Ronnie Spanked For Pouring The Wrong Wine

Poor Ronnie! Spanked for accidentally marinading the beef with the bottle of wine that was supposed to be poured for the dinner guests, after having pretty much neglected to look at the label at all. She tried to bribe her way out of it with sexual favors, but no:

I think it was probably the way I said I’d completely forgotten about it as if it was some trivial incident that got him, or maybe he’d intended to deal with me anyway whatever I’d said. But to cut short, he took me into the office and spanked me. I reminded him he’d still got stuff to do in the kitchen and it was just an accident and could I give him a blow job to make up for it but none of it altered my fate. My knickers came down and I was spanked hard for several minutes accompanied by a geography lesson and a bit of history on the conflict ridden region and the importance of reading labels before ploughing in. He softened his tone at the end and told me he knew it was an accident but I should be more careful in future and perhaps a sore bottom would help me to be more careful next time. Then he lifted me aside and I thought ‘Goody, blow job time’ but he stood up.

“Now I’m a bit behind, I’m off to the kitchen. And he was gone, leaving me rosy cheeked and horny.

Later as we sat and dined, P asked if anyone could guess the origin of the wine. They couldn’t but they did agree it was different, and lovely said one of them. P looked pleased, he poured them each a drop more and then put the (empty) bottle aside. He said “I’m glad you like it, sorry I can’t offer you more but we only had half a bottle, you’re eating the other half.” He proceeded to tell them the story, minus the spanking of course, and poured some perfectly decent Rioja into mine and his glasses. I felt my face blush as Steve looked across at me with mock disapproval and said ‘smacked wrists then,’ with a smile. Ha! If only he knew.

“Well at least the bourguignonne is good,” I said. They all laughed including P.

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