A Bundle Of Canes

They can call this a Rattan Cane Flogger all they want, but in my opinion its spiritual heritage is the birch:

rattan birch bundle

Sure, a proper birch bundle brings all kinds of scratchy twigs to the party, but it’s a bundle of thin rods first and foremost:

Want a lot of bang for your flogging bite? This rattan flogger is half-cane, half-flogger, all fun!

This Rattan Flogger is designed to serve up punishment with a huge dose of satisfying noise. Modeled after typical leather floggers, this is instead made from strands of rattan for a snap and thwack almost too good to be true. The ends are gathered together with a swirling wrap of knots from nylon paracord, creating a stylish look and, more importantly, a comfortable, non-slip grip for precision impact.

Rattan is strong and flexible, allowing it to remain intact with swift strikes without breaking or splintering. This Rattan Flogger creates intense, sharp stinging sensations, and is even suitable for light play. It makes a lot of noise for the impact generated.

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