Some Shade For A Thrashing Judge

Here’s The Spectator in 1959 casting some shade on an old-school expression of judicial frustration at juvenile delinquency:

MR. LEONARD HACKETT, chairman of Wokingham magistrates, told a fifteen-year-old boy last week that he needed “such thrishing that he would be senseless for about forty-eight hours”; and later, when interviewed by a Reynolds News reporter, he said, “I meant it, too. Violence must be met with violence.” Mr. Hackett went on to explain that he was thrashed, when he was young, if he did anything wrong — as good an argument against the theory that corporal punishment is efficacious as any we have heard for some time.

  1. RC commented on July 2nd, 2017:

    If the thrashing itself is the emphasis, Mr. Hackett cannot object if it is administered by a female.

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