Spanking Sarah

This sexy spanking vignette is from Tales Of Bondage And Submission by Powerone:

He let his fingers caress her ass again, her ass tightly drawn from the strain of the position she was in. “This will teach you to respect my property.” The first slap with the flat part of his hand hit her right cheek with a loud splat, echoing off the walls of the study.

“OOOOW,” she yelled, the sharp pain of his hand on her tender ass shooting up her spine to her brain. She tried to move but Michael’s hands on her hips held her tightly. She felt his hand rub her pained asscheeks, soothing it, getting it ready for another. “OOOOOWW,” another slap, this time to her left cheek, again his hand hitting with a resounding slap that shook her body. Hands held her tightly, pulling her ass higher up into the air.

“You have a long ways to go, now rise up again, that’s a good girl; get your ass up in the air.” He held her when she tried to move and put her back into position. Spread you legs a little bit further apart,” his hands moving between her thighs, pushing out on both, spreading her open further. A quick two slap, his hand moving from one cheek to another, one loud gasp coming from Sarah’s mouth as the spanking continued. He rubbed his hand over her cheeks, feeling the heat that he had already produced from the spanks. He ran his fingers close to the edge of her panties, fingers teasing the crease, running up and down. He could see that her panties were already becoming wet.

Another slap to her lower cheek on both sides, a new spot for pain, her panties only covering part of the territory, part of her naked flesh receiving the sharp slaps of his powerful hands. He watched as her ass moved seductively. He began again, two slaps, one to each side, then his hand rubbing her flesh, feeling the heat that the spanks were producing. Another two, gasps coming from her lips, her hips swaying to the hand beating on her ass cheeks. “Good girl, Sarah,” his hands rubbing lower, between her thighs. This time he gave each inner thigh a slap, first the right, then the left. This pushed her legs out further, almost sliding off the ottoman. He could see more red hair peeking out of her panties. His finger slid from the top of the crease of her ass, sliding down, his finger increasing the pressure, forcing her panties into the crease. Down further until he reached her pussy, his finger getting wet from her panties. “Are you getting wet from the spanking, Sarah?”

Sarah looked at Michael in the mirror, her face flushed. He knew, he had felt her wet pussy, knew that she was getting excited. She did not know if it was from being forced into this humiliating position or the spanking that was doing it, but she almost welcomed the next slap. “Please, sir,” her voice just above a whisper. “Please.”

Michael pushed one hand under her abdomen, his hand spreading out, fingers pushed into her flesh. He pushed up with his hand, forcing her to rise up higher, her ass pushing out. Two more quick slaps to her cheeks quickly followed, his other hand holding her up for the punishment, open and spread for him as she trembled beneath him…

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