Spanking “Tart Cards” In ’93

As you’ve probably noticed I’ve been dip-netting in the Internet Archive’s collection of old magazines and newspapers for spanking references lately, and I do find some interesting tidbits. Today’s gem is a brief sociological discussion of the BDSM “tart cards” that decorated British phone booths in the 1990s, at least one example of which has been seen before here on Spanking Blog.

Anyway, back in 1993 a dude with a column in a horror magazine (Deathrealm #20) went to Birmingham for a convention and then to London, as one does. A conversation was had about the tart cards:

Back in London, Dave Carson has recovered from his night at the publishers’ launches. We continue our expeditions through phone boxes collecting naughty cards for a projected book. Cards have become extremely rude and most carry illustrations. “19 Year Old Blonde Just out of School Needs Strict Headmaster for a Spanking Good Time.” “Fantasy Fetish Specialist. Little Miss Madam Will Tie & Tease.” “The Magic Touch. Miss Demeanor. A Supreme Wardrobe Mistress.” These dudes really know how to party hearty. Carl Ford resurfaces and sez you phone up for an appointment and forty quid gets you a session. We didn’t ask how he knew, and anyway he sez he’s joined a coven. Proba-bly for forty quid. John Stewart, major British artist, believed dead but on the mend, resurfaced and sez you can make twenty-five quid a day stuffing these cards into phone boxes if you don’t get caught doing it. A long argument continues over various pints; is spanking or getting caned or being tied up or wearing knickers and a suspender belt to be considered a sexual act and therefore prostitution? Carl Ford sez nah, so long as there’s no penetration they can’t bust you. We sink pints and decline to ask how much more he knows.

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