Robert E. Howard Spanking Story

It turns out that previous Robert E. Howard spanking reference in his letters was not a fluke! Risque Stories #4 contains a short story (or something like it) in the form of a fictional letter from “Helen” about an observed spanking, along with an editorial note about Howard’s considerable interest in flagellation porn:

His fiction frequently featured what looked like lesbian flagellation scenes, e.g., in the Conan tales “Xuthal of the Dusk” (published as “The Slithering Shadow”), “Red Nails” and “A Witch Shall Be Born”. The first of these was the cover story for the September 1933 Weird Tales which, thanks to the Brundage whipping scenes, sold unusually well. Not too surprisingly, the recently published list of Howard’s personal library contained several flagellation titles like A History of the Rod, Experiences of Flagellation, and Curiosa of Flagellants and History of Flagellation.

Here’s the Robert E. Howard spanking story:

Miss High-Hat

by Robert E. Howard

Dear Editor:

At the college which I attended a few years ago, there was a girl who can only be described by the term “high hat.” She patronized the rest of us and always had some sneering or belittling remark to make. When anything came up, she always took her share of the pleasure, but always scornfully refused to do her share of the work.

This went on until one day one of the dormitory matrons took a bunch of us girls on an outing into the country a short distance. We all took along food, and when we stopped for lunch, we all helped build a fire and prepare the food. All except Miss High-hat.

The matron was a good woman, but she did insist on obedience. She didn’t like the way the girl was acting, but she didn’t say anything until after the lunch was over and we were all sitting around talking. Then she asked her to do some little task, very politely, and the girl merely curled her lip. The matron repeated the command, sharply, and the girl became extremely impudent. Then the matron broke loose.

“Miss Sauciness,” said she grimly, “what you need is a good bottom-warming and here’s where you get it!”

And she snatched that insolent flapper up, in spite of her protests and struggles, and turned her across her lap. And right there before us all, she jerked up the girl’s dress and took off her drawers. How that flapper screamed and wiggled and kicked! And the matron’s open hand going smack-smack-smack-smack! on her bare seat. And before she stopped Miss Sauciness was crying and begging for mercy and her behind was red at a rose. She apologized to the matron and you never saw such a change in a girl! One of the girls had brought a Kodak along and while the spanking was going on, she took a picture of the whole scene, unbeknownst to the matron.

After that, whenever the girl would start getting high hat, someone would bring out that picture and hold it up where she could see it.

Somehow there is nothing so humiliating and ridiculous as to be spanked before a crowd of the other girls and when she remembered how she looked lying across the matron’s lap exposed so immodestly, while her bare sitting place was being spanked, she realized that she wasn’t so much after all.

She got to be a real nice girl and a good chum, and everybody liked her. That wasn’t the only girl the matron spanked — she was a believer in old time discipline and she took down several pairs of bloomers before the year was over — but the spanking she gave to that girl did more real good than any of them.


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