Whipped Coed

In Sex Slave Coed by Robert Vickers (Bondage House 1980), our horny young heroine spies on a cruel professor. He catches her, and punishes her, and makes her like it:

He was standing beside the sofa, a long whip curling and uncurling beside him as he flicked his wrist.

“No!” Manna shrieked. “You can’t do that. You can’t whip me like an animal!”

The whip sang. And when it touched her arm with such an obscenely soft caress she almost fainted dead away. There wasn’t the slightest trace of pain, just surprise. Seeing her stunned expression, the man laughed harshly.

“When I want you to feel pain, you’ll feel real pain. I am the master of pain! And don’t you forget it, slut. Now come here.”

He yanked on the whip handle and the young college student sailed across the room. The leather band had tightened miraculously to the point where it was like a handcuff on her wrist.

She stumbled and fell at his feet. This seemed to please him.

“My shoes are dirty,” he said. “Lick them clean.”

She started to rebel. This wasn’t what she’d come across town for. Then from the corner of her eye she saw the long whip moving slowly back and forth, as if barely restrained and hungering for her blood. She knew he would love to beat her until she was forced to grovel.

Manna wouldn’t give him that pleasure. She licked all the dust from his shoes.

Just as she finished his left shoe, he took a step backwards. She cringed in anticipation of the whip lashing out and dancing across her naked back.

The blow never came. Instead, his voice echoed in her ears, taunting her.

“You didn’t lick fast enough. I gave you your chance to please me and you failed. What should your punishment be?”

Manna didn’t want to answer. But when the whip cracked loudly in the air just above her head, she stammered out, “I… I don’t know, master. Please spare me!”

“Spare you?” he roared. “Of all the ridiculous things! Spare you? I’m going to whip you!”

She felt the sting even as she heard a hard wooden rod whistling through the air. The pain shot into her ass and made her moan. This was too much. She was going to throw off the chain around her neck, get out of the silly garter belt and stockings and leave. But the rod descended on her ass again and again. She tried to roll and avoid the punishment.

The chain fastened to her neck prevented it. And then, when she got to her hands and knees again, she felt the first real pain since she had been in Dr. Nathaniel’s grip…

Here’s the book cover.

whipped coed stroke book cover

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