Finding A Traditional Bride

So I got this funny bride-spanking cartoon in an email from a young man who is enamored of the notion of a traditional bride, whatever that may mean to him; he wasn’t necessarily perfectly clear on the point. Something of his notion, though, is encoded in the cartoon he sent, of a happy new wife over her man’s lap. The woman is not necessarily a spanko, but she’s smiling anyway, at the notion of a wedding tradition that (a) she wants to honor for tradition’s own sake, and (b) because it clearly makes her man happy:

bride spanking tradition cartoon

It seems my correspondent is a young professional who grew up in the “hookup culture” that prevails in the urban USA and he’s tired of it. He’d like to settle down with with a traditional woman fairly soon. Finding one, though? To be honest, his email sounded almost despairing. I won’t quote it, as I don’t have his permission for that; and besides, it’s difficult to winkle out the useful “traditional values” from the bullshit sexism. This kid is trying, and I think there’s hope for him, so I’m cutting him some slack; and that would be harder if I quoted him directly. Because he does indeed have some growing and evolving yet to do where his gender attitudes are concerned… and I’m pretty sure I’ll not soon be winning any prizes for being a “woke” paragon of gender equality my own self.

One not-entirely-nutty notion shared by my young friend was the idea of going abroad, perhaps to Russia or Eastern Europe. He’s been amused — as what spanko is not? — by the survival there, documented here and on other spanking blogs, of springtime pagan rituals of fertility involving the use of woven willow pomlazka whips, and the chasing down of pretty marriageable young women to whack them with in all good lighthearted hilarity. Perhaps in a culture that retains traditions like this, he reasons, he might find a congenial traditional wife.

I’ll admit I teased him in my reply, painting him as a a modern day Marco Polo, looking for some lost city of traditional brides in the mysterious golden lands where Europe and Asia merge. There is no city of brides, I told him, except perhaps online. But cultural differences are real, and if the young women you hooked up with in college aren’t interested in the traditional marriage-and-family life you crave, this vast world is nonetheless crammed with women who are. Between travel and modern online tools, they shouldn’t be hard to find.

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  1. Just Married « Grumpy old fart!!! commented on May 2nd, 2018:

    […] Spanking Blog […]

  2. The Count commented on May 3rd, 2018:

    Who said romance was dead? Though while she looks happy, he just looks bored. And on his wedding night too!

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