Short Riding Crop (In Use)

On the occasion of the impending Valentines holiday and new photography in the Stockroom’s online catalog, it seems only appropriate to once again draw attention to their Short Riding Crop, which has long been a favorite spanking implement of mine and which they often offer at a discount around this time of year. Enjoy this lovely new photo of the crop being put to good spanking use:


Other Spanking Blog favorite impact toys worth a fond Valentine remembrance include the Love Hurts aluminum heart-cutout paddle, the full-length version of the riding crop shown above, the rattan cane with suede handle, and the Tantus Plunge silicone spanking paddle. I’ve had more to say about all these toys in the past:

Have A Heart!
Buying Canes
My Favorite Riding Crop
Tantus Silicone Paddles

February 14 is just around the corner, so you should neither dilly nor dally! (Well, OK, maybe just a teeny bit of dalliance…)

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