The Perils Of Witch Spanking

This excerpt is from The Crimson Witch, an old fantasy story by Dean R. Koontz. It’s not usually considered safe to spank a sorceress, but if you come properly prepared, you might get away with it:

She struggled, kicking and hitting and clawing since her magics were no good against him. But he held on, taking her punishment and slowly exerting more and more force to tame her. He was such a powerful man, his arms like cords of wood, his muscles like knotted lengths of steel. He pulled her onto the ground with him, dragging her across his lap. Lifting her robes to bare her smooth and lovely cheeks, he began spanking her.

“Stop it!” she shouted.

He spanked her again.

She caused lightning to strike the peak of his burly head, but her powers were useless against him. The bolt dissipated into brilliant sparks and did not harm him.

He slapped her harder, stinging her with his heavy palm.

She caused a shower of sharp-toothed rodents to descend upon him, but the rodents fled and did not attempt to gnaw his flesh.

She brought heavy rain, but he did not get wet.

She brought hail.

He was not bruised.

He spanked her harder, harder still.

She began to cry.

“Who gave you your immunity?” she howled.

“The Sorceress Kell, a stronger Talented than you,” he grinned, slapping her buttocks again.

She caused boulders to drop upon his head.

The boulders turned to dust and blew away.

“That old bitch!” she moaned of Kell.

“She is a good woman, a good sorceress,” he corrected her, slapping her reddened flesh even harder. “She is wise and all-knowing, not just a temperamental, talented little snot!”

Finally she realized that fighting only brought on more spanking. She went limp and did not try to harm him either with her magics or her feet and hands. When he saw that she was out of reserves and that she had surrendered, he stood, dropping her into the dust, letting her go. She jumped to her feet, spat at him, lifted into the air and sailed quickly out of his reach, constantly muttering the vilest threats she could summon from her throat to her lips.

He stood, laughing.

She hurried away into the wind, lost in the darkness, shrieking curses to the four comers of the night…

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