Heavy Aluminum Cane

I remember when The Stockroom used to sell an aluminum cane, but it went out of stock. Now they have one again, which I like rather better, if only for its more-practical-to-grip turned Maple-wood handle. You want one, if you like this sort of thing. Behold, the Aluminum 3/8″ Spanking Cane:

More details:

aluminum cane

This is a cane without compromise. The Aluminum Spanking Cane has a beautiful handcrafted wooden handle with an antique charm. Sprouting from this handle is 30” of unbending ⅜” wide aluminum cylinder that refuses to bend or break! A modern cane with a trademark sense of nostalgia.

A nice, light thud will bring relaxing, warming sensation. A hard swing brings a sting that will not be soon forgotten. This rod exudes authority in appearance and sensation. Use it to direct, guide, seduce, and punish. Place in ice or hot water for an element of temperature play in your impact. This rod is heavy on the body and light in the hand. Add a touch of elegant severity to your collection!

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