Cara’s Hard Hand Spanking

You can tell by the determined but also slightly desperate set of her grimace that it’s a very hard hand that’s delivering the spanking Cara is getting in this photograph:

Cara gets a hard hand spanking at

Also, doesn’t that look like the perfect little service table to keep handy? A bit more stable than a stool, fine to keep near your couch and use to set your drink on, but very handy when you need something to bend a wayward girl over for a quick spanking!

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  1. Fr. commented on March 29th, 2019:

    I didn’t think a long-sleeved anything could ever be sexy, but there you go.

  2. The Count commented on March 30th, 2019:

    I like the way she grits her teeth and the ‘Oh no, not again’ expression.

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