Before Maya Got Spanked: Her Interview Photo

In the many years that Spanking Blog has been running, we have from time to time been amused to encounter some newbie blogger who excitedly reports “I finally got spanked! And it was fun! Only… like… it really hurt, a lot!”

Er, yes. Rather. If it’s done properly. (At least, that’s how the “big old meanies” among us tend to feel.)

I am reminded of this, sometimes, by the intake interview photos and video that sometimes posts for members, when they are preparing a new model for the … ahem … rigors of performing. This photo of Maya almost made me fall off my chair laughing when I saw it. She’s got a very nice leather strap in her hand that should have calmed that smile. She’s very happy and vivacious, though; a little too “up” to have fully parsed what the strap implies. She’s getting an idea of what she’s in for, but she hasn’t fully got it, not yet:

maya before the spanking that will introduce her to her new spanking model career

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