The Painful French Lesson

Eventually, she will learn. But her bottom may get awfully sore first!

caned by the french teacher on the desk in front of the chalkboard blackboard until she learns

I blogged a different photo from this set a long time ago.

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  1. Fr, commented on September 12th, 2018:

    Wait…she’s actually blocking it with her HAND??? What’s the penalty for THAT???

  2. Fr, commented on September 18th, 2018:

    Okay, so here’s what’s going to happen. The spankee isn’t restrained, right? So what she’s going to do is this: She’s going to grab the cane, wrestle the spanker to the ground, firmly pin her down, lift the spanker’s skirt right up above her head…and the spankee will become the spanker! (Or the canee will be come the caner. Whatever! Who cares! Just wrestle, ladies!)

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