Spankable Sex Dolls

As every well-groomed, decent-smelling man with a spanking fetish knows, the world is not short of women who (a) need a spanking and (b) damned well know it. I’d say we have to “beat them off with a stick” but you know what? That totally doesn’t work!

All joking aside, I’m not kidding about this: I genuinely do think there is an imbalance in the spanking fetish, with more women than men who are “into it.” There’s an age distribution that complicates things; women (and I’m generalizing grossly here) are a bit slower than men to own their fetishes, so younger male spankos sometimes have trouble finding play partners. But by the time a male spanko hits middle age, we’re often spoiled for choice.

So why am I about to write about a couple of the reasons a male spanko might want to get a life-sized sex doll from a place like Well, there’s no real way to explain that but to do it, is there?

sex doll paris bent over as if for a caning

One reason is that you may be one of these spankers (or, especially, caners) that has the fetish for precision — or wishes to accommodate somebody else that has a precision fetish. You know what I mean; the spanking literature is full of descriptions of perfectly-latticed cane marks, welts lined up like tin soldiers, and never a stray whip mark. That sort of precision takes practice! Now, it’s true that I am on record arguing that it’s best to practice on a real live woman; your mistakes will be forgiven, you’ll have a lot more fun, and the realism can’t be beat. (Um, possibly a poor word choice on my part.) But you may not always have access to a patient, tolerant, and forgiving submissive. And your other choice — the traditional “wearing out the couch bolster” — is deadly dull. I humbly submit that investing in one or more realistic life size sex dolls to practice your strokes on (or, ah, in?) is a much more entertaining way to proceed in this matter.

bent over sex doll Kim exposing her anal orifice and waiting to be spanked or fucked

The other argument I have to make is aesthetic. How many times have you wanted to post a photo of you caning a bottom or spanking an ass — or just mugging for a selfie with a bent-over spanko waiting for your punitive attention somewhere in the background? Only you can’t, because consent is an important thing, and so is privacy, and the women you play with rightly don’t feel like having their bare butts be the set-dressing for your social media shenanigans. Especially when we’re talking about photos you want to use to establish an aesthetic in your next social media campaign to get yourself another kinky date! But with a bit of creative dressing and posing, some clever camera angles, and some artistic soft-focus and blur filters, your sex doll becomes the compliant submissive and photographic model you never actually had — or if you did have her, you cherished her far too much to put her photos on the internet. (You had better have!)

My advice, of course, is to make sure the sex doll goes back into the locked trunk in the closet before you ever bring your new kinky date home for the first time. Indeed that’s probably always sound advice, although if you find someone who actually does want to play with you and your sex doll together, she’s extra kinky and she could be a keeper.

sex dolls banner

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