His Very Strict Tutor Gets Results

When you have a certain sort of spanking fetish, this kind of strictness in the young Frenchwoman who is supposed to be teaching you languages during your year abroad can be very appealing. She “makes you do it” five times in a row! And if you are too reluctant, no doubt she keeps a ruler handy, or perhaps a yardstick for the hardest cases. Or, this being France, perhaps a genuine martinet whip:

strict tutor teaches sex and French orthography

Obviously it would not be entirely precise to call this sort of sex education “painless” but the young man in the cartoon does not seem to mind overmuch.

All the artwork in this post, by the way, is by a cartoonist named Di Sano. He is not, I think, a spanking fetishist nor even a fetish artist. But I won’t hold that against him! He still knows how to draw a young lady who needs a spanking, and knows it. This pretty blonde thing is just daring us to put her over our knees, and she’s the kind of minx who thinks she can distract us (somehow) before her bottom ever gets hot enough to hurt. Half the fun, as every good spanko knows, is being getting those panties the rest of the way off her and then becoming her strict tutor while teaching her how very wrong she is:

blonde dropping her panties for a spanking

Which leads me to our next inappropriate blonde. She’s rinsing her panties in a babbling brook and giving Old Man Tree an eyeful in the process, not to mention giving him “spring wood” like he has not had in many long years! Obviously this setup was all a deliberate tease; just look at her shoes. You don’t wear those into the woods unless you have seduction in mind!

teasing a horny ent

I know my Spanking Blog audience and after all these years I feel I know it well. We may indeed have some sympathy for a girl so desperate that she’s willing to seduce and hump a tree, even one that’s admittedly a bit livelier than most. Some days the dating scene can be rough, we get it! But even so, there are standards of propriety to be observed in civilized society. One does not simply stick one’s bare fanny in the air and expect not to be rump-roasted. It is simply not done!

Thus, I can confidently predict, if we were to take a poll of the readership, the sentiment would be broadly in agreement: Old Man Tree should sprout one more lithe and supple limb. It should be a smooth, straight switch, to be applied briskly and serenely to her bottom until all visible surfaces are nicely reddened…

fetish alt banner

  1. The Count commented on April 11th, 2019:

    I like the rampant fungi.

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