A Spanking And A “Lesser Tube”

There’s a lesbian threeway orgy in the Marquis de Sade’s Juliette that opens with a bit of friendly spanking to warm things up before the big two-dildos scene:

Several instants later the resourceful Delbène has us turn over, and we put our asses at her disposal; while frigging us beneath, she applies determined lips to Euphrosine’s anus, then to mine, sucking with libidinous choler. She praised our buttocks’ conformation, spanking them teasingly, and half slew us with joy. When done, she drew away:

“Do unto me everything I have done unto you,” spake she in a thickened voice, “frig me, the both of you. Frig me. I shall lie in your arms, Juliette, I shall kiss your mouth, our tongues shall intertwine … shall strain … shall suck. You shall bury this fair dildo in my womb,” she pursued, putting the instrument into my hands; “and you, my Euphrosine, you shall assume charge of my ass, you shall employ this lesser tube to arouse me in that sector: infinitely straiter than my cunt, it asks for no bulkier apparatus…”

At first, reading this, I thought the “lesser tube” referred to Delbène’s ass itself, but subsequent events and careful reading make it clear that she’s handed Euphrosine a smaller dildo that’s the “lesser tube” in question.

All this talk of “tubes” (dildos) and a spanking with only three women and no whips involved qualifies the scene as clean and wholesome by the standards of de Sade; there’s no blood, no poop, and nobody dies anywhere on the page. Usually we would expect something more like this, only with spectacular ass-damage.

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