In Which Kiki And Alice Hump A Couch

This double spanking from may or may not be the punishment that Kiki and Alice were being lectured in advance of in this post; in any event they are wearing the same tops. But I am not at all certain that the spanking is having the desired effect:

kiki and alice pleasuring themselves on the arms of a corduroy couch

With both of these lusty young women firmly athwart the thickly-ridged arms of that corduroy-velvet couch, our man has got to have his back to one of them at all times. Whenever he’s spanking one, the other one is doubtless working herself vigorously against the arm of the couch. The harder he spanks, the more worked up they get; and as soon as he switches from one to the other, the former target of his attentions can begin to sooth herself in the best possible way. He’ll never realize what’s happening until it’s far too late. His upholstery will never be the same again!

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