The First VR Spanking Movies?

In last week’s post about virtual reality porn, I wondered what VR spanking porn ought to look like, and speculated that my inability to answer that question might be why (I thought) nobody was making any virtual reality spanking movies yet. Of course — this being the internet — I was completely wrong about that.

Today I saw the following blurb at Spanking News:

The other quick mention is for Spanking Sarah who once again is doing something different, she has in her members area some FREE 3D VR versions of some of her films. Only a few at the moment but she says she is experimenting with them. I have some VR glasses so I was able to download and watch the films and they are very good quality and as I say they are free to her members.

Sure enough, it’s right there on the tour:

vr spanking porn

The accompanying text says:



Heather loves to watch porn and so does her partner but when he finds himself having to take his computer off her he gets mad. Determined to teach her a lesson he makes her strip off and then takes a leather paddle to her beautiful arse. He gives her a real walloping before he is rudely interrupted. The full 3D film will be available in my members area from today as an extra in my Bonus Content area.

Is this a historic first? I think it might be!

  1. Ludus commented on December 13th, 2016:

    I think it’s very well suited to VR because it has always had an emphasis on fixed camera, limited editing…voyeur like POV. Spanking scenarios lend themselves to cues scattered around an environment to be discovered by the viewer rather than requiring attention directed by camera focus and editing.

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