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A couple of months ago I wrote a whimsical little account of a bratty naughty submissive cams performer who got caught on cam by her dom when she had promised him she wouldn’t be camming. Of course she ended up giving an unexpected over-his-knee spanking (“spanked?”) performance for the non-tipping louts who were hanging around in her free chat channel. That post triggered a tiny burst of amusing emails on related spanking and camming subjects, and so I figure my recent contact with the proprietors of FireCams is as good as an excuse as any to share a couple of those emails with you.

First is from “S.W.” who writes:

Your post of March 27 about the camgirl who got spanked on cam by her husband reminds me of something I saw last year in a freecams show put on by two college-looking women. They were wearing sorority shirts and university-branded clothing from one of the famous southern party schools. At first the two-girl show was all soft striptease and jokey rush/initiation stuff, but after one girl put cute fuzzy handcuffs on the other and cuffed her face-down on the bed they had been rolling around on, the one in charge suddenly got mean and started yelling something about a stolen man and a betrayal.

Then she brought out a big wooden frat paddle and gave the handcuffed girl a hard spanking that actually made her cry. I thought it was a revenge/humiliation thing and felt bad about watching, but at the end suddenly they were all smiles and cuddles again, although the spanked girl’s eyes were alll puffy and her face/nose was as red as her bottom. I guess in real life they must have had an actual lesbian BDSM relationship. It was very intense to see and way more than I ever expected to see in a public channel. They must have had regular viewers who knew what to expect though, because they were getting a lot of tips throughout the show. Unfortunately I forgot to bookmark their cams page!

The other email I got is from a “R.D.” who writes:

“I thought you’d like to know I’ve actually made quite a little money doing self-spanking on cam. The trick as always is to move quickly from the free channels into a private show. Usually guys who want to see me spank myself prefer the fantasy that they are the ones actually spanking me, so I have to quickly convince them I will be able to spank myself hard enough to cause myself true pain and make my own bottom nice and red. That’s not very easy to do, especially after the first couple of hard strokes.

My ‘secret’ is that I spent two years in a long-distance relationship with a dom about six hours away and we had Skype dates almost every night. He’d make me spank myself and if he didn’t think I was doing it hard enough, he’d do the strokes himself “properly” on my breasts or on my “cunt” (he always made me use that word because it would make me blush) when he saw me on weekends. Since we used a long-handled bath brush for this I was not very keen!

Also if I disappointed him with my self-spanking he would make me put painful stuff like fresh ginger, hot peppers, or mentholated sports rub in my cunt or up my bottom. The pain of that lasted much longer than the self-spankings and worse, would bother me after our Skype dates were over. So I learned very early to do my very best to satisfy him with my self-spankings. I can’t really describe how it’s done; at first I did it because I really wanted and needed to get it right for him, and after that, it was just a skill like any other.”

Thanks to both S.W. and R.D. for these emails. If any of the rest you encounter any story-worthy spanking cams shenanigans at FireCams or FireCams Mobile or elsewhere, please do write in and share them!

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