Metal Yardstick Spanking For The Office Secretary

I don’t think there’s anybody with a BDSM-related fetish who does not acknowledge a debt to Eric Stanton. His artwork and publications did so much to popularize the fetish world, it’s hard to imagine what kinky life would look like if he had not existed and published. I am personally amazed that nobody has ever put out a definitive reprint collection of his Stantoons fetish magazines, whence appeared his famous Blunderbroad comic strip (a loose Wonder Woman parody) and much other wondrously kinky material.

threatening a metal yardstick spanking

Although Stanton is arguably most famous in the femdom community, he was catholic in his kinky tastes. Even if your spanking fetish is narrowly restricted to spanked female bottoms, there is a richness of material in the Stanton archives for your enjoyment. For instance, the images of a harsh bondage spanking with a metal yardstick seen in this post comes from a story in Stantoons 44 called “Office Affair” that is primarily a femdom tale.

yardstick spanking for office secretary

The secretary seen being spanked here was dallying with her boss; but her boss? He has a dominant wife, who dropped into the office unannounced, and the both of them got busted! The bossman tried a lot of groveling and sniveling, but it didn’t do him any good at all; he got his ass turned bright red in the part of the story not shown, before we ever get to these scenes.

brutal spanking by Eric Stanton

This-here harsh punishment with the steel yardstick is what happens to a secretary who takes long lunches with her boss, accepts his gifts of fancy lingerie, climbs up on his desk to model the aforesaid fancy lingerie, and has the bad luck to get caught in a revealing posture, still on the boss’s desk, when the boss’s wife shows up in the office!

Not only has Carol the secretary been forced to watch her boss receive a humiliating spanking over his wife’s knee, but now it’s her turn. And, as you can see, the wife in question is a strong believer in heavy doses aversion therapy.

Stantoon spanking

This is a classic Eric Stanton story, and it’s precisely why his legions of fans always loved him. He could mix and match fetishes like nobody before or since! The conventional wisdom in porn these days is that you should pick a fetish and stick with it, but Stanton was always more generous. Even when one of his stories had a primary fetish theme, there were always two or three secondary fetish echoes, so that there would be something for everybody.

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