Allison In Tears

If you are a bit of a sadist or even just a right bastard, you might sometimes enjoy seeing a spanking photograph where the recipient of punishment is clearly overwhelmed and in great distress. “Feeling properly punished,” we might call this; and some spankees crave it, so there’s no harm done, as long as you’ve got the consent issues in your relationship properly sorted out. This photograph is a rather epic exemplar of the genre; she looks as if it’s the first time she’s ever been caned and like she might easily come right over that desk, or claw right through a brick wall to escape the next dozen strokes:

crying during a caning

It took a little bit of doing to identify the source of the photograph, but in the end I determined it was a promotional still from a Raven Hill video in their Resolved By Corporal Punishment series.

  1. huberthowhow commented on January 10th, 2018:

    She certainly does look to be in some distress!

  2. Jeremy commented on January 18th, 2018:

    I love the added picture on the wall that showed the poor girls what this room is about.

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