She Chooses A Spanking From The Nun

It’s pretty much a solid rule of thumb that if you offer a spanking as one of two punishment alternatives, and they take it, it’s not going to have the desired effect. But if you’re a kinky nun, it looks good at your eventual trial, and makes you harder to complain about meanwhile:

catholic schoolgirl wants a spanking

Artist is Jennifer Finch.

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  1. bodack commented on July 1st, 2019:

    A story for you from a spanking party. One of the guys told a story about when he was in High School and the school had just hired an attractive assistant principal. So he intentionally got into trouble and was sent to her office. At this time in Texas she had to call to ask permission to paddle him. She put the phone on speaker and called his dad. His dad said she could paddle him if she wanted to but they thought he enjoyed it so they don’t do it anymore. She got flustered, hung up the phone and ordered him out of her office .

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