Spanking And Sex On The First Date

blindfolding his kinky anal sex and spanking date

Anybody kinky and single who has spent a lot of time looking for love and/or spanky sex fun can tell you, it’s really hard to know how a first encounter with a new person will go. Sometimes there’s romantic chemistry but not kink chemistry. Sometimes, the opposite. And sometimes, no chemistry at all!

rummaging in the woodbox for a switch to spank her with

And then there are the dudes (and I use that word advisedly) who give us all a bad rap for showing up on the first date with a whip and a pair of handcuffs in their pockets. It’s not a great look when the chemistry doesn’t happen to brew up just perfectly, and it could mess up the chances for things to develop on a second or a third date. So a prudent man takes pains not to get caught being presumptuous in these matters.

let the switch spanking begin!

But what do you do if you show up empty-handed and the kinky chemistry turns out to be amazing? This is one of the perils of spanking dating. All dressed up and a willing bottom to spank, but you left your favorite cane in the breast pocket of your other suit!

hard switching on the first date

Well, if you failed to live up to the eternal motto of the American Boy Scout by being prepared, the next best role model for you is MacGyver. When in doubt, improvise! The classic bandana blindfold is always fun, and makeshift spanking implements are everywhere once you teach yourself how to spot them.

about to fuck her in her well-spanked ass

Our spanking protagonist in these Muratori-drawn panels from Les verges du désir shows off his kink improvisational skills by rummaging in the woodbox for a stick to use as a switch. In this more modern 21st century era where woodboxes are a bit scarce, my favorite improvised spanking implement (and the first thing I look for in a cheap hotel room) are those round or octagonal plastic dowels that hang in every window with Venetian blinds. It’s a ubiquitous field-expedient cane that generates just the same number and howling volume of complaints as you would hear if you were using the “real” rattan equivalent!

she flatters him by protesting that his dick is too large

Speaking of chemistry as we were, there’s a line in Les verges du désir that Our Hero deploys when he’s done spanking that pretty bottom and has decided he’s ready to move on to the anal sex portion of his kinky tryst. Maybe the line sounds more “suave and debonair” in the original French, but in the translation I have, he throws away the switch, pulls out his dick, and says “I have a thicker stick…”

they both enjoy the post spanking anal sex

Perhaps you had to be there. His play partner certainly doesn’t seem to mind that “Little Roger” has come out to play; she even takes the trouble to make a flattering insincere protest about size. All’s well, as they say, that ends well!

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