That Paddle’s So… Hexy!

Is your favorite spanko (or spankee) a gamer geek, or, perchance, a mathematician? If so, there’s a chance they’ll be as entranced by the hexes and triangles burned onto this sexy/hexy spanking paddle as they are by the spanking itself:

wooden spanking paddle with speed holes and pretty hex design

It’s not too soon, is it, to be thinking about holiday presents?

The paddle is the Natural Hex Spanking Paddle from The Stockroom:

This handcrafted wooden paddle brings a standard of aesthetic function like no other. The Natural Hex paddle has an ornate hexagonal pattern burned into the spanking surface. This adornment frames each of the many speed-holes drilled through the paddle.

While thick and solid, this hand-carved piece has an easy, aerodynamic swing and a biting sting. Paint its surface pattern on flesh in tones ranging from a gentle, instantaneous pink to deep, merciless purples that fade over the course of days.

The beautiful design makes it as powerful a showpiece as it is a tool. Hand shaped plywood, natural finish. Length: 14″, width: 5.5″, thickness: 0.65″.

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  1. Goddess with a Whip commented on November 7th, 2017:

    Wow. It’s not often that you see innovation in the wood paddle department, but sheesh, the price. Does your wallet have to get spanked, too?

    I suppose it’s a small price to pay for art.

  2. SpankBoss commented on November 8th, 2017:

    I won’t try to justify the prices; sex toys in general always seem high to me, and ones that are sold at a price that allows a margin for affiliate marketing are no exception. However, I will say that I’ve never regretted a Stockroom purchase; I’ve been dealing with them since the 20th century, and their quality and customer service have always made me happy. So I don’t feel shy about promoting their stuff at whatever price.

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