A Nice Camming Review For An Old Friend

The blog-friend we in this community knew as Adele Haze has long since moved on from making spanking porn to new projects and to some new identities. She goes by “AJ” on her old Twitter account and by Josephine Temple for her webcamming work. (I’m not breaking any secrets here; she links these identities herself in her Twitter bios.) The camming world is a bit obscure to me, so I was pleased and interested to come across this happy account from about a year ago by one of Josephine Temple’s camming clients:

Elsewhere on this blog I have alluded to the wonderful Josephine Temple. Josephine, apart from having a mighty back catalogue in spanking movies, and being a writer of her own spanking fiction, is a wonderfully kinky cam model of whom I have grown very fond.

One afternoon my eye was caught by picture of a wonderful bottom in some lacy knickers. The bottom belonged to somebody called ‘Josephine Temple’ who according to the profile was a ‘Genuine BDSM player.’ Ok so far so good, but from the front it was a face I recognised immediately from lots of Spanking Tube and Dreams of Spanking clips. My interest was now thoroughly pricked, especially as I had recently enjoyed seeing her interviewed and seriously caned as part of the ‘Backlash’ campaign.

Josephine is such a ball of sexy kinkiness, armed with possibly one of the most mischievously wicked smiles in the universe. Face to face she comes across even more intelligent, engaged, and articulate than she does on film. What really impressed me upfront was she took time to negotiate the session to make sure it was going to be right, a level of care which to be honest I did not expect but was hugely grateful for. The 20 mins we shared the first time was lovely, tugging at all my favourite, spanking, humiliation, flr, arse worshiping fetishes. We cammed a few times and what was lovely, her being really a ‘genuine BDSM player’ I was able to talk to her about my somewhat stunted experiences and my desires to actually break out from this. Talking to her gave me confidence, and ultimately it was she who recommended I see Miss Hunter to make my fantasy of being caned come to life.

However, I am easily distracted. Upon reading this testimonial, the reference to Spanking Tube provoked an irreverent thought: they’d love Josephine even more if she had a spanking tube like this one!

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