The Show Never Ends

If you catch a really busy camgirl with a large following in an honest moment, it’s very possible that she’ll admit that she never quite feels fully “off-duty.” Even when she’s not in her chatroom and she’s not performing, she may feel like the camera’s eye is always on her. A popular cams performer like Chaturbatable with more than 90k followers feels a certain pressure to be “up” and available, no matter where she goes and no matter what she’s doing. Eventually in the privacy of her own bathroom when she’s perched on the toilet, she may feel like her fans are watching. Perhaps not 100% literally, but she feels the pressure of them in her every waking moment, because at some level she never stops wondering if she ought to be online and making money, making her fans happy:

camera followed her into the bathroom to watch her on the toilet

To some extent, of course, every successful self-employed professional experiences that very same pressure. And there’s nothing anybody can do about it, except strive for a good functional balance between work and the rest of your life. You can’t let ninety thousand dudes — a tenth of a million, almost! — who think you’re sexy, make you start feeling paranoid that you’re taking too much time away from them to pee and to relax and to pet your cat. That way likes sheerest madness…

Which is why, I imagine, that highly successful webcam performers are all very good at prioritizing their time. They pick favorites, and for good reason! They always have a few preferred gentlemen fans who stand out from the crowd by tipping early and well, by not wasting time, and by moving swiftly and without fuss to the premium side of the performer’s menu of options that she uses for allocating her limited attention. These special favorites are the men who reduce a performer’s stress level and make her purr like a happy kitten. It’s always better to be more like these favorite men, and less like the hopeless dude who smashes his piggybank, and thinks he’s somehow going to use his small coins to pay for a night of passion with a disgruntled lady. How is that going to end well?

unhappy sex worker watching a client break his piggy bank to pay in small coins

That black cloud with the lightning bolt is the international symbol for “no fun tonight!” Not the sort of thing any man ever wants to see. When you engage a sex worker or spend time being entertained by a webcams performer, you want her to be in a happy, upbeat mood. That’s how you see her best side, and that’s when she gives you her best show:

happy performer giving a good show

That’s the smile you want to see!

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