Secret Society Spanking

This OTK spanking is a still from the sensationalist 1965 sex club documentary “The Secret Society”, supposedly filmed (if you a credulous enough to believe it) with hidden cameras:

otk paddle spanking in sex club

I found the photo in a 1967 Cinemacuties magazine.

  1. Fr, commented on October 9th, 2018:

    Ah, the memories.

    Those damn paddle ball toys. Only foolish children buy them (or request them as gifts) because once the rubber band breaks the toy becomes the property of the parents for obvious reasons. (Ugh. Been there!)

    Actually, come to think of it, I don’t recall buying or requesting them. They just sort of ended up in my Christmas stocking for some reason….

  2. bodack commented on October 10th, 2018:

    My first grade teacher had one. It got used a lot and it stung.

  3. Fr. commented on October 10th, 2018:

    I used to be hit with a toy paddle that still had the staple from where the rubber band had been attached before its inevitable break. I used to dread being hit with the staple side. Maybe I’m wrong, but at the time I was certain the staple was noticeable and that I could tell the difference.

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