried aft to fetch the girl, so that justice might be done and the wrath of the tempest hopefully assuaged.

Pip cursed and pleaded as she was dragged out onto the deck, but no voice was raised in her defence. “Secure her,” the Captain ordered, and, though she fought with all her strength, she was soon bent over and bound fast to the downturned barrel of the big gun. Then a man stepped up carrying a stout, four-thonged lash which he placed in a bucket by the rail. Mackenzie smiled grimly and, turning to the Captain, said, “Ready, Sir!”

“Very well,” Haines replied. “Take down her breeches.”

There was, as could be plainly seen, nothing of the boy about her. Indeed, her slim downy thighs and pert, delicately rounded little bottom seemed more designed for loving kisses than for the fiery ministrations of the avenging ‘cat’. Nonetheless, the Captain ordered, “Sixty lashes!”

The Bosun grinned slyly. “Aye,” he said, and, retrieving the fearsome weapon from its briny receptacle, took up his position.

The lash descended with a sharp, percussive slap that made the whole of the woman’s shapely, upturned posterior buck and tremble as if stricken in every nerve. A great howl of anguish exploded from her lips and, with her toes scrabbling for purchase on the slimy deck, she writhed and twisted like a worm squirming on a baited hook. “For the love of CHRIST!” she wailed. “Have MERCY!!!” but the Captain merely nodded and the Bosun lashed down again…

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